Dear Reader,

I just want to extend an invitation, to come to my blog, and subscribe, for my daily writings.  “Just My Thoughts.”

I am a Christian writer.  My hearts desire, is to bring glory to God, inspire, his people, and speak a word of truth to the Lost.

Today, I just felt by the Holy spirit, to extend this invitation to you.  I don’t know you, and you do not know me.  But, I know God.  And I am learning so much, from his word.  I want to be able to document, some of my findings, and bring them to you.

As well.  More than anything, I want to be a reflection, of his love.  Real love.  Nothing phony, or pretentious, because we all see through that.  No, I want to be a reflection of his love.  So you can see his love as well.

Like Jesus….with compassion, and understanding, I want my readings to make you feel and sense his goodness.  His truth, that will set one free.  And give one hope….My writings usually end with a prayer.  A Prayer of Hope…  And so, what I want you to see, is someone whose life has been changed.  Because I have been changed by the goodness of the Lord.  And he did it without using someone to judge me.  He used me, to judge myself.

So, if you see anything, I pray you do not see judgement, from my part, toward you, but truth, to make one free.  Not religion, either, that has it’s rules.  Made by people.  No, this is about relationship with Jesus Christ, I want you to see…..And when I speak truth, it is not ever, ever meant to condemn, or to hurt anyone.  But to bring freedom.  For to be free in Christ, is to be free indeed.

So please, check out my blog.  And my writings…..And my Testimony, and mission.  And I pray, God bless your day….

Thank you…

Elena Ramirez

Just My Thoughts…..


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