There are three G’s, in remembering how to cope. It just came to me really, as I was just thinking this morning. Wanting to have a pity party. Remembering….

Sometimes things wound us. Or we have not been guided, to learn how to deal with things or to cope.

We can get stumped. We can even be our own worse enemy when we do. We can actually limit God.

And why should we do that, when God is able? Yes, there are circumstances out of our hands. Things that we really have no control over. But they are never, ever out of Gods control. All things are possible with HIM.

But there does come a time, where we can grow. We can learn. I love learning. I really do, but there are things I do not want to learn. Things even spiritually, I know God does not want me to learn. Just a short thought on this, but remember God did not want Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of good and evil. He had His reasons. And I do understand. So there are books I will not read, movies I will not see, things that I know would offend God. But I do want to learn what is good for me. Spiritually, mentally. I want my faith to grow to be honest. I want to be strong with my armor of God on.

I don’t want to be a wounded person any more. I want to be healed. Spiritually, mentally, thats always a goal. The enemy, would always want you wounded, stumped. Not growing, but when you grow you do have to learn. Learning what God says….

So this morning, to make it short, without getting into all the details. For a moment, I wanted to feel wounded. I wanted to have a pity party.

And God just brought this to me:




GIVE IT TO GOD ~See, we really do have to give it God whatever it is. We need to actively, pursue HIM, in prayer. Talk to HIM, believe, what HIS promises say. Believe in HIM, to do whatever it is. Repent. Yes let go of the pride, apologize to God really, thats what it is, and yes apologize to others, if you have to. Let go of that ugly pride. Remember what I wrote above about what you have learned? Is there something you need to repent for learning, that actually offended God. Because you did not obey HIS word?


I think sometimes, we can limit God. Why would we do that? I don’t know, but I guess I have, myself. To think maybe I am not worthy. Or to think, well I missed it before. You have to stop this negative thinking, to be honest. And the only way I know how to be more optimistic is to claim Gods word, HIS promises. From my King James bible. This is how you give it to God. You remind God what HE says, for HE can perform it. So dig in His word, and pray…


Let me just say this and with love and grace to myself as well. We can get lazy seeking God. We can get stale. We can get cold. Even the best of us. But something about Gods holy King James word, brings it alive to me. I guess because I know its HOLY. God does not lie. His promises are as good as they are now as they were when HE created the foundations of who HE is. It does not expire. Unless you walk away, or get cold. So don’t. Get close to God again, remember HIS promises. Stir up your faith. Thats how you give it to God.


This is how you get a grip, when you seek God. When you trust in HIM. When you don’t let yourself get stuck. You grow. See, when you give it to God, and you seek God, HE will give you double. He is God, HE can do that, so easily even here you can get a grip, and yes get over it. But seeking HIM, taking your problems to HIM, taking your worries, your hopes, your dreams, whatever it is, God can make a way.

I have recently just discovered that again…. See, I have been painting lately. Pour painting. I went through something physically, where now I just feel able to share it, but I had a hard time, because I had surgery. I won’t give the details, because I am still dealing with it. I could not tell to many people about it, because I just don’t like to complain. But I did go to God. I asked for healing. But HE also gave me an outlet to paint. I am learning. I am watching all of these masters on video and they inspire me. I have been doing it for a few months now. I am not perfect. But practice does make perfect. I am not an artistic person by nature. I don’t have the ability to draw something, but my goodness I can learn. We all can learn. Anyway, short story, I am learning how to create. Some days, I make a mess, but somedays well I make something pretty.

My above photo, is one of my latest creations, but it made me happy to make. I try, I try and learn. By the way, this painting is not for sale. People are starting to ask me if I am selling any of them, and some I will, some I won’t. But, I am starting to post some of them here on my blog that are for sale, they are entitled My Art and Paintings. In the pages above. Just do a quick search if interested.

Thats life. Sometimes it is hard, but HE can again make easy. He can give us coping skills. Wisdom and understanding. To learn from our mistakes, our sins, but you have to search. Thats God, HE uses things, to help us, to teach us, but to always go back to step one. Give it to God.

So, that brings me to the last G. GET OVER IT. You can get over things, no matter how difficult, no matter how hard, God can give you easy. Sometimes, I read things that will say, God did not promise easy. Or God did not say it would be easy, but HE did! He says take my yoke, for its easy. You look up the verse in a King James. With those key words. And if you do not get over it, well you can cope through it. God can give you strength to do all things, and if you cannot gain that strength, keep asking HIM. The goal is never, ever, ever give up. NEVER!!!

But HE can show us how to get over it, no matter what it is. The main key, in these three G’s, is you have to start with God. In everything. In honor, in pursuing HIM, in developing a relationship with HIM. To have a healthy spiritual and mental outlook. Then HE just makes it so easy, to get a grip, and to get over it.

I hope this blesses you today. I know it does me, when I refresh myself in the King, in HIS ways, with hope, and trust. It helps me to cope. Because sometimes it can be hard, but its worse when we make it harder, because we don’t seek God, and thats the truth. I don’t care what people think. They don’t live my life. They don’t know what God has done for me. Some want proof, well all I can say is believe God first then you will see the proof.

I just know that I know there is a God, and well HE has gotten me through a lot. Still does. And I adore God for that! He has shown me who HE is over and over again. I wonder why people reject HIM, I wonder how they cope? But if they deny the only one who can help them in a situation, well they become their own worse enemy, and its dumb, to be honest. To knock the King of Kings, the creator of heaven and earth. God has to just shake HIS head. I know I do.

