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Well, I don’t know if anybody noticed, but I have not been writing my Prayers of Hope, lately.  The reason, I took a vacation, with my family, back to Florida.  Beautiful Florida.  Thank you Lord.   I love Florida….I would love to move there.  And I trust God, for this desire of my heart.  His will be done.

I have felt God there, on so many occasions, so when I go there, I feel like my cup is being filled.  I sense God there more.  I guess because it is so unusual, with the Everglades, and the ocean in everyones back yard.  A beach is always just minutes away, if you live on the coast.  But to me it is more…..It is God.

For some reason, I felt like everything came together for us to take this trip.  It was God, so I will just give him all the praise and glory, even as I write this.

In this event, for a reason to go, there was one thing on my heart, that I felt a precedence for, and that was to pray over the waters in the gulf for healing, and I did do that.  I laid hands on the waters and prayed the waters would be healed, and that they would stop the oil from polluting it. Well funny thing, a day later, they fixed it.  Do I take credit for it?  No, I know others also prayed, but it sure was sweet to see it in the news.  So the glory goes to God.

And there again, I felt the presence of God.  Answers to prayer.  In Florida.  If you recall my testimony, the Best of God, (see Link below)  There God gave me a special gift.  Of the cross.  And spoke to my heart, that the best, I could ever get, would be the cross, and the gift, Christ gave for each one of us.  So, when I would go to the beach, I did not have any great expectations, or wants.  I just wanted God.  Remembering how he had answered my prayer, on our last visit, at the beach.

I just think it is somewhat ironic, though, and I will share a couple of small testimonies, but I felt Gods love, and protection, and favor, with provision.  His sweet presence.  I did feel closer to God in my relationship.  And I felt the answer to many prayers.  Small and big.

We had God’s favor to begin with, concerning places to stay there.  This trip came together so effortlessly.  For one thing, I met a friend, who I will cherish forever, who shared her condo, for only $250.00 a week, and we took advantage of it.  She is trying to sell it, for a great, great price.  (contact me for more information)   It is in Clearwater, and we were able to go here and there, and have that for a home base.  But after that, we traveled to the Keys, and up and down the coast, and also got free accomodations, from the Marriot, elite membership.

Then while we were at the Keys, we lost our debit card.  But again, there was Gods favor and protection, and we were able to locate the place that we lost it, and they did not use it illegally, or hurt us in that way.  So I did see Gods hand there.  HIS PROTECTION.  I felt Gods love so much so.  I can’t even explain it, but I felt him there.

Well, then we returned to Denver, and as we landed fifteen minutes later, another plane hit some bumpy air passages, and people were hurt.  We were in those same bumpy turbulent skies, but as I prayed, and we went through a fog, I had never seen, or experienced, I felt God, we avoided any problems.  Pilot expertise could be.  But it was God to me.

I always pray over the plane, as we get in, and cover it in prayer, laying hands on it, as I exercise my faith, for traveling mercies, for all of us who travel.   So that was kind of strange as well, but again, God is so good, and I trusted him.  Another thing, I see somewhat interesting, is that even as I write this, Hurricane Bonnie, is approaching Florida, and we missed that.  Gods timing, wow, all I can say, is “Praise God,” and I pray, for each person in Florida, to avoid the wrath of that hurricane.

Anyway, I will be writing soon, the Lord has put many things on my heart to write about, so I will be sharing more in the future.  I just want to thank the many people who did check out my blog, while I was on vacation.  Lots of hits on the stats page.  So thank you.  I pray, there is a word here to minister, and to bless you, in seeking God.

Praying wherever you are….that as you Trust God, you will see and sense his love for you as well.  You just have to put his promises, and his word into motion, with prayer, and trust.  And He reveals his love through his word.  He loves you, I hope if you get anything from my message today, you sense and feel his love.  Love him back.  God is so good, there is no one like him.  No one!!  Hallelujah!!!

Blessings, here is a slide show of some of our photos….

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A Prayer of Hope….

father, I just want to thank you and praise you,  For all you do, and for hearing me, and blessing me.  I thank you for our Florida vacation, this summer of 2010.  Lord, you know my hearts desire, and I leave it to you.  For you have given me the best by the cross.  Thank you Lord, my salvation truly is the greatest and best gift you could give me.  In Jesus name, Amen

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The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in Florida, by a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.

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