The Seed is the Root of Blessings

Once a long time ago

I did not know which way to go

I sat at my Lords feet

feeling, sad, incomplete

and yes very much in defeat…

I began to pray…

and said Lord,

You know I seek you every day

What has gone wrong?

Why am I not that strong?

I seem to miss my blessings

The things I desire are passing

and there is lack

with a stack of bills…

on my table

Why do I not feel able?

I cannot believe this is your will for me

To be in poverty

That is why, I call on your sovereignty

He reached out his hand

and said “What do you see”?

There was a scar

that did mar

the beauty of his hand

The remnant of the nail

driven through his hand

left its trace

but as I looked to his face

somehow, someway, I felt

I could understand….

Yet this seemed so strange

and beyond me…

I could only answer honestly

Lord, I said with a sigh

That made me want to cry

I see what you took for me

That left its mark

But I am not in the dark

There is light, and I have sight….

Yet your hand is healed, but empty

Oh Lord,

all I know, is I love you so…

Oh yes, my child, you do see

He said, tenderly, as he reached out

so very kind, and with his hand

touched my mind….

As he did pray…

I knew that was the way

Through the spirit

You will now hear it….

and understand…

With me you can….

Though it seems my hand is empty

There are blessings therein

That are within your reach

You can win, as you seek

Me all with your heart and soul

Making knowing me your goal

Not only for what I provide

But putting all else aside

listen and hear

for what I will bring

Will bring you good cheer….

Seek ye first my kingdom

The Kingdom of God

All these things will be added

As you let Love be hallowed

The root produces the fruit…

Not seen by natural eyes

But is hidden in disguise

Love is seen

When You heed the call

For that is my goal to love all

As your life is hidden in I, the Christ

The root of me lives within

Freeing you from the oppression of sin

The fruit of my father

Can cause Your soul to prosper…

With living water, and “Sonshine”

Sweet Holy truth divine

In all things I know

His blessings will show

Seen in the natural they will overflow

Thus saith the Lord

In Faith, my child, you will be restored

Your prayer is not ignored

You will see the fruit of blessings

As I take away the cursings…

For in the unseen, I am working

behind the scenes

But, It all begins though with a seed

and AS an offering…

For my gospel

So All will know

That I am God…

and will show you the way to go

To create a root, that produces the fruit

That brings the blessings….

For my gospel will go

from each side of the earth

To the top and to the bottom

When the message is heard

the Holy word, has gone forward

All who are mine will have overcome…

But you must come forth

and bring me an offering

That will bring glory to me

For I am your King…..

This will show me

I am worth Your offering

For a persons money can

be sweet  as honey

or bitter if spent on something phony

Now that you know

The way to go

Show me…your faithful offerings

and I will bring the blessings….

I just knew, what I heard was true…

I receive for I perceive

the spirit of the Lord

Can cause me to grow

This I know

For it is faith in him

where the blessings begin

At the seed to the root of his love

My blessings come from up above

By Elena Ramirez

May 19, 2003

All copyrights reserved

The word of the Lord states

to receive his offering from

prayer you must

make an offering:

Exodus 25:2

Speak unto the children of Israel,

that they bring me an offering:

of every man that giveth

it willingly with his heart

ye shall take my offering.

Isaiah 45:3

And I will give thee

the treasures of darkness,

and hidden riches of

secret places, that thou

mayest know that I,

the LORD, which call

[thee] by thy name,

[am] the God of Israel.

Colossians 3:3

For ye are dead,

and your life is hid

with Christ in God.

Galatians 3:16

Now to Abraham

and his seed were

the promises made.

He saith not, And to seeds,

as of many; but as of one,

And to thy seed, which is Christ.

Numbers 18:29

Out of all your gifts

ye shall offer every heave offering of the LORD, of all the best

thereof, [even] the hallowed

part thereof out of it.

I Chronicles 16:29

Give unto the LORD

the glory due unto his name:

bring an offering, and come before

him: worship the LORD

in the beauty of holiness.

Father, my Lord, I seek you in every way,

and pray, this prayer will bless you…

And yes Lord,

I do pray, that you would

bless me and my dear friends…

Lord, I know many of us

struggle in this area….

Where we seem to receive knowledge

or understanding, about

our Salvation, or of other matters

concerning you,

Yet, we sometimes struggle,

with our finances.

It is not your will for us to be in poverty.

Yet we weary you according

to your word, that I pray,

my brothers and sisters would read,

in Isaiah 43, for

we bring no offerings…to you.

Yet you blot out our sins.

We are the children,

of you the Lord, God most high….

The earth and the fullness thereof, belong to you….

we are created in your image.

You did not create us

to be in lack….You tell us,

You wish for us to prosper,

as our soul prospers,

so will we be, and in good health….

Lord, I bring your word to remembrance,

and you say for us to plead together…so that we

may be justified….

Rebuke the devourer, the one who steals our blessings….

This is what this prayer is about…

Lord, you tell us in your word, that you will provide for all of our

needs according to your riches

through Christ Jesus.

But there is a secret, to being prosperous,

as we meditate on your word day and night,

you promise, we will become

prosperous and have great success…

The key secret is in our giving,

and as you open our eyes…

May we open our hands and our

pocket books, to the hurting, to the

homeless, to the call of the gospel…

I pray, we would bless the ministries,

you have called us to bless.  Yes Lord,

even this ministry, Prayer of God Ministries,

needs your help Father…for it is my

desire to pray, for those who need

prayer, and that they will get results.

Touch our hearts to give,

and where you have called us to give.

May we give, where we receive your word….

Where we receive your instruction.  I know,

that in giving you repay….Just as your word

does say….I have seen it in my own

life, for we reap what we sow….

Pour out your spirit,

on our seeds of offerings and with your blessing

on our offsprings…and let the blessings spring up.

I thank you for teaching me,

and my brothers and sisters…

In Jesus name,  I thank you in faith,

for blessing Prayer of God Ministries…

and my brothers and sisters

concerning their financial needs.


Zecariah 8:12

For the seed shall be prosperous; the vine shall give her fruit, and the ground shall give her increase, and the heavens shall give their dew; and I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these things.

Isaiah 44:3

For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty

and floods upon the dry ground.  I will pour my spirit, upon thy seed, and my blessing upon

thy offspring.

I say to you, whatsoever things you

ask when you pray, believe that

you receive them and you will

have them.  Mark 11:24

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