Give it to God my friends, HE will give you courage, and strength to get a grip, and to get over it. And heres a thought, maybe you went what you went through, so God could get you to seek HIM. He does have HIS ways, and they are not our ways. Another KJV verse to look up.

Maybe you went through that, because you disregarded HIS commandments, and you knew better. Been there myself, never do that. Note to my own self…. Start all over. To coin a phrase…..

Give it to God, Get a grip, Get over it.

My new vision for a blessing……

P.S. Maybe being so blunt sounds harsh, and I probably would not tell someone this directly without having the explanation I do above. Because to tell someone to get over it, to tell someone to get a grip, just is not kind. Or it could be misinterpreted. But I say it to myself, because I have to sometimes be blunt, if that makes sense. Christ is compassionate and kind, but I see that sometimes for myself anyway, I cannot get stuck in just going over the same thing, over and over again, if this makes sense. I hope it blesses you.

Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez

PRAY FRIENDS PRAY ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez


I had a dream last night dear friends, and I won’t give the details but it seemed like we were under attack. And as an event that happened, we were all in shock as it happened, and I shouted to the crowd, PRAY!

I believe it was a dream God gave me, to warn us all. Because I would be obedient to tell us to pray. We must pray for our protection, for traveling mercies, for deliverance. For God to dispatch angels on our behalf. You have authority in the name of Jesus. Use it. For the Kingdom of God. But you cannot receive that anointing unless you pray.

I feel like the Lord is telling us to concentrate on prayer more. To have hope and trust that God hears us, and to be obedient, to pray without ceasing, as the holy scripture says. Increase your prayer life friends, talk to God constantly. I believe we can avoid attacks by prayer.

I believe the enemy cannot cross the line, when we plead the blood of Jesus in our prayers. That is our hedge of protection. Just like Moses applied the blood on the door ways, to be delivered from the spirit of death, when God was delivering HIS people, the blood of Jesus will deliver us.

So plead it as you pray, and pray now with an urgency, and yes belief God answers prayers.

I will write more about this in my blog, as God gives me discernment, but PRAY. We need it, and I believe we can move heaven, by dispatching angels to protect us. PRAY.

p.s I don’t list my blog address here because it gets censored, but you can do a search on wordpress. Elenas Just My Thoughts.

A THOUGHT ABOUT LEARNING AND WHO I AM ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

I will never claim to be an artist. I don’t have the ability, I always wanted to draw, could not make it look good at all. Funny thing, is I like learning. I do study some folks on you tube. And I practice. Here is a mess, I made, I love the color green, I was trying to make a design from the pouring of the paint, but it got messy, but you know what I decided?

I am not going to waste my canvas, my paint, whatever. If I make a mess, I am going to make flowers, and I have always been that way, I try to make the best out of my messes. Even in my life.

This is why I share with you folks, and I share my thoughts. Because of some of my experiences, that have brought me closer to God. My messes, my sins…. I don’t hide them. I see how we can go down a wrong road, if I can spare someone, even in my writing, I will use that. I am not going to waste my life any more, and sometimes I feel like I have. But I know God. I know HIM, with each breath I take. He gives life, and abundantly, so I don’t want to waste it, or deny HIM. God has been so good to me, taught me so much, I think its funny at this point in my life, and its been tough lately, that I am attracted to painting, pour painting.

I love writing, expressing myself, and heres just another outlet. I also do some photography, where I try and see the beauty in Gods creations. I have a page, Elenas Photography, here on WordPress.

I wanted and hoped my writing would be published, and yes I call myself an author, because of the three books I wrote, but doors have not opened, but I am o.k. with that. Just as long as when I write, I can give glory to God.


Its been a good distraction, my writing, my photography, and now my expression with paint, and I feel like a kid. Whether or not I make anything pretty out of it is irrelevant. I don’t share what I do to brag, or to even get a compliment out of anyone, though, I do appreciate them, no I share my pieces right now, just because its fun.

And at this point of my life, if I can make flowers out of my messes, that makes it fun to me. Does that make sense? Love you all. ❤ God is good. ❤ I will finish this, and share it, its a work in progress, sort of like me. Oh well. ❤

If anybody is interested check out my page, in the Table of Contents, entitled: My Art. If you see something you are interested in, and might want to buy, feel free to contact me. I am doing a lot of pieces, some of them are for sale some or not. Keep checking back I am updating the page, as I go along.

Thank you.

Elena Ramirez


This should go two ways. Like being on track with one another, and with God.

This has been on my heart for a long, long time, and I feel led to write about it. I feel led, to write about it, because people do not practice the grace and art of apologizing and forgiving. Even other Christians, have a really hard time, being accountable. Being able to recognize the error of their own ways.

Confronting someone, is not easy, but when you know you are right in a matter, and you go to someone and you say, hey look this bothers me, what you did, etc. You would expect a response that is understanding, is comprehending the problem, but instead many times, you will get denial. You will get someone deflecting, or trying to turn the table back on you.

Thats so frustrating to say the least. But its worse, when you get the silent treatment, or you get rejection, when it could have been solved, by a simple matter of apologizing and forgiving. You know the Bible constantly tells us to forgive. And it brings to our attention, how important it is to study our own selves. See, where we have places to grow, to emulate Christ, to be in fear of God for that matter, and to be humble. Let me repeat that. To be humble.

