Are you lonely today?

May I offer a prayer to pray….

For you to find your way?

I know how it feels

when you seem to be all alone

Like no one is there,

and no one cares….

But there is one, much greater

who sits on His Throne

And he understands this pain

you have known….

He has taught me, in any need….

To come before him, on my knees..

for HE hears our cries,

our sighs, our pleas….

So for you, I will pray…

That in this need,

you will find your way….

My Lord, In your name, I claim

Glory be to thee, in every way…

and as I do pray in this petition

of faith, you see…

Please know, Lord, how much,

your counsel means to me….

So… with liberty, I ask for this need

I lift up this precious child

and ask that you guide

this person, I will call friend….

I pray, by your spirit you will send

Comfort, love and support

to fill that void..

That the enemy would TRY to use to destroy…

Fellowship with you…. But with

a love that is ever so kind and true

Would you my Lord, do something new?

Comfort, with your mercy and grace…

and with compassion take the place

of that, sadness, that tries

to steal the joy within….

Loneliness, is not of you my Lord…

For truly the joy of you our Lord,

is our strength

To meet the distance, the length….

When we seem to walk alone

With pain, and utterances

so deeply known

With a heart so broken,

sometimes all we can do is moan

But there you are with us….

To comfort, in our solace

Great is the love you have for us…

Develop our fellowship

As we offer, our praise, our worship

Seeking thy great companionship

So Lord, I do pray…. Make a way today….

In fellowship with thee, We can see….

With you, we are never lonely….

For your promise is

to never leave or forsake us

When we call on the name of Jesus

May my friend receive this

now by your Holy spirit

to hear, that you are near…

As you destroy the fear….

and you in your love

will wipe away the tears

You are so very, very close…

That the heart does know

And with time, it does grow…

There is always a new way to begin..

Lonely no more within…..

Yes, when we let Jesus in….

And this is what, I pray, today

Take the loneliness completely away….

and with your love,

Lord, please do stay…..

By Elena Ramirez

March 4, 2005

Ecclesiastes 4:10

For if they fall, the one

will lift up his fellow: but woe

to him that is alone when

he falleth; for he hath

not another to help him up.

Lamentations 3:28

He sitteth alone and

keepeth silence, because

he hath borne it upon him.

John 8:29

And he that sent me

is with me: the Father

hath not left me alone;

for I do always those things

that please him.

A Prayer of Hope….

My Lord, My King,

My great Father, tender is your mercy

and your kindness, that you

have extended to me, when I was in loneliness,

and in my darkness…..For your

love and word, has been a

lamp unto my feet, and a light

unto my path, to remind me

that you walk with me, you

will never leave me or forsake me.

When I am lonely, I cry out to you,

and you are there…You reach out

and love me, with the sweetest,

kindest, acceptance….Sometimes,

we can be lonely, when we miss someone,

or our hearts are “pining” for someone…

and those people, are so far away….

But we need not feel lonely,

when we call on the name of Jesus…

Thank you for reminding me,

for reminding all of us…

and as we pray for one another…

Let our hearts, unite in love,

as we are linked together

in you, that is why we

pray, for each other…You have

made our hearts to be in fellowship with you.

And even those thoughts of loneliness,

when longing in our hearts…overcomes us.

We can be made complete….

As we bring it to the cross…there is

a mercy you extend to us…Thank you

Father, Thank you so very much…

What a difference!

Now, More than anything, I sense

as I close, that you remind us,

and speak to my heart, how much

you also long for us…in fellowship

and to remember, within,

the very heart of who we are..

never to substitute anything,

for the relationship we can have in you.

Never, let anything or anyone

take your place…

I hear, and obey,

In Jesus name, Amen

Check out this video by a BROTHER IN CHRIST, on LONELINESS, inspiring to see, and sweet to the spirit, with Gods word,

I pray, it will bless you.  May God comfort you, as you seek God, he will take that loneliness away…..


Salvation Prayer to share, freely, for those


By intercessor and Christian author, Elena Ramirez.  All Copy Rights Reserved..

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  1. Very beautiful and heart touching prayer! Thank you also very much for sharing your gift to the world. Loved the video too:-). Bless you Elena!

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