This message is for each one of us…..and even though, we may all be at different stages of life.  We are meant to know God.

So many times, life will give us a situation, and we do not know what to do, how to do it, or where to turn….and just as you almost feel helpless.  You wonder….

You may be in a routine of life, and bored….You may be successful, yet lonely…..You could be anywhere in life, and your heart is longing for something true, and real.  And you don’t know it, but you need God.  Or you may know it, but you just don”t know how…You do not know how to reach God.

For the truth of the matter, like a computer, with software installed in you, you were created to have fellowship with God.  God the creator of heaven and earth, created you in his image, created you to have a relationship with him.

A small voice speaks, and tells you, seek God.  For doing that, is the solution.  But do you hear that voice, or do you ignore it?  That is Gods Holy spirit, calling you.  For many times, you will brush that little voice aside, and say, no, how can I turn to God?  I don’t know how.  Or why should I turn to God, when I have sinned so much, and I want to believe, but does he even hear me?  Or sadly, someone will say, I don’t need God.

Dear one, I don’t know you, but I know, today, someone will hear God through me, as I try and articulate, his call to you.  It does not matter where you are….or who you are…..or what you have done.  God loves you.  And to be completely honest, to the person, who says, I do not need God….  You know, you are lying to yourself.  You were created to love him, and know him but you are believing the lies….and that comes from the devil.  For in your heart of hearts, you know, you need God.  Something is missing, that final puzzle, when He is not in our lives.  Because thats the way He made us.  We know, when we need him.  Even if we have denied him.  But he does not deny us, if we search for him.  I know….

You may have lost your way, along the way.  Maybe someone has abandoned you, perhaps, a spouse, and has hurt you deeply.  It could be a friend, or even a job loss….But you feel very alone.  Even if someone is right by your side.

You feel abandoned not complete.  And you will continue to have that feeling if you do not do something about that, right now….if you do not harden your heart.

Maybe someone was not loyal to you.  But God will be loyal to you.  When someone is disloyal, it is grievous, and wounds the heart, to the core of who we are.  But at that core, is the love of Jesus, if you just look there, you will find that he is truth.  John 14:6  That he will heal you.  Isaiah 53:5 That He will never leave or forsake you.  Joshua 1:5.  God tells you that, in his word, and his son, also tells you that…Hebrews 13:5.

Why look to your horoscope, or to people, or some self-help book.  Even now you can take these scriptures, and look them up, and meditate on then.  When God is calling you to come to his throne, seek him.  And He wants you to know, you can come to him, at any time. You ask me how do I do that?  Well you can do it first of all anywhere.  But take a moment, a quiet moment, go into a room, if you can by yourself, and just begin talking to him.  See yourself, sitting at his feet, and see yourself, and him.  He is the great counselor, friend, and yet He is the King of Kings.

Let him take your hurt, your pain, and quiet your spirit.  If there is sin, dear one, ask him, for forgiveness.  If there is pride, and you think you have not sinned, ask him to show you, that pride.  You see, God wants to do a new thing with you and your life, but you need to search for him.

The secret, is don’t give up on him.  Don’t take this moment and throw it away.  Search for him, with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might.  You will find him.  You might even go to your Bible, and look up in the concordance, something thats on your heart….He will encourage you.  Here is God.  Find him.  Pray….and if need to pray the Prayer of Salvation, the link is below.  This way through this prayer, you will know, your sins are forgiven.  And you have a place in his Kingdom.  Be encouraged.  God is calling you…..

Just my thoughts, with his love.  Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Lord, what to do, how to do it…..feeling lost, not sure what to do.  But seeking you, seeking your love, your counsel, your advice, your fellowship.  Your healing…..Lord, touch this persons heart, to know you are able, and in seeking you.  There is always a way.  In Jesus name.  Bless Lord, bless, Amen.

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Prayer Of Salvation

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