Its hard to see someone being humble, if that pride kicks in. What you probably will see is denial.

Recently, I caught myself in a situation on social media. I somehow, or another, read, a post incorrectly. Mostly with the names, I confused that were mentioned. I addressed the person, incorrectly, and thought she was starting a fight. I was wrong. She was defending me, which I never hardly ever see. But I misunderstood her. Wow. She reacted, but set me straight, and told me I was wrong.

I saw the error of it, and I apologized. I have to be honest, though, and for a brief moment, the thought came to just block her, delete the conversation and go on. But no…. It was a moment I could have had to have pride, and I said, no, God sees.

See, for sure, I know God sees everything we do, every situation, in every thought, and I thought, no, just apologize. I want to please my Lord. Sure I looked wrong, but I knew I had to be accountable. I could not run and hide in this situation.

So I apologized. And humbly. Did that work? No! She was ticked off at me, and royally. Ticked off, taking it so far, that she started mocking my image as a Christian, because to her I was giving Christ and Christians a bad name. Wow.

So I tried to soothe the situation, but she wanted nothing to do with that. Which in turn, kind of ticked me off, because she ranted and raved about it, and could have just accepted my apology, and offered me grace. She did not. And as much as I wanted to communicate I could see, anything I added would look like I was begging, and begging I will not do. The situation did not get resolved.


I really longed for her to forgive me. To be honest. I wanted grace. From her. I don’t think I have heard that from anybody in a really, really long time. I wanted to see her be the bigger person, and just be kind. I think it would have been like an ointment, soothing to me, but she did not . I guess, when you have been wounded by others, and I have, that extension of just grace, does so much. I wanted it. Not that I go out of my way to seek it, but when there is an offense, I like seeing forgiving and apologizing.

And when I look at it in retrospect. Many situations I have been in have ended in the same way. Perhaps I apologized, or even offered grace, but grace was not extended to me. Grace that I offered, even though the person offended me. Or I apologized, if I was wrong. But then grace would not be extended.

To me, it takes maturity to apologize. It also takes grace, to be kind, enough, to accept an apology, and to go on. Hard to do, I know I see it.

But the problem with that, is when we do not apologize, or we do not forgive, we do not grow. We get stuck. We cannot become the people God intended us to be. I think in my own estimation, this is a handicap. And handicaps, don’t go away unless you practice it. Exercise it. I say this, because just like physical therapy, you have to teach your body to do certain things, or scar tissue will set in, and you won’t get the results you want.

Same thing spiritually. Just because you gave your heart to Christ, and you think you are a Christian, you need to practice, the art, of giving grace, in apologizing and yes forgiving. Remember Christ said the old man would die. Here is an example of that.

I don’t like to leave situations unresolved, yet there are some situations, some relationships, that can never be mended, nor can a bridge be built back again. To me, I could do that, yet, I do realize, why do I have to do all the work, in trying to do that? Is that pride? Or is that just being realistic enough to know when I have tried, but I don’t see someone else doing that? And I won’t beg. See, I can apologize, and I have, but when someone won’t give me grace, won’t offer an agreement to agree to even disagree, I can walk, and I do.

I don’t know, all I know in the moment, in the time, when apologies should be offered, when forgiveness should be implemented. I realize how valuable time is and don’t wait. There is a scripture for married folks, that says; don’t let the sun go down on your anger.


See, we never know, and some chances may not ever come again. Sad. Because well life is not promised to anybody.

Grow while you can, be the best you can be, now. Change your attitude, change your way of thinking as Christ would do. Apologize and forgive, now. I know this is a word for someone. Even here God says give it to me…. let me take care of it.


God bless you, don’t miss the chance. I guess, in conclusion, I realize Christ forgave me. I should always remember that. I hope others do as well.

Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez

SUFFERING CAN BRING RESTORATION ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

“But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭42:22‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Lord, I ask that you restore. And I thank you, and praise you almighty God. Lord you know. Whatever I have suffered, whatever I have learned, even in the hidden parts of my soul, and being, that I may not even see, I pray, it brings you glory, honor and praise. Bring restoration. Bring it, so I can say as a testimony, LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE FOR ME. In Jesus name. Amen.

I look at this verse, and it reminds me of me. Yes, I have been hidden in my house for years now. I feel like in so many ways, I have been robbed, and spoiled. I feel like I missed the boat, the plane, the train. To success. Just having a sense, that something was stolen from me in my life. Wanting, but never obtaining, longing for, but never being fulfilled, if that makes sense. Barely surviving, yet knowing that thriving can exist. It can be obtained. Yes, I long for Gods restoration. I long for it.

Yet, I have been blessed. God has been with me, HE has never left or forsaken me. But hearts desires like in my writing, or my singing, have eluded me. Just even in finding my way, to do great things. I long to do great things. Things that someone else may not be able to do. Things that are incentive, inventive, creative, like our Lord. I want to be like our Lord. But I want HIM to have all the glory, honor and praise. I have not seen success. But now I say Lord, restore.

I still have dreams, even though I am older. I still have hearts desires. Not for me so much any more in what I do. But for God. For God to be glorified in my life. That would bless me. Anything else from that, would be like candy. Like a treat.

