JAMES 3:16

I am just searching the scriptures this morning, and I read this, from my devotional.  And it just reminded me of some of the battles, I was in, when I worked in the Corporate business world.  I worked with some pretty catty, and spiteful women, and men, for that matter, who used to make the work place, a place of hell.  They were never consistent in their personalities, and you never knew, when you said, “Good Morning”, if they were going to throw something at you, or return the greeting.  You might walk into a room, and you know they are gossiping about you, or someone else.  Or you are just singled out, and treated unfairly. Snubbed.

Being around those kind of people, is a hardship.  And it’s not like jobs grow on trees.  So you, cannot always avoid personalities like these.  But one thing, I have learned, is that you can do, is pray for the person.  You see, we all have issues, and things we have to deal with.  And it is hard to judge someone, unless you have walked in someone’s shoes.  And while they are making your life miserable, they are dealing with something, that perhaps, goes beyond, your comprehension.

I am not saying be a door mat to anyone.  But, be humble, be sweet, and don’t let your hurt and anger, rise up to a point, where you yourself, will be out of control.  It is hard, I know, being in those kind of environments.  But, I learned, that sometimes, God is working things out in us as well, when we do not react, negatively to those, who stir up strife.  We are called to be submissive, to those above us, and to one another.  In love.

Are you being envious, and jealous of someone, because they got the promotion, and you did not?  This does bring the confusion, of total chaos and disorder, to getting anything done, constructively.  It is not healthy for any work place.  So you have to look at yourself as well, as the problem and where it stems from.

The thing is, when we start acting like them, in gossip, or returning evil, for evil.  We are letting the devil into our work places.  Be careful you are not a part of the problem as well.  You may have to go to the person, or persons, and try to smooth out the situation, even if you are not at fault.  But, be careful not to be a part of the problem.  Falling into traps, the enemy may set before you.

So, if you are a Christian, and you are receiving, unfair treatment, or persecution, because of who you are in Christ, remember Christ has called you to talk, and walk in love.  Be careful of the traps, of gossip, strife, and envy.  Be careful, not to let the devil in your conversations by griping, and complaining as well.  Be careful, not to fall into the traps, the enemy sets before you.  In doing so, you could lose your own blessing.  Trust God, and pray, God will give you strength, he may open another door, but while your at it, pray for your enemy, pray for those who spitefully use you.  Forgive.  I know, that I know, if your reading this, you may be relating to the discord, in the work place.  Trust God.

Don’t let their envying and strife, confuse you to the plan God has for you.  God will bless you……

Just my thoughts, with love, Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Lord, I pray for the person, who is reading this, and may be in a place, where they are constantly bombarded by the attacks of the enemy, and Lord, quite honestly, I pray, they would see as well, if they are contributing to this environment, of “envy and strife”  Lord, as Christians sometimes, we do not see, that we are acting just as the world does.  Lord, help this person, with this situation.  Bring comfort, bring peace, bring a solution.  May we all walk in love with one another, may we all forgive.  May we not be a part of the enemies antics, to cause confusion.  Lord, give us discernment, to know the tricks of the enemy, and not to fall in them.  The enemy would just love to stop your plan and blessing in someone’s life, because they became a part of the problem, instead of the solution.  Your ways, your truth.  In Jesus name,  Amen

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  1. Amen sister Elena for His promises and for giving us a Comforter! As Jesus promised in John 14:1 & 27, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. & I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. ” A deep and lasting kind of peace with gives us confident assurance regardless of situation or circumstance. Bless you, Wes

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