How do you deal with the issues of life?  Those things that come up, and really tug at your heart, and try to steal your peace and joy?  We all handle things differently.  Some are strong, some are weak.  Some cry, some get angry, some pay it with others.  Some shut down…..And just fall apart.  Or some give into the vices of life.  Drugs, smoking, drinking, addictions to people, or whatever….Just to take their mind off of the pain.  And it makes me think.  That if we ever had a need it would be nice just to be reassured.  But who do you go to when you need reassurance?

Do you need reassurance, every once in a while?   Sure you may be mature, you might even be really strong, tough….but we all need reassurance every once in a while.

The reason, we live in a world, where things are not always predictable, nothing seems to be secure sometimes.  And then there are those lulls in life, where everything seems to be fine, and then life hands you a strange change of events.

And you wonder?  Life can be that way.  And as much as I hate to admit it, there are times, when I need reassurance.  Things may be out of my control.  Yes, I have faith.  I try to believe in the best of every situation, but there are times, when I am like a child, in my inner being, and I am afraid.  Or I am insecure.

I wonder if God is hearing me.  And why are things the way they are sometimes?  Why does it seem like some situations do not change?  And experience, has taught me that sometimes, these things are tests.  Tests, that we go through, to see how much we can handle.  The Bible tells us that we will be tested.  That we are in the potters hand, and he is molding us to be vessels of Gold.

I Peter 1:7 says….That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold, that perish though it be tried with fire, might be found worthy unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.

So, I have learned, there are things one can do, alternatives, instead of making the situation worse.  Or that would hurt me, or hurt others…and I understand it is a test.  But I want to pass the test.  And not fail.

And I wonder….When I was younger, I did not know how to handle things, and there were times, when I used substances or things to ease my heart, or to just escape.  And I would hurt myself.  Those were dark times, and they were times when I felt very, very lost.    No one would reassure me.  So I felt alone.  And I was alone, or so I thought.  Till God found me.

Now to some, the idea of the notion that God exists is hard for them to understand.  But there is a God.  I know, that I know…that he exists.  He found me.  And I could go on, and share more of a testimony, but I want to briefly talk about being reassured.

Because one can be reassured.  Even if no one else is around, or no one really cares.  One can be reassured, if they do seek God.  If they pray…..and if they search for answers in the word of God.  The Bible.   Even now, and I have been a Christian for many years.  I still realize, I have to search for God.  I have to pray.  I have to look in his word, for answers….

Life is a process, and you learn.  And if you do not learn, and continue to do the things that hurt you, or do not reassure you.  There comes a time, when you must pay the consequences.  And no matter what, you may feel, if you do not get it right, you lose.   God knew that.  He calls it sin.  And he loves us so much, that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, for us.  That if we believed, things could change.  So, we would not have to pay the consequences.  Christ paid the price for us.

That is how he reassures us.  But we have our part, we have to try….because sometimes people will not reassure us, or circumstances will not change until we do something different.  And I have learned from my mistakes.  So, I do not go back to the old ways.  Of trying to deal with whatever life hands me.  By hurting my own self, or being my own enemy.

Well to answer the question, who do I go to when I need reassurance?  I go to God.  He may seem silent.  He may even seem like he is no where to be found.  But he is there.  So I go to him, I pray, I seek him, and love him and I seek his word for answers.  Because his word, is living, and he speaks through his spirit, and I understand.  And I am reassured…..

By Elena Ramirez  Just my Thoughts…..

The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.

Elena Ramirez Prayer of God Ministries.

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Prayer Of Salvation


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