Its been a tough year and a half. I won’t go into details, but it has. I have held onto God with all my being. Sometimes, wondering, will I survive this? I still pray it. Pain, has been my friend, and a friend, I did not want. Yet, I have learned, to hold onto God. Perhaps even learning a greater compassion for others. Learning, wisdom, in the sense that the greatest amount of knowledge and understanding, can only come from God. In how HE relates to us. Since, HE the Lord, sent HIS son, to die for our sins. HE suffered, HE died, and was buried, resurrected to save us. Yet, HE understands what it is like to suffer. I ponder on this scripture, and realize how deep the affect of suffering can be. Some things, thankfully, we do not suffer.

But there are some things, I believe in suffering, we also can relate to our Lord Jesus, as HE relates to us.

But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”
‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭5:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

HE is perfect.

I feel like I am scratching at the surface, in trying to relate this. To express it. Have you ever had so much pain, that you could only scream into a pillow, for comfort? Have you ever had pain, that no amount of movement would be a comfort spot? A place of relief? So much pain, that you would not wish that on your own enemy?

There are different forms of pain. But as much as I have suffered in my lifetime, and yes for different things, it has passed. What do we gain in suffering? As the above scripture reminds us, that it changes us. To be perfected, established, and settled. I am paraphrasing. But it is with Gods grace, who has called us. But I suppose we cannot maintain this without a form of suffering.

All I know as I try to make this brief, that any kind of suffering we go through, can bring us closer to God. Closer to perfection. When I think of who I was, and who I am now, I know the old Elena has died. The old way of thinking, no longer exists. Suffering did that to me. Suffering made me seek God. Suffering made me realize its not all about me. Suffering made me realize I needed to accept myself, as I was, but yet seek God, to be the best I can be. Suffering…. Now I pray for a form of total restoration.

That whatever I have learned, even in the hidden parts of my soul, would somehow glorify God.

Would somehow, give me a sense of love and understanding even for others, that perhaps I had not.

I don’t know, I am not going to try and fathom it or understand it all even here in a post, where I believe I am scratching the surface. But there has to be something, that has to grow in my heart, to remember, to understand, to know, without any kind of hypocrisy. Or any kind of fake feelings, how important it is to remember what Christ did for us.

HE suffered folks, we may never understand the depth of that. We may never truly sense that kind of suffering, even if we suffer for other reasons. But what we can understand, and I do, is how great that love is. How great HIS sacrifice was for us. That HE would give HIS life to save us. Spiritually. And yes physically.

I suppose that is why HE had compassion, and mercy for us. How I long to have that in me as well. Suffering makes us look at others differently. I pray that as well for the fruit of it. But I know that Christ suffered to make us complete. To make us whole. Restored.

To save us from the penalty of sin. Many cannot see that. But I do. I see it, and it makes me want to cry. Because I know I have missed, the boat, the plane and train, and I have so many regrets. But if it has brought me closer to God, with understanding, then perhaps I can serve HIM.

Perhaps, I can add on, and bring HIM glory. Because there is a God. I know it. No one, no matter how much they deny it, cannot tell me there is not a God. Maybe suffering has shown me this more clearly. But I am grateful, and I pray, to continually offer HIM praise and thanks. Never ashamed of my faith. Bold, and courageous, because I trust the one who can restore. Suffering can bring restoration.

Blessings and love,

Elena Ramirez


May I please explain a couple of things to you. First of all, religion, is rules, regulations, traditions, rituals made by men and groups. I don’t have a religion. I have a relationship with God through Christ and what HE did for me on that cross. And you do not have to deal with me, because I don’t believe in fairy tales. I know, there is a God. I don’t look at God intellectually, I look at HIM spiritually. Those that worship HIM worship HIM in spirit and in truth. See you have not walked in my shoes and you do not know what God has done for me, and still does for me. HE is so good, so merciful, so powerful. He is the creator of heaven and earth. He stepped in when I was lost and broken, when everybody abandoned me. He healed me spiritually and physically. When I fell through the cracks of life. I don’t care if people believe me or not. I know the difference. Truth stands on its own merit whether people believe or not. I am not brain washed, I am soul washed, and the things HE has shown me, I could not make up. I know there is a God. I hope you find HIM before you leave this earth. Repent. Make Christ your Lord and savior live for HIM because HE died for you. Read a King James, and truly if you seek HIM you will find HIM. I know. Have a good day. 


I have always wondered why Atheists, non-believers, don’t think it through, when it comes to God. To me, its dumb, to deny God. After all, we all need God. Life is so unpredictable. Things happen, so why deny the only one who can help you, when you need help?

Don’t fool yourself. We all need Gods help. I learned that a long, long, long time ago. See there was a time, when duh, I denied God. Those were the worse times, of my life.

And we all need Gods help.

How arrogant I was, how dumb I was myself. I had poor judgement. I was young, and I don’t know what kind of spirit led me but it was not from God, and thats where the deception can come in, when you deny God, you will believe a lie. I did.

Sin did become a part of my life. Sin ruled me. I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Oh I looked. But it was never love, that would satisfy me. It was never love that was real. It was never based on a foundation of holiness, or with the principles of truth. Truth makes such a difference when it comes to love. And to be honest, the truth of the matter, without God. Without His love, we are just grasping at life.

I was grasping, and I was missing it, terribly. And thats how God found me. Broken. Misled, dumb, hurt, wounded, scared, so fearful, that I seemed to attract bad energy, bad people, bad news…..

