Wow, this just stood out to me, that he who loves to quarrel, loves sin.  I have often been amazed, at why people like to quarrel.  Or what compels them to always be argumentative.  And even more so, when I have seen it in Christians.

Now to be honest, there was a time, when I would be that way.  Probably earlier, in my walk with the Lord, and certainly not mature.  To even see that, to know it was wrong.  Makes me more determined, to be careful.

I admit, if someone got me angry, in my younger days, I would try and provoke them.  Lord have mercy, for he teaches us.  I no longer, desire, to argue, and in fact, I pray, if someone reacts negative to me, or wants to quarrel, I pray, that I would look at them as Christ would.  In love.  FLEE THE EVIL DESIRES OF YOUTH, AND PURSUE RIGHTEOUSNESS, FAITH, LOVE AND PEACE, ALONG WITH THOSE WHO CALL ON THE LORD OUT OF A PURE HEART.  DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH FOOLISH AND STUPID ARGUMENTS, BECAUSE YOU KNOW THEY PRODUCE QUARRELS.  AND THE LORD’S SERVANT MUST NOT QUARREL; INSTEAD HE MUST BE KIND TO EVERYONE, ABLE TO TO TEACH.

II TIMOTHY 2:22-24

For there will be many who will come against us, because we are Christians, and then there will be many who just want to argue.  So, to see that, here, and to know that compels me, to want to watch to be careful that I do not argue.  To not sin.

Now truth, even if we know it, does not have to turn into an argument.  And I think that is where some of us might go wrong in.  We know, the truth, and so we stay adamant, and will not budge, but then it turns into a quarrel.

Did you know, that we are not called to argue, about the gospel?  I love this scripture, because I have been challenged, many times, about scripture, or interpretation, and boy it can turn into a quarrel.  But this scripture has given me peace, when challenged.  And I just nip it, and stop the flow of it.  BUT AVOID FOOLISH CONTROVERSIES, AND GENEALOGIES AND ARGUMENTS AND QUARRELS ABOUT THE LAW, BECAUSE THESE ARE UNPROFITABLE AND USELESS.  WARN A DIVISIVE PERSON ONCE, AND THEN WARN HIM A SECOND TIME.  AFTER THAT, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM.  YOU MAY BE SURE THAT SUCH A MAN IS WARPED AND SINFUL; HE IS SELF-CONDEMNED.  TITUS 3:9-11

So, by scripture we do see, to be careful about this.  And I know this can be very challenging.  But, to those who are mature in Christ, we see, we need to heed this, and diffuse it.  We need to grow.  We need to change more, and more like Christ.

For the body of Christ, is challenged so much in our walks with God.  So many oppose us, but we know, that this will be expected.  But we are to keep our peace, and walk in love, as Christ did. Avoiding quarrels.  Dear ones, avoiding the temptation of sin, from quarreling. Let us remember this scripture, when tempted.

Let us speak our truth, in love, but with a maturity, and peace that Christ can only give us, let us remember his sacrifice, and not fall into the traps of sinning.  How I pray, that will be evidence, in each one of us.

Just my thoughts, with his love.  Elena Ramirez

My Prayer of Hope

Father, I praise you, and thank you for this word.  Lord, teach us the body of Christ, your children, my family, our families, to be careful not to fall into the trap the enemy may set before us to argue.  Let us know your word in this, and heed the warning, and not give place to the temptation of it.  Deliver us from evil.  So that we may walk in love, as you have called us to.  Give us wisdom, and understanding, and take the desire of quarreling away from us.  Mindful of Christ and his sacrifice.  Lord, forgive me, for my part in this, even in little things, forgive me, I do not want to quarrel and sin.   In Jesus name, amen



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2 thoughts on “DO YOU LIKE TO QUARREL?

  1. As always, well written and uplifting!

    I call to mind the scripture “we’re called to peace”. It seems the powers of darkness will always try to send someone to interrupt that calling via a contentious spirit. So, we leave off contention before it be meddled with, and continue in our calling.

    You did an excellent job writing this Elena!

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