Do you remember innocence?

The essence, of all that was sweet, and the very best of who you were?  In innocence, you believed, in all that was good and kind.  It was a divine gift that you once possessed.

As a child, perhaps, you remember innocence, true for some, but not all.  For not all are brought into this world, nurtured, so they cannot relate to innocence.

But perhaps you did have innocence.  In innocence, you looked with hope, as you coped.  Trusting your Father, and mother.    Perhaps, you had family, like a sister and brother.

But either way, you were very trusting, very gullible.  Naive, maybe without “street smarts.”

Or maybe not, but you still bought into your own thought, that life could be sweet, and complete.  That by being who you are, you could go far, very far.  Sweet dreams and ambitions.  All was well, at one time……

Yes, innocence, is a purity, that one does not always see, or understand, but at one time, perhaps, you felt innocence with integrity.  That special characteristic, within, that really, did not see bad, or sin.  There was just love within.  You wanted to be optimistic, and positive.  You wanted to feel every moment, as you did live.  Experiencing, life with every molecule of your being, like a child, who is curious, explores, to reach out, and be.  To see innocence, is to see beauty.  You were not guilty…

Innocence, is a quality, that is not seen often today, with familiarity. When one sees innocence, it usually is glimpsed quickly.  Then it seems to be lost.

Innocence according to the dictionary-

innocence |ˈinəsəns|nounthe state, quality, or fact of being innocent of a crime or offense : they must prove their innocence.• lack of guile or corruption; purity : the healthy bloom in her cheeks gave her an aura of innocence.• used euphemistically to refer to a person’s virginity : they’d avenge assaults on her innocence by others.

This defintion does not give the word “innocence” justice.  But there is justice, in innocence. Theres a peace, that surpasses all understanding.  A trust.  A sense of being protected, and being safe.  No fear.  Maybe you have never known innocence.  But you can obtain it……Or if anything you can find it by finding yourself changed.

I know, some innocence, now, because Christ is my Lord, and savior.

There really is only one who can give it justice.  Or one who can restore it, and that is Christ.

For you see, we are all born into sin.  The Bible tells us; For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.  Romans 3:23

Hard to think that babies, or small children, are a part of sin, but yes we all grow up, and we lose our innocence, along the way.  But it is inevitable, no matter what, because of Adam and Eve’s sin, our heritage is to come into sin.

Some sooner then others.  But either way, sin is sin.  When we are not nurtured, protected, raised in God’s truth, we can lose our innocence along the way.  Predators, can come in, and defile, and corrupt, a child, and then that child is no longer innocent.  This can happen many ways, by a sexual violation, or by loss of innocence, to free ideals, that does not protect a child.  For example, when God is not taught in a home, etc.

It can be by accident, or by again, another source of purpose.  So, we grow up, coping, and trying to live a life, being honest, in who we are, or who we think we are.  Not knowing Christ has a plan for our lives, that he can fulfill us to be complete in him.  We are misguided, not knowing God, or knowing the difference between sin, and living a life with God.  So not knowing, we barely get by, sometimes barely survivng.  Not thriving.

I don’t know, I cannot attest to every situation, that takes away innocence.  But, it does happen to all of us.  Even by our own choices.  Sin, can enter in, and we lose that quality..

After that, we really are not the same.  We look at life, differently.  We can become, cold, indifferent, harsh, angry, and fearful, just to name some of the things that happens, when we lose our innocence.  Some people may continue in the process, of life, in the pattern, that indicates, how they lost their innocence.  It may go on and on, like a generational curse.

And I know, this sounds so deep, and only God knows what is at the root of so many of our problems, phobias, etc.  But, there is a name, above all names, that can restore.  That can bring back that beauty, that innocence.

Jesus Christ.  He can heal a broken heart, he can heal something, that someone did that violated you.  That took your innocence.  He can give life abundantly.

I just know, God is trying to reach someone, who feels broken.  Who may feel hard, and cold, and indifferent.  Wounded, with just a bandage over the wound, and you are bleeding, profusely, and nothing can stop it.  Or maybe you have stopped bleeding, but you are the walking wounded.  Empty.

The only thing that can bring life to that emptiness, loss of innocence, is Christ.  He is calling you to be his child.  You may be grown up, you may even be very, very old, but in Gods eyes, he sees you as his child.  And he wants you to come to him as a child. SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME, AND FORBID THEM NOT; FOR OF SUCH IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  VERILY I SAY UNTO YOU, WHOSOEVER SHALL NOT RECEIVE THE KINGDOM OF GOD AS A LITTLE CHILD, SHALL IN NO WISE ENTER THEREIN.  LUKE 18:16-17

You need to see yourself, as his child.  To see the beauty, of who you really are.  To go back to innocence.  That, can only come from a heart, that is searching truly for Christ.  For as you find him he will heal you, he will restore you.  He can make up, for anything that has been taken from you.  Including your innocence.

I just feel him saying to you, that He loves you, he wants to heal you, he wants to restore you.  And He wants to take you back to that place, of innocence, that is in his plan for you.  And again, if you never had it, you can have it.  A sweet innocence, that will make you complete in him.  Will you seek him?  I have a link below, that is the Prayer of Salvation.  Pray that prayer, and let him take you back to innocence.

You really can get there, I know, I am still on the road of restoration, that takes one back to innocence.  But I had to see and look to the cross.  And I will never take my eyes off of the cross…..because as I do, I see the evidence of restoration, love, healing, and innocence returning to me.  It takes time, but it can be done.

Just my thoughts,  with his love, that heals.  

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Father, dear Father, thank you for your plan of Salvation, that took, me a broken person, who lost her innocence.  Who lost her way, but when I found you, you began restoring me, and healing me.  You remind, me, that you give life abundantly, and you can return innocence to me.  As I walk with you, and I keep my eyes on the cross, you show, me.  Love.  Yes, grateful, I am your child.  That I came to your throne.  In Jesus name.  Please Father….Restore those who are reading this, to know you Lord.  If you did it for me, you will do it for all.  Thats what your word says, for you are not a respecter of persons.  You are abba Father.  And I know, I am your child.  Amen

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  1. I think once innocence is gone, it’s gone for good. Of course Jesus will restore dignity and use the loss of innocence in people to soften the heart in understanding and compassion towards those who He will be dealing with. God can use the ‘unsavory’ experiences of people to provide understanding so as to reach others. Thank God for His mercy.

    • You know Steve that is probably very wise on your part to say that. I agree, but I am longing for that innocence, and I am longing for that restoration, God says all things are possible….So, what I feel the main point of my message is, that, God can restore, and as you say with dignity. If that is all we can obtain, then let it reflect….in all of our lives. Thanks Steve, great perspective, and wisdom here. God bless your day, and all you do. Elena

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