Substances, drugs, alcohol, made it worse. Smoking cigarettes all terrible things I did to my body. I was desperate. I was lonely, and thats where he found me.

Some know my testimony, but when HE found me, HE showed me how close I was to death, and to hell. It scared me. I woke up. I began searching for HIM. I knew, I had to get right with God, if I wanted to live.


I had to get right with Christ. If I wanted happiness, love. So I began reading my King James Bible. See, I had been raised as a Christian, but when I denied God, I threw away all the promises I had from HIM prior to that. So I repented. And do you know I still repent. I don’t take HIS mercy for granted. I am indebted to God.


And I am indebted in love. If I was not indebted to God, I would not care. I care, about what God cares about. People, souls. I care about what HE thinks when it comes to sin. I love what God loves, and I hate what God hates. I have compassion for God, and HIS feelings. I care when I see folks mock HIM, I care when I see how the devil has deceived these folks. I think about what pleases my Lord.. I love that HE is a righteous God. Merciful. Oh HE has taught me so much about mercy, because HE was merciful to me, and still is. Mercy is something that is so needed in our world. I want to be careful not to judge, or hate, or condemn or accuse others. Its ugly, and there are plenty of pharisees in the world, who do that, they did it to Christ.

So yes I am indebted to God. I want to be used by God. I want to go places that no one else can go, because the anointing is on me, to serve HIM. To be HIS agent, to be HIS handmaiden, HIS servant. I want to walk in that anointing, that gives me authority. To speak truth, to write it, so that it brings light, and understanding. Clarity…..To cast out demons, to speak truth so clearly, it cannot be denied. According to HIS word, my King James bible.

When HE showed me the discrepancy of other Bibles, I knew part of my calling was to speak truth about the King James. To reveal the discrepancies, to reveal the deception of the enemy, to show how corrupt, they are when they change the context, that also strips the content. It takes away the holiness, the anointing, exactly what the enemy wants to do and to deceive. This is what happens when folks believe a revision of Gods word. Oh it may even sound promising, or pretty, but if its not Gods voice, its just not God. Its a lie…

See the enemy, always wants to deceive us, to miss it, to think about ourselves, or to have pride, that denies God.

But I know better, through my own hardships. I know thats wrong to do. So I have repented. I am at a point in my life, where now I am older. I cannot help but look back and see where I missed it. But I also see, how much I want to do. How much I want to live, and enjoy, God, enjoy life. Enjoy my family. To have joy. I did miss the boat, the plane, the train, when it came to being fulfilled, in my gifts and callings. I suppose that was the penalty for denying God when I was young.

Who knows? But all I know is I want to serve God, in small ways, big ways, any way, God sees fit, as HIS will to be done. I am indebted to HIM. So grateful. I don’t want the glory, thats why I know its for HIS purpose. I want HIM to get the glory, because God is so good. So, very, very, very good, that I cannot help and see all of HIS accomplishments. Even in me. My dear sweet Jesus, died on a cross for my sins, and when I think of that, it breaks my heart, that sin, did that, but in order to pay the debt HE gave HIS life, suffered for me, and when HE died, HE went straight to hell, popped that devil in the eye, and took back the keys of hell, and spared me the penalty of my sins. Yes, I am indebted to God.

I want to prove to God, how grateful I am. I know, that my salvation, is a gift as I close. I know that I can never really pay it, because the life of Christ was so great. But I will try. I will. I value my salvation that much. I value what God has done for me, and yes I feel indebted to HIM. I cannot help but want to serve HIM. I cannot help but try……


Oh well, just thinking of HIM, right now, grateful, loving my Lord, for HIS mercy, and just sharing with you today…..Are you indebted to God too? If you are you know what to do. He will guide you.


God bless you.

Elena Ramirez

COMFORT ONE ANOTHER ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

Art work by Elena Ramirez (decoupage)


That is a commandment. That says so much in one word of King James scripture, for Gods people, for us to obey, and comply with. This is on the heart of God. To comfort one another.

It should be on our heart, soul, as well.

Have you ever suffered? Have you ever felt so alone, that you know, no one understands? I have. But this is what has drawn me closer to God.

Because of what our Lord Jesus went through. Because of HIS love, because of HIS mercy, and kindness, that understands. We could never quite understand, all that HE went through. The cruelty, the mockery, the hateful rhetoric that was put upon HIM. HE knew, HE had to suffer for us, die, and complete the plan of God, for our eternal salvation. He paid the penalty for our sins, and those sins, are ugly, that is why HE suffered so harshly for us.

Years ago, I was in a church service, and I remember just having a vision, a sense of what Christ did on the cross for us. And it made me cry. It was so vivid, and to know that HE did that for me, so I could be saved. It changed me I believe. I have always had compassion, even as a child, for the hurting, for animals, for people that are handicapped, or people that are the underdog, so to speak.

But now I actually have compassion for the cruel, for the harsh, for the mean spirited person. For the lost. I am not perfect at it, because sometimes, I just don’t understand that, kind of behavior. And I don’t always react the way I should in love, and I will be honest.

But God can change my heart. He can change ALL of our hearts. See, no one is perfect when it comes to this, but Jesus is. He is the model, we should aspire to follow and understand, when it comes to comforting.

