Today, my devotional scripture, from my book, that I wrote….is Colossians 4:2.  Yes, I have written a book.  I only have a few copies of it left, out of 500.  So they are precious to me.  And I would love to get it published again….It is a journal.  A Prayer journal to be more specific.  I wrote it about ten years ago.  I self-published it.  It is entitled:  A Book Of Remembrance….365 Days to a Personal Relationship with God through scripture and prayer. By now I was hoping, to be an author, who made a living, out of my writings.  Not so…not yet anyway.  So this prayer, has not been answered as of yet.  Or has it?  And I don’t see it.  I guess, I am an optimist.   Because, even though, I have not found an opening yet, in my writings.  I continue to want to write, and to be in prayer.  Asking God to open a door for me, in my writings.  Asking God to give me inspiration, to be a blessing to you folks, and to myself, as I minister from his word.  Praying that I would bring glory to God.  In my testimonies, in “Just My Thoughts.”   To give you hope and inspiration.  So that you might see the wonder and goodness of God.

And I am thankful to God.  This scripture today, just reminded me of my progress.  And I know, I have grown in so many ways.  I have been tested by God in many ways.  Not sure, if I passed the tests.  Maybe yes, maybe no….

I don’t know about you, but maybe there is something, you have prayed about, but you did not get an answer.  I want to encourage you don’t stop praying.  Be steadfast, in your prayers.  Pray without ceasing….Thankful.

And then again, maybe God has answered all your prayers.  Only you know.  God has answered quite a few of mine.  Little prayers, and big prayers.  I think sometimes, we can take it for granted, in the little things.  They may seem insignificant after a time.  Like finding a parking spot, right up front, and you get it.  Maybe someone showed you favor, and you thought after wards, well its just my charming personality.  Or, a special little private thing, that somehow gets worked out.  And you might even consider it to be a coincidence.

I feel led even here, to give thanks to God, for my small blessings, and big blessings, that have been answered in prayer.  I don’t want to take God for granted.

I don’t want to make God feel like he is a vending machine, or an ATM machine, that has to answer all my prayers.  And all I say, is give me, give me, give me.  I want to develop my relationship with him, in prayer, and just in who I am, as his daughter.  Recognizing, his word, as the final authority.

But, gee when you go to God, even in a rush, or asking for a small thing, and he answers, it is so nice, to see him work on your behalf.  So the right thing, to do, I am believing.  Is thank him right away.  That moment, when you get an answer to prayer.  Don’t forget, don’t take it for granted.  Just stop right there, and in prayer, give thanks to the King of Kings.  Yes, that is a wonderful thing to do.  I don’t care who sees me thank him, in prayer.  I will pray.  I am just old enough, feisty enough to do it.

But to take it deeper would mean, to thank him, when I pray….THANKING HIM FOR THE ANSWER BEFORE IT COMES. Aahhhh.  I see it.  Do you?

I suppose, if you cannot be thankful in the small things, how do we expect God to move in the big things?  Is my thought for now.  In Just My Thoughts…. I hope he sees a spirit of gratefulness, and that I am thankful.

Yesterday, a dear friend, wrote, a poem, that I so enjoyed, and I put it in my other blog of Poetry of Hope, because it inspired me as well.  It is a prophetic poem, spoken from her heart, but also from the heart of God who answers her.  Her poem is entitled:  “THANKFUL”.  Anyway, these words stood out to me.

I’m not here to make any deal

It is my way and no other

Remember I stick closer than a brother

I wonder if we do that sometimes, or if I do, since I have to judge myself?  Well God, if you do this, I will do this….No, her words are very accurate to his truths, to who he is….

He is God, and he does not change, he does not turn from who he is.  But we change, when we see who we are in Christ.  And we understand, what Christ did for us.  And well, all I know, is I will continue in Prayer, but more careful to be Thankful, and aware, to try and do things Gods way, not mine.

Just my Thoughts…and Blessings, feel free to check out my other blog, with my friends poem, and other writings, of mine, I have placed there.

Elena Ramirez


Father, I thank you today, for your blessings, for your answers in Prayer.  Lord, help me to remember to thank you, everytime I can come to your throne.  To be grateful.  To see, and know only you can make a way.  Not to ever take anything for granted.  I want to thank you.  For every single, little or big thing you have done for me, I thank you.  Help me to be reminded to be thankful, help me to be a person, who will pray.  And to recognize, Father, it is you, who has done all these things for me.  Father, I give you glory.  Bless my friend, Ruth, and thank you for her inspiration.  I pray, you bless her and her loved ones.  And I pray, for the person, reading this, for any kind of inspiration, that may have come from me, to bring you closer to that person.  And from my friends beautiful poem.  Bless them Lord.  Bless us all Lord, help us to be thankful people.  Thank you Father, for everything.  In Jesus name.  Amen

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The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.

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  1. Hello sister Elena…thank you for reminding us that God does answer little prayers and big prayers. Also I am thankful sometimes he doesn’t or doesn’t according to our time-line because He knows more what is best for us than we do! Bless you too! Wes

    • I agree brother Wes. Great point, there are many prayers he has not answered, that I am very glad he did not….Great food for thought, for blog writing. Thanks for being an inspiration….in this, and that you write as well. Blessings have a great day. Elena

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