All these children are you and me….We need to remember to see that in others. For Christ loves everyone.

This has been revised, due to it not posting.  My apologies, for the extra  e-mail.
All last week, I shared with you, the events of the cross, and I tried to apply them to every day living.  I being, prompted by the Holy spirit.  I guess, I just really felt, with truth, and reality, what Christ did for us.  And because of that I felt motivated, and feel motivated.  He died for our sins.  Thats the news flash for us, even today.  We need to respond, now with action.  We need to do something to show we understand, and to put into effect his sacrifice.  That we honor him.  That we want others to understand, and know who Christ is.  Because we see the difference in our own lives.  There is a purpose, for this.  And even today, as I read by my Bible reading, I felt the truth of this scripture.


Christ will return.  And are we ready?  Have we done everything we can for the Kingdom of God.  And before we ourselves, stand before our maker, our Lord God.  The King of Kings.  Are we at least satisfied, to see the progress, that we are making for the sacrifice of Christ?  In honor of him!  Because we know, that we know the end of the world can happen.  And at a moments notice.  Christ will return.

Dear ones, even yesterday, on Easter Sunday, we heard of the earthquake in California, and in Mexico.  Earlier we heard of the one, in Haiti.  So, we do see prophecy being fulfilled.  Christ will return.  And I believe it could be soon.

I just feel prompted, and even early this morning, this title came to me.  “BE A SOUL WINNER FOR JESUS.”  I truly believe it was God speaking to my spirit, as my assignment to write today.  That we need to be soul winners for Christ.  I felt like the Lord, wanted me to encourage you folks, and even myself, to be mindful to have a heart to love others, as Christ, and to reach out to them, to try to win them for Christ.

And I know, this can be challenging, but I have learned a couple of things, in my trying to do this.  And I would hope you would also write me, and share with me, ways you, and others could win the lost to the Lord.

1.  Let Love always be your motivation. I John 4:7  Beloved, let us love one another.  For love is of God.  And everyone that loves is born of God, and knows God.

2.  Acknowledge the Lord in all you do, wherever you go, say a word, it could be God bless you, to someone, but people need to hear we are Christians.  You see, we never know, when we could plant a seed, of Christ in someone. Proverbs 3:5-6 In all thy ways, acknowledge him, and he will direct thy paths.

3.  Keep a spiritual tract with you, or a Prayer of Hope, to give to someone. Luke 1:77 To give knowledge of Salvation unto his people, by the remission of their sins.

And the basic message of my writing, is not the ways to do this, but more than anything, to stir your spirit, to want to win others to Christ. To think and ponder, on it, when you are able to plant a seed for Christ.   We claim, we are Christians, and I am guilty of this as well.  But we stay in our comfort zones, and we do not extend ourselves.  I am not always demonstrative, of this as well.  But I feel like, when we write, or when we communicate.  We should be sharing love, and kindness, and expressing, who Christ is to us.  I am trying to do that.

I get many messages, and many writings from different Christians.  And I always see something, to inspire me, to help me grow.  So, I hope you see this in me as well.  For, when we write, and I see this often, I look at the writers message, and I look to see if there is love, and any acknowledgment of Christ, and who he is, and what he did for us.  We need to be mindful, that their are many audiences, many people who we may impact for Christ, but if we do not show love, we are a clanging noise, as the word says.  And if we do not practice this as well, we will not be affective for Christ.  So in all our messages, we need to learn, and I do too, to be affective to bring someone to our Lord.  To at least think of it, let it grow root, and then put it into action…..

Please share with me your ideas, and thoughts, I want to implement this more in my life, and if you have any ideas, we need to share them so others can grow.  So I will write about it.  This message, is not to condemn you, or to criticize anyone.  It is meant for us to stir up our hearts, and to really make an effort to be a soul winner for Jesus.

My Prayer of Hope….

Father, I love you, and I thank you for my Salvation.  I thank you for what Christ did.  I feel like you are stirring my heart, and the heart of others, to be mindful to be soul winners for Christ.  To not just take our gift of salvation, and just lay it down, but to use it.  To be someone who really will shine their light for Christ.  And not hide it under a bushel.  Lord, show us how to do this.  Give us creative ways, and I will share it with others.  But let love be our motivation.  Let the sacrifice, and death, and resurrection of our Lord be our motivation.  For we know, in our heart, of hearts, how great the sacrifice was.  But we are free.  Let that shine bright.  Remind us, to be courteous, kind, considerate, and to acknowledge you in all our ways.  I know we can plant a seed.  We might not even see it.  But you do.  And we could make an impact, to touch a heart, with the love of Jesus.  Please Lord, show me, and others how to be a Soul winner for Christ.   In Jesus name,  Amen


To the soul who does not know Christ, below, is a link, for the Prayer of Salvation.  Dear one God loves you, please, consider this, and make the decision, to call on him, so you can have a place with him for eternity.  He is able to do far and above what we even think or consider.  Perhaps, you are facing something.  In your life right now.  Trust him, say the prayer, and let him,  do a great thing for you.  You will see it as a testimony.  Be blessed.  Elena

The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.

Elena Ramirez Prayer of God Ministries.

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Prayer Of Salvation

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  1. Hi sister Elena, great message and reminder that there is much to do in doing Kingdom’s work! Thank you too for sharing your Easter Service. Sounds like you had a blessed one too:-)! Blessings, Wes

    • Good morning brother Wes. Thank you for your comment. I think God is bringing that to your attention, I noticed your blog entry, as well, where we all need to get to work and get busy for our Lord.
      Yes, we had a busy, and good Easter. God is so good. Thanks, and have a blessed day. Elena

  2. Thank you for the reminder that we need to be ambassadors for Jesus. I’m being that to my piano students. I pray for and with them at the beginning of each lesson and also during the week. I’m a quiet witness at the Embroidery Guild meetings. By that I mean, they know I’m a Christian and will ask me to pray but I don’t preach. I’m pretty much alone most of the time so when I do go out I need to be more aware of how I’m presenting Jesus to those around me. Thank you for the reminder!

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