Wayne Cordeiro, is the Pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship church, in Honolulu Hawaii.  He is also an author, of many books, his recent book is entitled:  The Divine Mentor.  I have not read it yet, but hope to acquire it.

I had never really ever heard of Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, before, but it does not surprise me, that God makes a way.

I heard of him through an e-mail friend, who also is a Christian writer.  Wes Suzawa.  (sorry it won’t link copy and paste to your browser.)

Well brother, Wes, shared with me, that his pastor was coming to Colorado.  To visit, Cherry Hills Christian church.  I was unable to attend, the service, but I did take some time, and listened to this Pastors sermon.  Here from home, on my computer.

And I am so glad I did.  Because I learned something new….

I am writing about this gentleman, and man of God, because it is not every day, you hear or meet someone who inspires you.  And he inspired me.  The reason, he inspires me, is because for years, I have been trying to figure out a way, to study and read my Bible.  I have heard of many plans, but they just did not inspire me, enough, to keep at it.  I don’t know about you, but you want to learn Gods word, but you may not have that much time, or you get bored, and just not able to apply yourself.  I have read many books in the Bible, but then I get burned out, and don’t go to the other books of the Bible.

Well this man of God, has a method, that I want to share with you, and with others.  He calls it “Divine Mentors.”  That I believe, is truly God inspired, and to apply it, it just takes some discipline to do it, and a desire to know Gods word.  It requires you make the time.  It takes me, about 15 minutes, to a half an hour.  To do this method.  Basically I just get the required reading, (see Links below) document the chapters needed.  I study them, I read them, ponder on them, highlight them, and journal, my findings, and pray.  It is very easy.

To truly, seek God, to know him.  To know his word.  I find, first thing in the morning, I need to do it.  As my first fruits to God, being with him etc.  But you pray, and you ask God, for the time that is right for you.  But I have to say, I have already been applying this method, for over a week now, and I am so inspired, I know, that I will apply this method from now on.  To read my Bible, and so my Bible can study me. A thought and a quote from Pastor Wayne Cordeiro.  Meaning, Gods word, so lightens the way, that we cannot help to see it studying us, to see, if we are doing that which is right in the sight of God.

Pastor Cordeiro has it down so fine, that when he speaks, and he speaks about the 66 books of the Bible, and all the characters that God used to make examples in this word, of God.  They are now Pastor Cordeiro’s friends.  They are “Divine Mentors.”  In other words, by his system of studying the Bible, he has been able in so many situations, to implement, and use their situations to help him in life.  Because they come to life to him.  Which makes sense.  Because the Bible is the only book, that God has said, it has life.  Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the diving asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. And the only book he ordained to speak truth from.  An example, I will use in this illustration, that made me laugh, and yet I saw truth in it, was Joseph from the Bible.

Joseph, became Pastor Cordeiro’s friend.  Well God bless this pastor, because one day, he was in a situation, where an adulterous woman, was tempting him.  Innocent, he did not see it at first, but then as the conversation continued he could see, he was being tempted. and he knew what was happening.  That old devil was trying to make him fall.  But out of the corner of his eye,  Pastor Cordeiro saw Joseph, running away through the halls, like in the Bible, and running from the adulterous woman, that was tempting him.  And Joseph said, “follow me”….and he got up and did the same thing, he ran away from her.  Now I cannot even begin to express it, in the wonderful animated way that he did.  Because it was hilarious.  But oh so true.  But you can hear it in the link below.

Anyway, if we could only apply ourselves to do the things God has brought, as examples.  Think of David, and how he defeated his enemies.  The giants.  Think of Esther, and how God used her to bless his people.  I could go on and on….

But I need to share with you, the method.  Of “Divine Mentors.”  To impart wisdom.  And what really impressed me.  Mr. Cordeiro’s method of studying the Bible, that he offers as a simple but practical way to learn Gods word;

Using the acronym SOAP.

Scripture, Observation, Application. Prayer.

As I listened to him, I could sense and see that Pastor Cordeiro’s heart, is so wise, through his studying of the Bible.  And I am someone, who has learned so much myself, from reading Gods word.  But I am definitely going to implent his method into my studying of Gods word.  I want to grow, I want to be wiser.  I want to please God, so very, very much.  It brought me structure, and a foundation, to apply myself.  Where I have been missing it for so long.  God’s word is so needed.  In all of our lives.  And we get so busy, that we put it off.

But really, if we do not feed ourselves Gods word, we are starving spiritually.  We are doing ourselves a disservice.  I could go on and on, about what this gentleman, brought in his sharing.  For, it was all so inspiring.  But God will do that, he will use people like my brother in Christ, Wes, or Mr. Cordeiro, or even the many examples in the Bible, “The Divine Mentors” to get us to a place where we can grow, learn, and be the best we can be, because God wants to teach us.  Because God loves us…

But we have to try.… Are you willing to try something new?  To get you to that place God wants you to be?  Personally, I think pastors, and churches, need to implement this.  And if you are reading this, I highly recommend you do so.  And contact Mr. Cordeiro from the links below.

Dear friends, as he reflected, and spoke, I thought, by the examples he shared, I would rather choose to learn the lesson first by Gods word, then to learn from the consequences.  I have reaped enough in my lifetime, from my mistakes, that I want to do it right!!

From now, on when I study the Bible, I will study it from this perspective.  With this my Prayer of Hope….

“Search me oh God, and know my heart.”  Lord, I let your word study me….to change me, to please you.  Because I love you Lord……

I am placing these links here for you to listen to.

Now I advise you that this particular link is over thirty minutes.  So if you listen, make sure you are able to hear it through, without distractions.

And I highly recommend, you take notes.

But you will be glad you did, it will make you laugh, it will make you think, it will inspire you…..

And then here I offer his link where you can begin to study the Bible with his group.  His reading plan.  I just pray, by sharing this, it will help you in your walk with the Lord, that it will also help bring some structure to your learning Gods word.

I Thank God that he used Mr. Cordeiro to bring this method, because believe me, I am going to implement it in my daily life.  To know Gods word more!  To gain true wisdom.  I am so grateful, that I met my friend in Christ, brother Wes.  So, I could hear about Pastor Wayne Cordeiro.  I feel like it was by divine appointment.  But,  I also want to be friends with God, I want to be mentored by the master, and the people he brings in my life, through his word and in this lifetime…..By God’s divine appointment.

This is divine appointment for you as well as you read this.  Are you going to let this pass you by?  Or are you going to seek wisdom from this method?  Just know….God loves you.  He wants you to grow.

And as I close I am thankful and in awe of God, for orchestrating this, and bringing me, to the new friends and this wonderful method, he has brought me from Hawaii.  Just makes sense, to learn a way to know God, and it comes from paradise……

Blessings, Mahalo, and Aloha

Elena Ramirez

Prayer of God Ministries

The Divine Mentor


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  1. Good thought about letting the Word study you. I’ve been meditating on God’s Word being the mirror and we are to be the reflection of it. If His Word is in us and part of our lives as you describe the “Joseph” story, then we will reflect what we have studied and it will have studied us.

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