Let’s get something straight, right away.  Prosperity, is more than having just money…..It is having a life, that is full, to the capacity, spilling over, in abundance.  With peace, joy, health, no lack.  There is a way to that.

So, I feel led to share these.  12 Keys to Prosperity.  The Lord put them on my heart, yesterday, and I also added it on one of my pages, entitled:  People have asked me....But I won’t go into that subject here, I just want to bless you.  If you want to read more about that, you can go to my Blog.  And read it, on the top link pages.

Anyway, maybe you do not know Christ, as Lord and savior.  I will tell you this, that the foundation of these keys, are based on knowing God, because one would have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  They are just basic common sense, things God has shown me.  The main key, is the Bible.  Thats where anyone should start.  Seeking God, seeking wisdom, praying, blessing God, blessing others.  Maybe right now you are struggling, in your finances.  Maybe this recession, is hurting you.  Did you know, in his Kingdom, the Kingdom of God, there is no lack?   We have a pretty awesome God, who is a mystery in so many ways.  But, the truth is, if you seek him, if you love him, if you obey him, he does some pretty awesome things for you and on your behalf.  He blesses, without sorrow…..I know, he does for me many, many times.  The favor of God, is a beautiful thing to have.

I think, he does a lot of the things he does, to test us.  To see really where our heart is.  And if you have your mind, your heart, on money, only, then your missing it.  Because the love of money is the root of evil.  Having money is not evil.  God wants you to have, and not to be in lack.  There is a misconception, that to be poor, is godly.  Wrong.  Not knowing, the benefits of what it can do, can mess you up.  From the standard of God, I have learned, when I get blessed, it is because God wants me to bless others.  So with that said, may God bless you.

But before I share these keys, if you are interested in prosperity, you need a relationship with God, so consider what I am saying, you need to make it right with him, first, before he can bless you.  Truly bless you.  Money alone, without God, will not bring you peace, or true joy. More then anything, a place in his Kingdom when you die.  That should be top priority because death is inevitable for everyone.  The Bible says, what does it gain a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul.  The key is, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all things will be added. These are two scriptures, I am relating to.  And I could, and usually look them up, for a person.  And add them to my commentaries.  But if you want to start, start by looking these scriptures up in your concordance, and do a word search, in your Bible.  In fact all of these 12 Steps are based on scripture.  But this is a clue, and the secret to true prosperity.  If you want to really understand, you have to look them up.  Thats where the blessing will come from.  But you cannot copy them from this list.  Keep coming back, to see your progress.  And then drop me a line.  I am curious, who will take this challenge.  And fulfill it.  My goal is to get you close to God, through the word of God.  So we will see.  If you will take these 12 Keys to Prosperity, to heart, by really searching to see what the word of God says.  For that is where you will find your blessing…..

And, also, pray the prayer link, I have below for the Prayer of Salvation.  It is just the basic prayer, to pray, when you want to start right, with God.  You have to start, somewhere, to really get right with God.  God does not want you to look at your problems, or money.  He wants you to look to him.  Maybe these 12 Keys, will bring you insight.  Into God and his ways….I know there are more, so if you feel led share a comment or two.  You see, I am learning just as much as you are.  I just don’t want to do it my way….I want to do it Gods way.  Just my thoughts….Praying for the mind of Christ, in all matters.

Elena Ramirez

Blessings, and may these 12 Keys bless you.

12 Things to do, that God has taught me about Prosperity…..

1.  Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, soul, and might.  And love others!

2.  Obey God and his commandments.

3.  Tithe the ten percent, God gives you.  Because that 10 percent belongs to God.

4.  Plant Seeds of offerings.  You will get a return harvest, especially if you plant it in good ground.

5.  Be a giver, of yourself, your money, your resources.

5.  Know the covenant, you have with God, established by Abraham and God.  But more than anything, know the covenant, you have through Jesus Christ and God.  Established for you and me.

6.  Be careful about greed.

7.  Work, volunteer, serve others. ( And even if you do not get paid, know God will repay you.  Thats what I try to do here.  By writing for you.)

8.  Do not steal, do not cut corners, do not cheat, taking from someone else, when it may seem convenient!!!!  That brings a curse.  Always be honest!  ”To beg, steal or borrow,” is not scriptural! So don’t say or do that!

9.    Pray ….asking God to show you how to pray for your prosperity.  And also pray for others.  (Remember how Job prayed, for his friends, and God gave him double?) While your at it, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  (Psalm 122:6 God promises to prosper those who love it.)  When you pray, always have a repentant, humble, forgiving others as well, heart before God.

10.  Be Thankful, always, be thankful to God.

11.   Don’t speak poverty, or just accept it.  You have power in your tongue.  Use your authority.  God gives you.

12.  Claim the word of God….For God has said, he would provide for your needs according to his riches.  In glory by Christ Jesus.  Phillippians 4:19

In his love…..

Elena Ramirez

P.O. Box 1033

Wheatridge, CO  80034




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