Do people see Jesus in you? What do you see?



As we look at the word of God here, we should be very mindful, of what God sees in our hearts.  To be honest, it is enough, to make me, want to study myself, to study my characteristics, and attributes, but also my flaws.  So, God can change me.  And that should always be our hearts desire.  To want to change, and more so, to be Love.  As Christ is.

When someone becomes a child of God, something changes, and becomes very evident.

To specify, theres a quality, a sense, a feeling, even in the physical characteristic of a person, that this person knows Christ.  It is very distinctive.  It is Love.  For, it is seen, as one looks, at someone, who has given their heart to Christ, It is very obvious, that Christ, is their savior.  You see it, in their mannerisms.  In the way, they carry themselves.  To articulate it, in this description, is really beyond words.  It is in the spirit, that comes through physically.  But the beauty of it, when someone has accepted Christ as Lord, and savior.  And truly lets the love in.  Something changes in their demeanor.  You see Christ.

It could be in their eyes, in the way, they smile, the way, they laugh….Christ is evident.  Because of all that characterizes Christ, love is the most prominent, attribute that Christ has.  I see it in what he has done for me, and who he is.  In his sacrifice, for all of us….and by the compassion, and kindness, he always expressed.  Now Christ was not a pushover.  He would speak truth, and tell someone, when they were wrong.  But his love, was always so evident.

That’s what I want people to see in me.  The sweet love, that can change, and transform a person.  To see the light, and not the darkness.  To have the authority, that I can be victorious in a world, where sin may be rampant.  But, I don’t have to live like that.  It is a choice.  And I want to live, in a way, where truly the word says, that I am his temple, and that his spirit lives in me.  And so much so, it even shows in my physicial being.   Like Moses, his countenance, was changed being in the presence of God.  Exodus 34:29

I so want to be like my Father, like Christ.  I want to imitate Christ.  Because the Father sent him, for all of us.  With the greatest love.  The word says, no man has lived and seen God.  But God did send Jesus, so we could see him.  If we see Christ, we see love.  We see God.  I want love to be in my heart, like love is in his heart.  I want the compassion of Christ.  To care deeply, for those who do not know him, and to those who know him.  I want to be strong like him, and not fall apart, when faced with persecution or trials.  I want to have that noble, dignity, that only God can give me, because I am his daughter.  Because the spirit of Christ is in me.  More than anything, because God looks at the heart.  I want him to see Love in me.  His love…..

You see, I am a branch of Christ, as you are.  If you have accepted Christ as Lord and savior.  And he says, He is the vine.  And we cannot do anything without him.  So because we are grafted together, I want you to see the fruit of Christ in me as well.  So the question to ponder on.  What do people see in you?  Are you changing, so much so….That they see Christ.

Next time, you see a true Christian look at that in them.  You will see something so different, it may if you do not know Christ make you somewhat envious.  But all you have to do, to have that that love and beauty, that expresses kindness, confidence, is to accept Christ as your Lord and savior.  My link is below, for you to begin your relationship with Christ.

In any event, a question for all of us, to try to reach as a goal.  Do people see Jesus in you?  I want to encourage you….So that people will see Jesus in us.  But more then anything God will see it.  We all need to work on that.  I suppose, the best place is…whats really in our heart?  It begins with love….

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, I praise you and bless you, and with a song in my heart today, I thank you.  I give you glory and honor and praise.  Lord change me, to be like you.  In my heart, and in my physical appearance.  No matter what people may see, I pray you see Jesus in my heart.  For truly, I do care what you see.  More than anything, I pray you do see love.  In Jesus name.  Amen


Just my thoughts….

Elena Ramirez

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In Christ, Just my Thoughts…..

Elena Ramirez

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