PSALMS 33:12-14

I am thankful to God, and love being an American.  I was born and raised in this great nation.  So were my parents. My father was in the United States army.  And he had a great love of country, and taught me to appreciate this country.  My mother and father, both were grateful for this country, and for our freedoms.

Both of them also taught me how important prayer is.  And their influence in this, has also been a great inspiration.  So with a great heritage, I received from them.  To love God, and country, and to know the difference, compared to others in other countries, who do not have the rights I do…

I so appreciate our freedoms.  I am thankful to God, that I live in a country, where I have freedom to pray to God.  That I can speak his name.  That I can go to church, and worship, wherever I choose.  Our country is a great place to live.  With all of our differences as a nation.  I still, see the foundation that which our country was established.  That we are a nation under God….And in God we trust.

So, it does make me a little sad, that we are not always united as a country.  But thats the beauty of who we are.  For no matter what your political affiliation may be, it is your right.  To agree, or disagree.   But everyone is given the right to pursue happiness.

So concerning prayer, I don’t know how you feel about it.  I just know, that I serve a great and mighty God.  And that he hears our prayers.  And I am grateful I can pray….I believe in prayer, because God has shown me many things through prayer.  He answers…

Our nation, really does need prayer.  And many oppose prayer, and it is not accepted in certain situations, or places.  When I was growing up, that was not a problem. But I do see it now.  Times have changed.  But God has not.  We can still go to his throne, because we know he hears us.  And that he will give us an answer to the prayers we have prayed.  Many times, we may pray, and God may be silent.  But it does not mean he does not hear us.  But it could mean, that we are not in right position with him.  So, we do not get answers from him.  Psalms 66:18 tells us, if I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.  We all have to look within, and to God, for that answer.  So I wonder if that will have any bearing on America, as to whether or not God will answer us, or bring judgement upon us.

I think it is awesome, that there is a National Day of Prayer, and that being today.  May 6th.  But I have to tell you, that even though this day is commemorated.  We should be praying daily.  Encouraging, ourselves, in our relationship with God.  And as the Bible says, Praying without ceasing.  I Thessalonians 5:17.

Now, there are issues, that are probably very prevalent, that we should be concentrating on, especially as a Nation.  I just know, as I pray, I want to concentrate, on being thankful in my prayers.  There is so much to pray for, I suppose, in each persons life.  And our world.

But it kind of makes me sad, that we have to remind others to pray, as a National Day of Prayer.  When we should just pray daily.   All of us united.  As the United States of America.  Either way, though, I am glad prayer is being recognized today.

Well with that, thought, I just pray God bless America, but America, I pray we bless God.

Just my thoughts…Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Father, I thank you, for who you are, and I thank you for this great country of ours.  I pray, you bless America.  I pray, that you bless our President Mr. Obama, and his family. Give him wisdom, and our leaders.   I pray, for peace, for our nation, and that you deliver us from evil.  Lord I pray for our military our soldiers, who are serving.  Lord, bless them, and their families.

I pray, Father, that we would change our hearts, to please you.  To want to please you.  Lord, there are many things we need to bring to your throne.  But I just hope and pray, that in this national day of prayer….that we would just be reminded to seek you every day.  Making every day, a national day of prayer. Lifting this great nation up to you, in thanks, and seeking your wisdom.  Lord I bless you in my prayer for our nation.  Please bless America.   In Jesus name.  Amen

p.s.  I feel convicted, that I am not more passionate to be addressing some things that we need to pray for.  Present day needs.  So consider these, as you pray today.  I just want to thank Stacy, for bringing this to my attention.  Check out her blog.


1.  The Flooding in Tennessee etc.  Pray for the families and people who have lost homes, businesses.

2.  Pray for the oil spill to be cleaned up.  That will affect food, our environment. wildlife.

3.   Pray for protection of our nation.  After this last terrorist attack, we can see, even more so the hate.

4.  Pray for the United States to step in and protect our borders, with tighter security.  Especially, because racial profiling, will get out of hand.  In discrimination.  Because of Arizonas new law.  Yes I know it is controversial.  And people need to be here legally.  But discrimination is not the answer.

5.  Pray for Greece, their economic collapse, could affect us, and the world.

Pray………..Yes, every day should be a National Day of Prayer.

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The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.

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Prayer Of Salvation

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  1. Excellent word and reminder sister Elena…that freedom is not free. And it is a privilege we should always be grateful for and never taken for granted! And yes we should pray often and without ceasing! Bless you! Wes

    • Thank you brother Wes, you are always so kind, so hospitable. You are a blessing of a friend, when it comes to encouragement. Thank you for giving me a shout out, here and there. Your the best! God bless you.

  2. Our nation’s motto is “In God We Trust”. If we don’t do some praying we will lose our National Day of Prayer also. A judge has already made a ruling that it should be eliminated and it was passed. They can take away our day but they can’t take away our prayer. I’m going to write “In God We Trust” on the back of all the envelopes I mail and attach it to my emails.

    God needs our words so He has something to work with here. What are we speaking that enables Him to further His kingdom. You are doing a great job with this blog in getting the Word out. Keep it up.

    In God We Trust!

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