I am watching the series, THE CHOSEN, right now, and I know a lot of people do not agree with it biblically. This is what someone told me in their comments, on Social media. This was my conversation, I wrote:

Please do not misunderstand me, yes read the Bible but that is also controversial, if folks are reading corrupted word, and there is corrupted word, according to Deuteronomy 4:2, Proverbs 30:5-6, and Revelation 22:18-19. King James. The King James is the oldest most reliable source we have in word. But this does not go against scripture. Nor does it misrepresent Jesus. Jesus is love in this series. He is compassion, HE is healing, and being loving. Thats not misrepresenting Jesus, and I have said it once and I will say it again. Folks need to be careful not to turn folks away from God with their “religious” beliefs. In fear of God, and in HIS sight. Doesnt this series tell us that by the reaction of the pharisees? I don’t want to be a pharisee. I want to be used by God, and I won’t deny thing that depicts HIS love, this series does.

I love seeing the series right now in this HOLY week where Christ did miracles, showed compassion, comforted people, gave truth, told us who God is, told us to love one another, told us and showed us HIS power, and HOW faith, can make a way. This is a week of reflection, and understanding of what Christ did for us, on the cross, and because well I am suffering right now, and I won’t say with what, I understand so much, what HE did for us, and that is my comfort….

But you know what? I believe in faith. I believe all things are possible with God. I want to reach out to others, even if it is just on a social platform, but I want to reflect Christ. I want to shine, I want to be an expression of love. Oh I can get into the warrior mode for my Lord as well, but right now, resting, I am just looking at it all so differently, and with compassion. Seeking comfort…. From God.

And really no one else. I am a realist enough to just see it will not change with some folks. And gee as I read this, that does not sound nice, thats not faith, forgive me Lord. I am just weary, in hoping, about some folks, and I cannot make it happen, but you can Lord. Oh well, again forgive me.

Suffering yourself, can make you stop and think, look, and pray, and change your own course. I think thats where I am somewhat. I have no idea what the future holds. But I know HIM, the one who holds the future for all of us. And that comforts me.

Some people do not understand suffering, they don’t understand compassion. So how can they give comfort? In fact, quite contrary, they understand force, or they understand being indifferent, and not caring, because in their small minds, and hearts they think it protects them, if they don’t care, if they harden their hearts.

They understand pride. They don’t make someone else a priority, because they would then have to step out of their comfort zone, and no, they won’t do that. They are satisfied, with sitting on the side lines, and not doing anything. No matter what.

So they comfort no one, including themselves.

I could write a lengthy explanation about all of this. But let me just say this. God has a strange way sometimes, when it comes to teaching us about some lessons in life. I always remember we reap what we sow, so we do not want to be indifferent, to others when it comes to comforting, compassion, love, or being sensitive and kind.

Folks, we never want to get to that point, where we could reap a curse from something, because we had the power to do it, in love, but we did not.

There is a hurting world out there, we need to comfort one another. Think of it this way.

When you comfort someone, you are acting out as Christ’s ambassador. You are HIS hands, and feet, HIS voice, when you get out of your own comfort zone, and comfort someone else. Just a reminder, just my thoughts today.

I will just say this, there have been some I have reached out to, and they express who Christ is, because they comfort me. And there are some who have just given lip service, and you can tell they really do not care to comfort. They could care less, about being obedient to God in love. So if they do that with me, I just wonder….. Oh well. Not my place to judge them, but I see it. So I know God sees it as well.

Love you, have a blessed HOLY week, and beautiful Resurrection Sunday.

God bless you. And yours….

Elena Ramirez

ADVICE BE GOOD SO GOD CAN BE YOUR FRIEND ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

I was thinking last night, how much I want to be Gods friend. A close friend. Too be honest, I don’t have too many of those any more. Maybe its partly my fault, though I know I tried. Maybe its other folks as well. But it made me think especially because I am in a situation, where I would love to have someone close to pray with, and I don’t have that right now. So, I can only go to God, who I long to be close to. Yes, I have my family. And we pray. But I miss having fellowship with other believers, who walk in love, and care, to pray with me. Being a good friend, is just so sweet. And God is that to me.

Everything I know about God requires holiness, and that can be by being good. This cannot happen, without being totally submissive to God. To some thats hard, because we can be rebellious. I know I was. I was as a child, I was as a young woman. For different reasons. And I won’t elaborate. But sometimes, when you don’t feel like you have trust, or you don’t feel like you have grace in a situation yourself, well you can rebel. I did.

But being submissive to God first of all, will get rid of the devil. And thats what you have to do first and foremost. So your spirit can be led by God, but also protected by God. You need this, you need to speak it release it, and actually submit to God. In obedience, in love, in understanding, your part in this.


Do you see that part, it tells you first to submit to God! Then, the devil will flee as you resist him. And he can be a persistent little booger, thats for sure. But learn to tune him out. Learn to know Gods voice. Learn to know who you are in Christ, and take authority. Learn to know those lies he speaks about you is no longer truth, because you are made righteous in the sight of Gods eyes, that makes you good.

What is being good in Gods eyes?

Well, if we don’t have the blood of Jesus covering us, nothing is good in HIS sight. To be honest. Oh sure, folks can try. But the heart is deceitful. Don’t trust your heart. THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS, AND DESPERATELY WICKED: WHO CAN KNOW IT. Jeremiah 17:9 King James.

