Isaiah 43:19

Seasons, are always an indication, that God changes things.

He is God.  He gets bored with things, just like we do.  But because he has the ability, and the power, as a testimony, of who he is, God almighty, creator of heaven and earth…We can see, him changing the seasons.  We can change things too, with his assistance.

Right now, we can see new life, in Spring.  Just like my teeny, tiny blue flower, that popped up in my yard.  It looks more magnificent, here in this photo, then it does, in my yard.  And we might feel that way.  Insignificant.  Just barely getting by, in the flow of things.  Not truly aware, of the power of God, and that he is able to make new things happen for us as well.  So we barely exist, and are barely surviving.  When God, wants us to thrive.  Our God, who sees everything, is able to cause life, and to make a new beginning, just like this little flower, that “sprung up.”

I love God.  And, I love Spring for that very reason.

Here in Colorado, we do have indication of the four seasons.  Seeing Spring, with new life, though, is my favorite.  I love to see new life.

As a small testimony, my son, was born 21 years ago, in this season of life.  And he has brought me such joy, and happiness.  I thank God for him, and pray for him  For, I love to see the changes in him, and his life.  God has a plan, and I see it being fulfilled in him.  He has grown, from my little baby, to a handsome young man, who has hopes, desires and dreams.  I see the plan of God in his life, becoming manifested in him.  And it gives me hope.  For new beginnings.  New things….

I long to see it in my grand children, as well, though, they probably will not come into view, for many seasons.  As I pray, he can get to that place, where he will be ready for fatherhood.  But holy matrimony first….  So, I see his turning 21 is a milestone….and a change for him.

Yes, I love to see, changes.  In the earth, from that which was dormant, now changing to life.  And in my family.  Love, always the main ingredient, to keep us together.  Gods love.  It gives me hope, anticipation, that anything is possible.

And thats why I love Gods word.  It gives hope, it gives his promises, that things can change.  I hope you know our Lord Jesus.  I hope you know that he can do the same for you, wherever you are in life.  Whatever, you may have done.  You might even think it is too late.  But it is not.  Now is the time, for new beginnings.  He can make a change.  He can give you a new beginning, but you have to believe.  He did for me, because I believed….

Below is my link, for the Prayer of Salvation, pray that.  And then, trust him, for the changes.  The new beginning, he has for your life.

Here he says, he is going to do a new thing….and that it springs up…Do you not perceive it?

My Prayer of Hope…..

Father, I thank you for new beginnings, in the seasons of my life.  I love and see, as a testimony, the changes you have made in me.  Oh Lord, how I hope, and yearn, for new beginnings for me, and for my family.  And Lord, you know my hearts desire.  So, I pray, for the person, even here, reading this.  There is something on this persons heart, your child, who, longs to see a new thing as well.  Lord, meet that need.  Make a way.  Bring life to it….Whatever it may be.  And let all the glory, and praise be yours.  For you are able to do far, and above, what we could even think or ask.  For you are life…My Father, my great, creator of heaven and earth.  I thank you. With all my heart, I am so grateful.  For, every time, I see something new….I know it is because of you.  For you give life, and life abundantly, because of Christ.  Yes Lord, I perceive it….In Jesus name.  Amen

Elena Ramirez

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In Christ, Just my Thoughts…..

Elena Ramirez

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  1. Great word today sister Elena. Very touching about your son turning 21 and exciting about new beginnings! God bless you and family for your heart to share, Wes

    • You are always so kind to me brother Wes. Glad you are my brother in Christ. Thanks for the encouragement.
      Many blessings to you and your beautiful clan as well. You are so blessed. And I pray, for always…..

  2. I like Spring also. My crocuses are blooming as well as my neighbors daffodils. They say new things are coming. It’s time for the new. Spring also reminds me that it’s time to clean up and get the old out. It’s a good time for cleaning out our lives of things that aren’t helping in our relationship with God.

    Your son is handsome; and you are correct, marriage first, then the grandkids! lol!

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