Truth is a strange thing.  It can offend, and it can make someone look at themselves.

When truth is spoken, and if it is spoken in Gods love, it does not necessarily mean you are being judged.  And a lot of people, do tend to look at it that way, that someone is judging them.  So, they get offended.

If it is Gods truth, it will be spoken to remind you Gods word is a mirror, and it makes us look at ourselves.  To see the error of our ways, to change.  If we do not desire to change, we will get offended.  Whether that person, knows you, or not.

No wonder God told us to put on our armor, the armor of God, so we can quench those fiery darts of the devil.  Because the devil wants you to get offended, when truth is spoken.  He wants to get you ticked off, out of your comfort zone, out of the peace of God.

As a Christian, I know I offend  people sometimes.  It is just the way it is.  It is not intentional, to hurt anyone, but sometimes truth hurts, and people get offended.  But, I have to speak truth, and I have to be strong in this as well.

But, I must always extend love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding.  Christ, offended people.  So much so, they crucified him.  The thing is, we need to see, that he took those stripes, for us, because He loved us.  He undertook such torture, such pain, three nails, in his hands and feet, because He wanted to spare us the consequences of sin.

So, when we get offended, we are not walking, in the ways of Christ.  I know, because I have walked  this walk, a while, and because of who I am.  I have learned, that it is very simple, to understand, but one must see the characteristics of God, and the devil.  God is love.  And the characteristics of the devil, is not love.  It is evil.  It is pride, lying, stealing, I am better than you.  Thats how the devil acted, when God threw him out of heaven.  And so much more.

So when I speak truth, I want to speak in love.  I want to speak truth though, because I sometimes, see how people, can get manipulated, by the devil, when those characteristics are evident.  So, if presented with opportunity, and led by the Holy Spirit, I do speak truth, to warn people, to tell them beware that is not of God.

And that is an important, thought to remember.  Is it you, that is trying to tell someone, truth.  Or is the Holy spirit, prompting you?  That can only come from prayer.

I am not a shepherd, I am not a prominent leader, but I am someone who knows truth, Gods truth.  And that offends people sometimes.  Because I do not have the “worldy” title, to be recognized.  But God recognizes me, and he recognizes you.  And if we walk together, we must walk in unity.  In love.  If we do not, we will be divided.

This again, is something the devil, would love to put in all relationships.  Offense.  So how does he do it?  He does it, by getting some, or whoever to be and stay, in a state of offense.  So, he can divide.  He does not want people, to grow, or to change, or to receive truth, so he makes a way so people can get offended.

If you see yourself, getting easily, offended, then you need to be careful.  Because you are opening the door to the devil.  Another reason, why Christ has taught us to forgive, and to turn the other cheek.  Because we need to see, in order to grow, we must, we must adapt the characteristics of Christ, in love, in humility, in forgiving, etc.  Or we will not grow.  We will not be changed, to his likeness.

I have been in enough battles most of my life.  Physical, yes, physical street fighting, battles.  Fighting to survive.  And spiritual battles.  So, I know the tactics of the enemy.  I know, what he will throw at me, to get me in that place, where I will fight.  But I have learned, truly to give it to God.

The battle is his not mine.  All I have to do, is be careful, not to get offended, and not to get in a characteristic mode of pride.  To immediately forgive, and not hold onto or harbor resentment.  Even if it is truth.  Or the enemy will win.  And I won’t submit to the devil.  I know his tactics, his characteristics, and I bring it all to the obedience of Christ.  All of it.  I want to be changed in his likeness.  So truly, I can wear robes of righteousness.  Not because of what I do, but because of what Christ did, then and only then, can I rightfully wear those robes.  By accepting who Christ is, in the beauty of his love, temperment, and personality.

Remember, this, God does not want you to get offended.  If you love Him, you will love His word, His Law, and you will remember to not get offended.

I submit, to God, resist the devil, and he will flee.  So I draw near to God, and imitate his characteristics, His law, to stay out of offense.  James 4:7

Just my Thoughts, Elena Ramirez

Father, my Prayer of Hope, is to stay in your peace, and love.  To not get in the traps the enemy, would set, to get me offended.  I do love your law, and I do love who you are.  Thank you for teaching me the difference, between the enemy, and you.  So, if I see those characteristics, I can stay away from that in my own life.  Lord, sometimes, I do have to speak truth, but help me not to speak truth, where it would be harsh, or where it would offend.  I don’t want to offend your people.  But, I know sometimes, I have to speak truth, your truth.  Give me the strength, the boldness, and the wisdom of you Lord, to always speak truth in love.  I want to obey you.  As Christ would.  Help me, help us all in this.  In Jesus name.  Amen

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