Trust God. TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL THINE HEART: AND LEAN NOT UNTO THINE OWN UNDERSTANDING. Proverbs 3:5 King James. So many times, we think we are doing good, but God weighs the heart. He sees everything. This scripture reminds us that we can think wrong. We can trust our hearts, our own understanding in our mind, and be wrong. This should put the fear of God in us. It does me. And this is a requirement to being right in the sight of God. This is good, to fear God. LET US HEAR THE CONCLUSION OF THE WHOLE MATTER: FEAR GOD, AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS: FOR THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN. Ecclesiastes 12:13 King James.

Obedience, is so, so important. A BLESSING IF YE OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE LORD YOUR GOD, WHICH I COMMAND YOU THIS DAY. Deuteronomy 11:27 King James. The Ten Commandments are the place to start. But then there are so many other laws, and commandments God gives throughout HIS word, that we have to abide by.

Love. Loving HIM, loving others. Walking in love. Remembering God is love, what an example to follow. HE THAT LOVETH NOT KNOWETH NOT GOD; FOR GOD IS LOVE. I John 4:8 King James.

Being kind, being compassionate, being forgiving, being accountable. Yes being accountable. I am sorry, but I don’t see that from other Christians often. I don’t. People have this pride thing, and it holds them back. I don’t want that in me, if I see it, in me I run to the throne of God. You have to release that pride to God, because HE lifts the humble, and turns from the proud. Thats submitting to God, thats being good. Yes we are called to forgive, and when we do, we set ourselves free from the poison.

Trusting God. Sometimes thats hard, especially if you have trust issues. I do with people. But I cannot with God. Thy will be done, is what I have front and center of my mind and heart. Yes, I pray. And I do pray for good results in everything, but when HE says NO! I accept it, I know HIS ways are not my ways. See, I don’t have a wrong perception of God. Like HE is some ATM, and the prosperity message can mess folks up in that. Christ told us to proclaim the gospel for the lost, for guidance, not to get rich. And well again, folks do not know what God says.

I don’t question God, and to some thats strange. Recently I was in a heated conversation with some folks who were accepting a very sinful situation. And this one particular person, kept throwing questions at me, that I would not respond to. Like if there was a god, and thats how she spelled it, if there was a god, why would this or that happen? Which reminds me even here. Capitialize the word God, that gives HIM honor, and there is only one God. Let me just say; folks try to intellectually reason things about God, and they don’t see the errors, because they are not looking at this spiritually. There are consequences to sin, death, and well generational curses….in reference to that conversation. And when I say death, I do mean spiritually and physically. I don’t want to test that.


But anyway…. you know, it just reminded me of the devil, from the beginning, and how he tempted Adam and Eve with questions. Questioning God is sin. Questioning God can make you lose your focus, on what is truth, and so I am aware of the ploy from the enemy in this area. So thats one reason how I stay good. I did not answer her questions.

For some reason, in this conversation, and even with others, I would not put up with the crap they were saying. Mocking God, mocking my relationship with God, and taunting me. I gave fair warning. Heres an excerpt from one part of the conversation. Which I will post on my other blog, CONVERSATIONS. http://elenaschristianconversations.wordpress. com after I post this.

This other person was mocking God, defending sin, and righteous indignation rose up in me, and with courage, I just said:

 Be quiet in the sight of God. Be quiet. I am telling you fair warning. Stop denying the creator of Heaven and earth. Quit denying the one who gives you life, and every breath you take. Don’t tell me there is not a God. I know that I know there is, and since you have not walked in my shoes, don’t put down HE who saved me, I won’t allow it. Not me, I know. So be quiet!

To me every now and then I feel like God tests us in the sight of HIM, and when evil is present. And I am so grateful for the courage HE gives me, I am so grateful because I want to prove my loyalty when HE tests me, and believe me HE does test us, and often. If we are not loyal to God and others, we are not truly walking in love. And thats a fact.

It may not seem like I am not walking in love with evil, and thats truth. But I am walking in love with God. We are to hate the evil. Hate the sin, but not the sinner, because remember we all sin, and come short of the glory of God. Accusing, is one thing that crosses that line. I see it so often, even from so called Christians. That is just so wrong, throwing them stones, and they are stones, that forget they were sinners at one time, and they don’t know what Revelation 12:10 King James says. I suggest looking that one up.

Being good? Only Christs spirit can guide us in this, remembering HIS sacrifice of love. Remembering his beauty in matters of thought, as we ponder on good things. Guarding our hearts, our minds, our souls, being repentant. Yes folks, being humble and repentant in the sight of God. This is not a one time thing that we do. Yes we do it, when we proclaim Christ is the Lord, and we come to HIM receiving HIM as Lord and savior. But after that you have to watch yourself. You have to grow, if you are not growing, you are not in truth. Simple as that.

Repenting, when you fall short. I have fallen short so many times, that I know that I know because I get that nudge from God. HE corrects those who HE loves. He loves me, I question myself, but never HIS love.

Yes fear of God brings things to remembrance. I don’t want to reap this, and yes I submit, because well at this point of my life, I am mindful. There are so many things I want to do for God, for myself, in this lifetime. And I want God to be my closest friend, so I am aware of how important pleasing God is. My little sign I made that I have in my office, is a reminder….

