Is there someone you need to forgive?  Or someone, that needs to forgive you?

It could be someone, who is alive still, or it could be someone who has passed away.  It can even be God.  Maybe you do not have a relationship with him.  Maybe you blame God for something.  Maybe you need to forgive yourself.  And only you and God know that…..

Its time to let go of all of your feelings of not being forgiving.  And, I believe, God has shown me a way, for you to forgive.

Today, I was watching a Christian television show.  Marilyn Hickey, was interviewing Dottie Osteen, the mother of the famous pastor, Joel Osteen.  She gave a testimony, of God healing her, of cancer.  I did not get all the details, but one thing that really touched me, was, that when she got her bad report, she replaced all of her fearful feelings with the word, of God.  Meditating on Gods word, his promises.  And then she said something very profound.  Very profound indeed.  She said, that she wrote letters, to all the people, that she may have offended, at anytime in her lifetime, and she asked them for forgiveness.  And she got her healing….

A testimony to Gods goodness, healing power, and love.  Now I know prayer, contributed to her healing, and her faith, in Gods word.  But to take the time, to sit down, and write someone, anyone, she thought, she had offended, I thought this was very interesting.  It touched my heart.  And as I thought, about it, more and more, I thought, what a great idea.  So I prayed, that what I communicate, here will help you.

For, as I prayed, I thought, what a wonderful way to release and purge feelings of offense, or remorse, for any action taken that may have caused someone to be not forgiving…..

There have been so many studies, on people, who have had cancer, or terminal illnesses, and a lot of these studies, have shown, that not forgiving someone, was quite prevalent in their life, at one time or another.  Which makes sense, because when you are angry, at someone, and you are not forgiving, you brood on that emotion, of anger and hate, and it stays with you.  There is no release.  I liken it, to a seed, that takes root, and then you grow roots of bitterness.  It’s like poison in your system.  You think about it, over, and over again, and like a seed it grows.  The only thing though, is that it is manifested, into your physical being.  And that cannot be good to anyones health.  Now I am not a doctor, or a psychologist, etc.  But, I do know what Gods word says.  And he says….forgive.  And if anything, forgive so God can forgive us.  I have learned, that Gods word, in so many situations, is for our benefit.

As a writer, I understand the power of the pen.  I have always been able to articulate my feelings, on paper, more so, then speaking.  Also, writing, also helps to sort your feelings out, by journaling, etc.  And, to write someone a letter, I believe, could bring peace to you, or to someone, you may have offended.  Or even more so, if they offended you.  And if you wrote that kind of letter, sorting your feelings, and releasing someone, by forgiving them.  What a great idea.  No one could interrupt you.  You could let your feelings flow, and you could speak your truth to them.  I do encourage you though, if you feel inspired to write anyone a letter like that.  Here are some guidelines, to consider.  And though, I feel it is a good idea, this is between you and God.  And you need his counsel, and guidance in this.

1.  Pray about it first.  Tell God, that you want to learn to forgive.  And that you want to be right with him.  Tell him the details.  He knows.  For this may help you more so, to start a clean slate.  You may determine, after you pray, that you really do not need to write this kind of letter.  Thats why praying is so important in this decision.

2.  Let your motivation be about releasing, this unforgiveness.  Or to seek the forgiveness.  Not starting a fight, or an argument.  Forgiving should be the goal.

3.  Be gracious, be honest, but let the tone reflect forgiveness.

4.  Try to stay focused with details, and not petty things.

5.  Be careful not to attack, or making this all about you.

6.  Seek counsel, from a friend, a pastor, and share with them, that you are considering writing a letter of forgiveness.  They may help guide you in this matter as well.

7. This is important: Do not get offended, if you do not get a response in return.  Someone, may not be as mature or as forgiving as you in this situation.  You have to do this, praying and hoping for a release, but not to get any kind of satisfaction, in expecting anything from the other person.  That is not the goal.  The goal is releasing this from you and finding a way to forgive, or to ask for forgiveness.  Remember the scripture….Great peace have they which, love thy law, and nothing shall offend them.  Psalms 119:165

Whatever your motivation is in writing this letter.  As a release, or in seeking, peace for yourself, or the other person.  Love should be the motivation.  Let it be seasoned, with grace, and love, in expressing yourself.  No one is telling you, that you have to renew a relationship with that person, that is totally up to you.  No one is saying go back to circumstances, that may not change ever.  God is just saying forgive, and be forgiven if you can.

I really feel that if your motive is right, and you are prayerful, and you seek God, and his wisdom in this, you could very well be on the road, to healing, of your own self, spirit, and soul.  But, let God show you the way to forgive.

The thing is so many times, people hurt us, and they really do not know what they have done.  You may not even know what you have done.  If a relationship is broken etc.

And heres an after thought, but you might just write this letter, pour your heart out, and not mail it.  But keep it in a place, like your Bible.  The goal is to get it off your heart, off of your body, off of your spirit, giving it to God.

I myself, am considering writing a couple of letters myself, one to mail, and one to keep.  So, I can release forgiveness.

Expressing yourself, maybe there will be tears….maybe not.  The writing of a letter of forgiveness, I believe, could just help you sort your feelings out, either way….by mailing it or just keeping it you are taking action, taking steps in being responsible, in forgiveness.

So this could open the door, for forgiveness, and communication, is always good for understanding.  So, to boldly take a step like this, could very well, be the beginning of seeing your action, in writing a letter of forgiveness, become a tool to help you.

Seeing the truth, and peace of God manifested can bring so much cleansing and peace to our hearts.  As God has called us, all to be forgiving.

