Yes, this is instruction, for all of us to raise our children in the ways of the Lord.  But what about you, who has not known God?  What about you, who has not been taught the ways of the Lord? Well did you know, even if you are old, you are Gods child?  Did you know, that you can be trained?

The Lord, has been putting this message on my heart, for a while.  And I believe, now is the time, to share it.  This is divine appointment, and God is calling you who has wanted a change, in life, but not able to know how or to approach change.

Do you see yourself as a child?  Or do you see yourself, as someone who has been beat by life, and you think it is too late for you?  You may even incline to think like the old adage, that you cannot train an old dog to do new tricks.

Well, like the commercial, tricks are for kids, and you need to know that you are a child, of the King of Kings.  Whether you see it or not.  He created you, and He created you in his Image.  And it is not too late, to get a breaththrough in life, and it is not too late to change.  But you are going to have to determine, that you have to TRAIN yourself.  Because no one else will.  Then when you see that, your eyes will be opened, and you can be fulfilled in life.

God loves you,  you are his child.  And He wants the very, very best for you.  But you have walked in darkness for so long, that now, that the light is coming to you, you may very well, turn your eyes away.  Because it is so bright, it is so much to comprehend.

But TRAIN your eyes, even now, by focusing on Jesus Christ, to hear this message, as you read this to come to you.  Gradually, but with great focus, keep your eyes on Jesus, so the light will not shock your system.  These words, are so deliberate, but I am writing as I feel it from the Holy Spirit.  You see, there is someone, God is trying to reach.  It is you.  And obedient to him, I write this.  You see, you have not TRAINED YOURSELF.  You do not know how to TRAIN yourself.  God wants you to stop, and recognize, you need to TRAIN yourself, by his word, by prayer, by the prompting of the Holy spirit.

Religion, or just a lack of  knowledge, has kept you from the Plan God has for you.  But, He wants you to forget these things, and know, that it is not too late for you.  Even though, you may have gone to Hell itself, in some of the things you have done, or even said, or participated in.  He wants to cleanse you, and make your life account for the plan he has always had for you.

Even here, I sense how much He has grieved because you have been given other opportunities, to turn to him, and you did not obey the call.  You did not, seek him.  You felt inferior, you felt ashamed.  You felt, like you were not worthy of God.  Oh dear one, that is a lie from the devil himself.  You need to understand this with your heart.  YOU NEED TO BEGIN TRAINING AGAIN, BECAUSE YOU MAY NOT HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE!

Let me ask you this….Are you not tired of not getting anywhere?  Are you not tired of seeing any progress in your life?  Are you not tired of being tired?  Your spirit, has been numbed, by the pain, by the coldness of life.  You have tried to protect yourself, by turning off, not caring, not participating, in the things of God.  Thinking, and I know this is a prompting from God, but thinking, if you live like Hell on earth, you can overcome all obstacles, because others would also fear you.  Thereby protecting yourself from others, by being the mean, bad force, that you are.

Another lie from the devil?  For truly within your heart, is a heart, greater than your own anger, and coldness, that you have experienced in life.  Ashamed.  Do not be.  Christ is knocking on the door of your heart.  Let the Lord, take your anger, your hurt, your pain.   It is time, to TRAIN YOURSELF!!  No one else is going to do this for you.  But you.  You have to want to see this.  You have to want to know, there is something better for you.

Now look at yourself…You are a child.  You may even be old, and gray, and hardened by life.  But God can change this.  See yourself first as his child, and then begin  seeking him.  Begin searching for him in his word, the Holy Bible.  Find a church, begin going, get fed the word of God.  Watch Christian television.  Watch Pastors.  Forget that they may ask for money.  Look for those, who are teaching the word, and not asking for your money right now.  Train yourself….

This is the word, the Lord is giving me today, for whoever, will believe, will be saved.  Let that be you.  Train yourself, you are his child.  You will see the changes, they may be gradual, they may be immediate, but you will see the difference.  I know, he showed me, how to train myself in him.  But it began by seeing I was a sinner, and repenting.  It began by Praying the Prayer of Salvation.  (see my link below)  After you pray that, your eyes will be opened.  The light will not hurt you any more, and you can begin the process of TRAINING YOURSELF.  For God himself, will be your trainer.

Blessings, and Just my thoughts,  Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope

Father, with all honor, and praise in my heart, I thank you for teaching me, and training me.  You still are….I had to though, get to that point, where I released myself, for you to train me.  That is what you are calling someone now to do.  To be trained by you.  They think it is too late.  They think that one cannot be changed, that they are who they are.  But that is a lie from the devil.  Lord, I pray their spiritual ears are opened.  That their spiritual eyes can see, and focus on Christ.  Though the light is great, they may even feel inundated by the thought.  But help them, guide them, to see, to focus, to know, they are your children, and you can make that change, as they train themselves in the ways of you the Lord.  Help them, as you helped me.  In Jesus name,  Amen

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  1. Very good stuff Elena! You’re so right about training … even self-training. If we can control what enters into the eyes, and ears … this will begin the control of what proceeds out of our mouths. If we allow filthy talk and unsavory images into our minds and hearts, that’s what will proceed forth from our lips.
    But that’s just me talking. I hope you and your family have a good weekend.

    • Thank you brother Steve. I so agree with you. There is so much to cover in this subject, that I felt the Lord bring to my heart. But your words get to part of the point, that is just something we also need to do, to begin training ourselves. But the main ingredients, love God, obey him, and yes watch what we do with our eyes and ears, what we speak. Thanks for your thoughts, I pray someone will read your thoughts, and it will plant a seed of truth. Blessings, God bless you, Thank you. Elena

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