Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.  I Peter 4:10

There is a commercial I have seen and I am not sure what it is for, but the message comes through.  For the service that is being displayed.  Each segment, shows someone helping someone here and there, and someone observes it, and then in the next segment, you see them doing something wonderful, or out of the ordinary for someone else.  It is called Love…and it is an expression of kindness, consideration, compassion, concern, thoughtfulness, to do something nice for someone else.  Sadly, in our world, such beautiful attributes are not always expressed, nor or they encouraged.  For we live in a world, where at times, such things are judged, and people wonder if you have an ulterior motive.  For some do.  So one cannot always trust the kindness of strangers.

Yet, we are all called to be an expression of Christ, and to show love to one another, hospitality, and kindness.  Have you ever had a bad day, and someone just smiled at you, as if they sensed your hurt, your brokenness, and sadness?   Like a baby, who is crying, and longing for attention, when that attention is received, the dear little baby cries more.  As if to say, you seen me, and you know.  Tears from a baby expresses that.  And after some deliberation, some coaxing, some sweet soothing words have been spoken, or maybe a bottle of milk given, the baby laughs.

Dear ones, let us use our gifts, to be a reflection of Christ, and his love.  Each one of us has a gift, and a strength, that in many situations, can bring someone joy.  That Can bring comfort, and hope.  Let us continue to serve one another, in our Fathers love.  So much so, that we want to “pay it forward.”   We never know, how we can touch a life, by some small act of kindness, that we share in the name of our Lord.

The truth of the matter is, we never know what someone is going through.  Unless you have walked in someones shoes, how could we?  So if someone, hands you a bad report, or they are short with you.  Remember, maybe your act of kindness, can bring them something from the Lord.  Use that gift to soften an angry word, or to just bring some peace.

Our world needs it, and more than anything, we need it.  For it is better to give than to receive.  When we give of our gifts, and callings, and we share, love, compassion, understanding.  A soft word spoken, a smile.  Even a dollar here and there for someone in need, we are being a reflection of Christ.  But what happens is in the giving, we are blessed.  We are growing, we are reaching a hurting world, and somehow, within us, something changes.  For the essence of beauty to shine through.  We are changed, more so for the better.

It is like a seed that is planted.  You may not see it grow, but God will bring someone to water it, and even care for it.  But by your kindness, by your expression to do something good, in your calling, you will reap a harvest from it.  Don’t hold back.  Sure you might even feel awkward, but reach out and touch someone with love.  Maybe your a good cook, and you can cook for someone who is in need. Or you can call someone, or just run to the grocery store.  That is a gift of hospitality.  Share in consideration of someone who needs it.  And not what you can get out of it.

Remember no small consideration, passes the eyes of God.  And you may very well be entertaining an angel, when you do something wonderful, in sharing of your gifts.  But don’t do it to impress….Do it to bless. To serve others,  Faithfully, God will bless you.  In many forms…..

Many blessings…..

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, I just want to thank you for the kindness, and compassion you have shown me.  Help me to think of others, when I need to.  Help me to get my mind off of me, and what is in it for me.  That stops me Lord, from sometimes being fruitful for your namesake.  When someone else needs me to be an expression of my gifts and callings.   Lord, help me and give me wisdom.  To use my gifts for your will to be done in someones life.  Give me discernment, and understanding, Let me do it in your strength, in your ability, so you will receive glory and honor in it.  In Jesus name, Amen.



  1. Thank you sister Elena for your timely reminder. Sometimes I need to hear it more often when it comes to family. Many times it is the one or ones closest to me that I tend to overlook or take for granted. Bless you for this heart check! Wes

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