Go to your quiet place.  Its in the garden.  The birds are singing.  There is beauty in that sound.  Quietly, you close the door behind you. You want to be with your holy Father.  And you do not want to be interrupted.  No distractions.  But it does not matter, you know he hears you wherever you are.  He is always with you, he will never leave or desert you.  You know this.  You are grateful.   In this moment, you, concentrate on God. All that he has done, his great creation.  Everything, comes to this moment.  Of  just knowing.  He is God.  He is the King of Kings.   With all your heart, you know, for you are a believer in Jesus Christ, as your savior.  Taking this opportunity, by divine appointment to ponder on the goodness of God.  You remind yourself, you will need to know in your heart, all he has done for you, and if needed concentrate on past times, when you felt the presence of God. You remember times, he has protected you.  Spared you.

With all your heart, offer him glory, and praise. Worship him.  For you are in awe, of his majesty.   Seek him, with every ounce of your being.  Nothing else matters, but who he is, and who you are in him.  For you are his child, precious in his sight.  Gifted, and blessed, though you might not even see it, you have potential to do great and wonderful things, so wonderful, that you do not even fathom them.  But God knows.  He is waiting for you.  An overwhelming sense of love, floods your heart. A flood of light overwhelms you.   You hear his voice.  He is calling you to renew your mind.  Search the scriptures.  He will reveal a word for you.  To do things differently, to want to change within yourself, to be in that place of holiness.  Take that word, it is a promise from him, prepare it in your heart, think on it, ponder it, memorize it.  Say it over and over.  Because that is where the true power is.  He honors his own word.  You want to honor him, by speaking his word.  For he is holy, and is calling you to be holy.  In this moment, humble yourself, in the sight of God, for you are in the presence of the almighty King of Kings.

Now is the moment, to repent.  If there is something in your heart, that is weak, or doubts, you will not grow to be the person you need to be.  You need to know there are principles that need to be evident, that show your faith.  You want to please God, so you search your heart.  It may not even be a sin you know of.  But maybe something that did not show faith, or trust in God. Maybe something you said, that was not nice.   Whatever it is, and you do not know, you ask God, to show you your sins, so you can be free.  With your eyes closed, quiet, and alone, with your thoughts, and with the goal of cleansing, see yourself shedding your sins.  Those things, that need changing, and healing, rearranging.  They are falling off, like leaves that are no longer on a tree.  See where the sins were, and look at your skin, it is being regenerated, even as you look.  New life.  Life, is all about you, and on you.  For you are on the vine with Christ, and as a branch, there is new life.  Paradise is in your heart.  Your cup of joy, is being filled.  Peace that surpasses all understanding, is holding you, still keeping you still.

You are in awe that somehow there is a transformation of new life about you.  See yourself again, you are clothed in clothes of righteousness, royal colors, of blue, white, gold, and purple, are wrapped around you, and you have a sense of something different taking place.  Your eyes are filling with tears, and you are very grateful, thankful.  You know that you are his daughter.  Your heritage is royal, because of Christ.  Great favor.  Because the fathers love was so great, for you and all who believe.  You remember what Christ did for you.

Take this moment, as you think of your savior, and his great love, for you, as you ponder on his suffering on the cross.  You see his hands and feet pierced by the nails.  Your sins, are on that cross.  Your heart breaks for you know, your sins were great.  But there they are.  As you see his crown of thorns on his head bleeding.  You see his death on the cross, and sense the stillness of the earth.  See him taken to the tomb, and buried.  The tomb is covered, but you know, in this private moment, he has taken leave from the tomb.  See him going to the gates of hell, and taking your name off the book of death, register at the gates.  Three days later, the son has rose, and he has been resurrected.  You know and feel that life, because he is alive in your heart.  You have a sense of hope, you feel secure.

You know that you know, nothing is impossible with God.  You surrender your feelings, your way, knowing his way, is better.  You want his will to be done in your life.  Because you see with your heart, your spirit.  This is not a matter of being intellectual, but totally spiritual.  You want to bless your Lord Jesus.   Knowing you must give him a signal, of appreciation, perhaps some gift, you reach for your head,  and offer him your crown, that has been placed on your head.  With eyes still closed, lay it there at his feet, kneel at his throne, and do not move.

Say a prayer…….

A Prayer of Hope……

(private today)

I wrote  this, for myself, to sort my feelings out, before I would say a prayer.  To take the necessary steps, I suppose, to get my heart prepared for prayer.  Quieting my spirit.  Getting away from the distractions.  For communicating with God, is a holy matter.  And I want my conscious, and subconscious, to be aware of who God is in his holiness, and what he means to me.  This is my way, I suppose, to get to that place, to gain access to his throne, before prayer, so I can go to my Father who is holy, and I can rest at his feet.  Giving him my crown, but just seeking his presence.  Seeking him, for who he is.  Hoping, that he will take my cares, my needs, and replace it, with his supernatural ability.  For I long to see his power, and goodness working in my life.  For my prayer is for miracles in his name.  So that he would get all glory and praise.  I want to honor God, I want to bless him for as I pray, right, he has blessed me.  It only seems right, to want to bless my God in return.

Prayer, is not a method, but complete communication, between you and God.  Am I saying that, I have to do this all the time?  No, I am not.  What I am saying is that, there are times, when you long for a more deeper sense of prayer, a more spiritual expression, and this is what I do to prepare myself for that.  Writing this, just brought it all to understanding.

May this bless you, but I encourage you, take the moments before you go to him in prayer, to establish who he is to you, and all that he may mean to your life.  The goal in this, is to prepare our hearts in prayer.  It is only my guideline, and it may inspire you, but may God give you your own, vision, to make it personal, between you and him.   I call it:


Blessings, and Just my Thoughts…..

Elena Ramirez

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2 thoughts on “PREPARATION….. THEN, SAY A PRAYER…..

  1. Amen sister Elena as Isaiah 40:31 says, “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Psalm 46:10-11 also says, “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.” Bless you, Wes

    • Thank you brother Wes, and God bless you, how timely your thoughts are on this. The Lord is so good to bring a word here and there, and today from you. Blessings, I am comforted. Elena

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