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So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.  Isaiah 55:11

I ask the question from my title, because I sense God wants people to know this.  That whatever need they have, they can have a way, to guide them, to get answers.  And that is by praying the word of God.

So, I want to talk about something, that maybe many people really do not realize.  But the word of God, is something God gave to us to use.  It’s not just something, that you can read, and get Bible stories from.  Or to have a history lesson from.  Or even get direction from or guidance.  But God meant it for our benefit as well.  To actually use it.  To claim the promises of it.  To speak it.  To pray it.  I have learned, to pray the word of God.

Here,  I claim the above scripture, in relating to God’s promise from this.  Because God says, that his word, will accomplish whatever he wants it to, in whatever situation, he may send it to.  And since he has created us in his image.  We can have the authority to speak and say his word too.  So where can we send the word of God to?  So lets use examples, where I have actually tried this.

A couple of years ago, I got a terrible doctors report.  It was pretty scary.  For it was a bad report.  It was a life and death situation.  The Bible says in Proverbs 18;21….The tongue has the power of life and death in it, and those who love it, will eat its fruit. So, I thought o.k.  I have read a lot of scriptures.  And I do not want to die.  I am a believer, in Jesus Christ, and right now, I see my faith being put to a test.  I am going to pray Gods word.    I am going to be positive about this.  I am not going to speak that I am ill.  I am going to be very careful not to speak death.  I did not want to die yet.  And that scripture reminded me, to be careful with the words I would speak.  But what words should I speak?  Searching, again, I found Jeremiah 1:9….Then the Lord put forth his hand and touched my my mouth, and the Lord said unto me, Behold I have put my words in your mouth.

And I decided, I am going to claim Gods word, I am going to claim, by Christ I am healed….As I also thought,  Gods word also says, by his stripes I am healed.  Isaiah 53:5. As I could see it in my mind, and heart, the sacrifice of Christ and his beatings became very real to me.  And I knew by each beating, each stripe he received was for my healing.  And I claimed it, and Thanked God.

And because I know Gods word, another classic scripture, came to me.  For in the Bible Psalms 107:20 says, he sent the word to heal us and deliver us from destruction. So I thought, in faith, and this is the important part...Because it is impossible to please God without faith.   In Hebrews 11:6….It also says, that who ever comes to him must believe, that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

So, I thought, I am going to seek him, with all my heart, and pray his word.   I am going to send it back to God.  I am going to claim his promises, and I am going to believe, I am healed.  I will not believe the bad doctors report.  I will believe, by Christ’s stripes I am healed.  So I did do that.  I looked up as many scriptures on healing, and I claimed them.  And the wonderful thing after a time of praying, and seeking God.  I got an answer.  I got a good report.  Praise God, I thank him here again.  Because, that was a horrible, ordeal to go through.  I will be honest, I got scared.  But I knew I had to stand in faith.

There was one particular scripture though, that I memorized, and prayed, and meditated on completely.  It was one of my favorites.  And it still is….Jeremiah 17:14.  Heal me Oh Lord, and I will be healed, save me and I will be saved.  For you are the only one I will praise. And Praise God I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, why am I sharing this with you?   One is because I am grateful to God.  Very grateful.  And…Because maybe,  you don’t know the power of God.  Maybe you were not raised in the ways of the Lord.  Or maybe religion, has turned you off.  It could be people in religion have hurt you.  Or you have seen some fanatics in religion, I don’t know….I just know, God.  Just because people do bad, that does not mean, God won’t answer us.  God is not evil.  He is good.  And he is able to change things.  And nothing is impossible with him.  But maybe your in a situation, right now, that may seem so impossible to you.  That’s why I share this….

And you want a miracle, you want a change.  You want to believe.  But you may not even know where to start.   I encourage you to look up scriptures on whatever topic it may be.  But if you do not know Christ as your Lord and savior.  It will probably may seem very strange to you.  To talk about  praying Gods word.  For you do not know, what his promises are.  But I tell you, as Christ told us, if you do have faith as a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

There are so many beautiful scriptures to claim, and to pray….You just have to look in the word of God to find them.  God will honor his word, and just as it says above, it will not return void.  It will accomplish it where he sends it.  But I have to tell you, according to another scripture.

If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.  Psalms 66:18. We have to do things Gods way.  And if you need to make it right with him,  I encourage you.  Pray the prayer of Salvation below, repent, and then start searching his word.  You will position yourself as you pray his word to get answers….And if you need help please ask.  Thats one of the reasons, the comment link is here.  I would be honored to help you.  Why?  Because God loves you, and so do I!

Here God reminds us all again…to pray his word.

Jeremiah 1:12   Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.


Elena Ramirez

Just my Thoughts….

A Prayer of Hope….

Father, I thank you for the word you have given me to write about even tonight.  I just opened my Bible, and this was the first scripture you brought me to.  Now, I know people might have a hard time, understanding this.  But Lord, I have learned, and you have taught me, the power of your word.  Lord, I pray for the person reading this.  That if they do not know you, they would seek you.  Lord, I know your word is alive, and Lord, there are so many promises you can bring by praying your word.  From finances, to healing, to marriages, deliverance from addictions, and so much more.  Lord, your word says all things are possible with you.  And another scripture I just claim, because of who you are.  And that just shows me who I can be in you.  For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you Lord,  In Jesus name, Amen

I pray, this tid-bit of a blog, may encourage you.  I have a sense lately how much God wants people to know his word, and understand him.  So I have been writing about his word lately.  All I know, with all my heart, and as a true testimony.  Gods word does not fail….You just have to believe.

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In Christ, Just my Thoughts…..

Elena Ramirez

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The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.

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  1. I’d rather pray God’s Word back to Him than say things that don’t make sense or aren’t His will for me. I can be sure that His Word is always His will for me.

    Thank you for sharing your testimony about how praying the Word works. We need to hear more of these to encourage us to keep on praying His Word and reminding ourselves that God will never let us down when we trust in His Word.

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