I am scratching the surface here for you, but I pray it helps. Searching for God in good King James word, will cause you to HEAR HIS VOICE. Start there, you want word that is HOLY, and yes good, not corrupted. This is the problem with so many people, they have these delusional ideas about God, but they do not know HIM. Throughout that conversation I had above, I kept referring folks to go to Gods Holy King James word, to find out, and finally I just stopped communicating. There comes a time, when in conversations like that you cannot argue, you cannot change someones mind. Truth stands on its own merit. And you walk away, shake the dust off, mindful not to throw your pearls to swine. And that is also King James scriptural. I did.

Folks, I don’t know about you, but I want to be close to God. I want HIM to be my closest friend. Its the sweetest thing to have fellowship with HIM. I realize I have my part in it. So I don’t want to worry, I worship instead.

To love God brings such a peace to me, a sense of hope, that all things are in HIS hands, and I know HE is my closest friend, that I can pray to. It does not matter if people don’t pray for me or with me, in agreement because they cannot understand. Though I longed for it, I noticed, it did not come….Yes its been a hurting time for me lately. Challenges, tests, I don’t know if I am passing. I do want to feel reassured. But I am so careful right now, I feel so humbled, so vulnerable, because its been hard. So hard. But I am grateful I can cry and go to my Lords throne. He is my deliverer. I cannot even count the many times, HE has helped me. I love HIM so much. I am grateful, and Yes I praise HIM.

Maybe because I cannot confide in very many any more. I don’t have that distraction. But there are some who prove their faithfulness, and I pray with them. For those I am grateful. God bless those even now who have been faithful in love to be there for me, right now. If they read this, they know who they are.

I am just grateful I have a friend, closer than a brother…..

“A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: And there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

Proverbs 18:24 KJV

Well I will close for now, I have not written in a while. But I am grateful I just had a very traumatic experience, that I cannot write about, but I am so grateful God was with me, in this matter. I just don’t feel the release to share details. But I know that I know I could not have gotten through it, without God, and when you know that, yes, it does give you a sense to want to please HIM, and to be good.

P.S. A friend brought this to me, DT and so did the Lord, AFTER I WROTE THE ABOVE. so I am adding it here. So grateful when folks respond to my writings, but this brought light, I hope it does for you as well. This scripture says it all. Lets seek God, lets try, to understand….


Blessings, and love,

Elena Ramirez

DON’T HATE THE PERSON YOU ADMIRE ~ By Christian Author Elena Ramirez

Not sure why the Lord put this on my heart. Its been a long time since I have dealt with matters of jealousy from others. Heres a clue: If you are not celebrated, but just tolerated, this could be an indication, that someone is jealous of you, because they do not cherish you.

Its been tough for me lately, this is why I have not written. I still do not feel like elaborating, but I have been trying to have a good attitude. Knowing this all has affected me. I started a new hobby, making signs. I am not perfect so please be kind. As my smudges show, probably true in life, my smudges do show…

But….To keep busy, to not think so much. This says it all for me. I am trying to have a “spirit” of gratitude, so it will not affect my own attitude.

But even as I write this, I realize, how important it is to guard our hearts. How important it is to do things by Gods ways, and to even remember that jealousy, can lead someone to hate the person, they admire.

Strange huh? But we always have to remember jealousy, is a spirit, and it can come into a persons soul, and make them hate someone they actually admire.

Love won’t allow that, not if you are truly submitted to God. If you are grateful again, not to have a bad attitude, so it won’t affect your own spirit.

See God is love, and that is the greatest gift, we can receive, understanding HIS love for us. Understanding, that HIS love was so great, for all of us, that HE sent HIS only begotten son. John 3:16 King James.


When you understand HIS love, you don’t look at others, as yourself being flawed. And they perfect. Even if you are flawed, which I am, I realize God perfects that which concerns me, even in my flaws. You will understand we are all flawed, we all come short of the glory of God. Makes you humble.

Its a process, folks, in our journey of life.

I guess I am just more aware of the spiritual aspects as I have grown in Christ. In my own relationship with the Lord. I am not perfect, boy if some folks knew me. They would understand. Maybe thats one reason why I try and be gracious to others, because I know my own faults. It has just made me sad, that same kind of grace has not been extended to me, many times. But oh well.

Today I shared a word. That I do daily, and this one really ministered to me. For a few reasons.


We make mistakes folks, sins, we should never be so proud, or unapologetic, or unaccountable, that we do not see the error of our ways. This is how we grow. This is how we become fulfilled, in Christ. By allowing HIM to work in our hearts. Some folks, hate God, but deep down inside, they cannot help but admire HIM, for HIS creation, for the possibility of miracles, for HIS power. The enemy of God though could not do that, and that is why HE was kicked out of heaven. Don’t let that be your fate. Repent to God. And make it right with others.

And some folks may hate you because you love God, and serve HIM. But they don’t see, they allowed the enemy into their hearts, and they hate you because of Gods spirit, that is in you. They really admire it, but it turns into jealousy. Folks, you have to watch that yourself, ask God.

Well enough for today, just a short word, in my thoughts, praying I can begin writing more as well, and just serving God, in that which HE has given me the gift and calling to do. Just a reminder, God has given you gifts and callings, that no one else can do like you, but you have to find God to find out what that is. In the mean time, don’t hate the one you admire, because you have it in you to do great things as well.

Blessings, and love, Elena Ramirez

p.s. sorry for the errors you may have seen here, I tried to correct, and proof read afterwards. Not a good idea. But better sooner then later. Love ya.