Communicate with me, and let me know if you do this.


Just My Thoughts….Be blessed,  Elena Ramirez

And when you stand praying, forgive, if you have ought against any:  that your father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.  But if you do not forgive neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your tresspasses.  Mark 11:25

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, I lift up your name, and thank you Lord, for giving us wisdom, when it comes to forgiving.  Lord, I share this idea, that I believe you placed on my heart, to guide, but Lord, you know the best way, for this person, if they need to forgive.  Or need to ask to be forgiven.  Lord, make a way for this  person, to be released from this, for healing, but more then anything, so you will forgive this person. And for peace of mind, in the heart and spirit.  To finally let go of the unforgiveness.  Thank you Lord, for always making a way, when we are obedient.  In Jesus name,  Amen

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Elena Ramirez







  1. Thank you for this Elena. There is someone I have been wondering about writing to; to ask forgiveness and to say “thank you”. I will start with your step 1 and pray about it and see where that leads.
    Blessings to you,

    • Seeking God, for direction in this, is his decision. I just felt led to bring a suggestion from his throne. But he has the final answer. Praying God will guide you in this brother Bruce. Elena Ramirez

    • Thanks brother Wes, just finished listening to it. Great analogy your pastor gave with the puppy dog, and winning money, so someone could forgive. Yet, Christ did it all for us. Thanks for listing that link. I hope others, who are in this position, would listen as well. I love, how God brings things like that as witness in the spirit. As your Pastor and I both, sensed God in this. To think correctly, to forgive, to write someone a letter of forgiveness. I love when God does things like this. Blessings, aloha, and thanks brother Wes. Elena

  2. Dear Sister Elena, I was interested to come and pay you a

    visit after I noticed your comment on Bruce’s blog.

    These principles of healing and forgiveness are illustrated in

    the story of the ungrateful servant (Matthew 18:21-35)

    I’ve heard many stories similar to the one you told about

    people receiving their healing after they’ve forgiven others!

    It’s a much needed word for all of us!

    May God continue to Bless You greatly, and may your life in

    turn also bless Him!

    Your Brother in Jesus, Jeff

  3. Pingback: 2010 in review « Elena's "Just My Thoughts" Christian Inspiration

    • Dear Sarah, I hope you get this response. I did send you an e-mail, with a private response. May God bless you. You are in my prayers. I pray, God help you through this, and you will find the love, to release it. God will help you. Much love, in Christ. Elena

  4. I am been through the hardest year of my life lastely. It all started last July 2010. I miscarriaged my son then, I thought I would never smile again and then I was got pregnant again in the Fall. I did every last thing the doctors told me to do to deliver a healthy baby, even delivering 2 hours away from from home at a special hospital for High risk pregnancies. May 11, 2011 my beautiful daughter was born. Life was then filled with joy again. I did not care about the sleepless nights, my baby girl made life worth living. I wanted to show her off to everyone, give her as much love as I could and let her love expoded to everyone else. If only I would have known..if only I would have known.. 26 days later.. I would fall asleep and wake up only a hour later to find my baby lifeless, The doctors said it was SIDS and were able to put her on life support and get her heart beating properly with medications, but it had been too long.. How ever long she had not been not breathing had been too long. There was too much lack of oxygen to her body. She was transfered to best hospital in the state and the doctors did all they could but they next day on June 7,2011 at 10:39 am my daughter went to heaven as I was holding her in my arms.

    The reason I rambled on about my storm, it has been 2 months now. The only way II have gotten their life is with God’s help, that and a wonderful husband, and making my 5 year old only remaining child my whole world. My week my baby died it seemed my whole life seem to come crashing down. Which seemed to only be made worse my lack of surport and action of pure evil that was direct from my husband’s family. They said the most horrible things to us and about us. Most hurtful was, “that God took our baby because it was our fault, that we had not been good enough Christians and we did not deserve her.” and “we degraced our child by the funeral home choice we choice” and much more. rumors after rumors… It has even been told to us that when my husband and I and our whole church was having everyone that they knew praying for a miracle that our baby girl would be healed and live, at this same evening prayers from my husband’s grandmother prayed that our baby would DIED. I find myself asking God now how..How am I surpose to forgive her. My husband refused to even go near her house and has bearly said two words to her, and I have said nothing to her since the funeral. She called this week and said she was sorry to my husband. She is in her 70s and she said it was just her age getting the best of her and she did not mean to hurt him. My husband listened to her but did not really say much as a reply. When he got off the phone he came to me and told me about the phone call and then conversations continued to go down a road in which he asked how do we forgive her after everything she has said and done. She is myhusband’s grandmother, the great grandmother of my children especially of my son who still living, and she is pure evil. She claims to be a christian, but how can a christian do what she has done, to her family. The only response I had to my husband that evening was “with time and prayer, just have to let God help”

    I have been praying for her even, and praying that God will help me know how to forgive her. I want my peace and joy back in my life and I think unless I forgive her this will never happen. People say forgive and forget. But I will never forget but that does not mean I can not forgive. Cause I believe if Christ, can forgive the sinners that crusfied him, I should be able to forgive her. After a lot of thoughts and prayers I have been thinking about writing her a forgiviness letter because I am not ready to talk to her in person yet. I just do not know what to say or how to say. My goal of the letter would be a release for, but also to be a christian witness to her. I need Godly help and advise on the words to say and the actions to have. Please help! You can reply in email to me My name is Sarah, and email is rickards0217@aol.com

    God Bless You and thanks for the listening ear, Sarah

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