Addictions, I can write about them, and share with you, “Just My Thoughts.”  Because I have been there, and done that.

It is in the past tense, that I write this.  Because as a young woman, I found myself caught up in a few addictions.

 Smoking for one, and drinking, and other forms of substance.  Desperation, hopelessness, fear, loneliness, a sense of panic, can cause anyone to fall into any kind of an addiction.  You just want the pain to go away.  That emptiness.  That sense of despair, that no matter what you do, it won’t go away.

But it can.  For there is one name higher than any other.  That is Jesus Christ.

Life is hard, no one is going to deny that.  Even when you have everything going for you.  But lets just clarify something, at the time, I participated in my addictions, I did not have everything going for me.  But, I do now.  I have Jesus Christ.

That really was the difference, to who I could be, and who I was.  I was not able to find direction at an early age, and so I did what everybody else did.  Or at least, what most of my peers did, or even some of my family members did.  And, that definitely excludes, here for the record.  My mom.  She did not drink, she did not smoke, and she lived a clean life.  But she was still tormented with her fears etc.  Anyway, growing up hearing about her fears, did not help me either.

So, I had some baggage.  I had struggled with a few things, in my youth, that well, I don’t need to specify here, but the bottom line is, I hurt emotionally.  I was a mess.  I was also very rebellious.  Maybe, you will see that in you as well.  But, I did not want to heed authority, nor, would I see the err of my ways.  Till one time, I believe God put the fear of him in me.  But thats another story….

So getting into addictions, to numb my pain, or so I thought, led from one thing to another, in sin.  Here in retrospect, as I think about it, one sin, can lead to another.  Thats why, even here, if I can make you look at yourself, and give it to God, then you may be delivered from a consequence, far greater than the sin, you are already in.  For the wages of sin, is death.   Romans 6:23  FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH BUT THE GIFT OF GOD, IS ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD.

Death….Thats a strong word here, but it is true.  Have you ever thought, because you are not of a sound mind, and so caught up in “me, me, me,” that you could hurt someone as well?  Our courts are filled with drunk drivers, who have taken the lives, of someone else, because they believed the lie of the devil, to numb themselves.  And they got in their cars, and drove, and killed others.

And the devil is a liar.  And he wants you to fall further and further away from God, and the plan God has for you.  For in your mind, he will tell you there is no hope, he will tell you, take advantage of the situation, he will lie to you.  And if you don’t know his tactics, you will fall for it in whatever shape or form it comes to you, because you do not know the truth, to set you free.  That is why even here, I warn you, seek God, seek his truth, go to your Bible, and call on the name of Jesus, for he is able to deliver you.  And then, bring it to the obedience of Christ.  CASTING DOWN IMAGINATIONS, AND EVERY HIGH THING THAT EXALTS ITSELF AGAINST THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, AND BRING INTO CAPTIVITY, EVERY THOUGHT TO THE OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST.  II CORINTHIANS 10:5

For your pain, emotionally, is coming from your head.  From all the garbage you are viewing, seeing, believing, and in your head, it is manifesting, into this sense of loss.  Your thoughts, need to change, so you can change.  Thats why even here I tell you take it to Christ. Get the mind of Christ.  For you are the temple of God, he can dwell in your heart, and bring peace, joy, and love.

So, I hope, and pray, you will take my advice here, and “Just My Thoughts.” and consider what I am telling you is truth.  For the truth, will set you free.  It will deliver you perhaps, from something that is keeping you in bondage.  Spiritual, and even physical bondage.  You see, we reap what we sow.  If we sow, unto ourselves, sin, we reap it.  If we sow life, we reap that.  So, if you really want to be free, you need to see Jesus Christ, is the way, the truth, and the life.  He came to give us life, abundantly.  But the devil wants to take your life, for he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  He wants to destroy your life.  So, by participating in any addiction like drinking smoking, and other drugs, you may think you are numbing your emotional pain, because you may escape it for a moment, what you really are doing is contributing to your death.  Your emotional and spiritual death.  Which could lead to an early physical death.

Spiritual pain, is not a bad thing.  Sure it may hurt, for a while.  But if you deal with it, with Gods help, and understanding, then you can overcome it.  And who God loves, he corrects.  That may not be pleasant either.  But if you go through the correction, and the overcoming of your bondage….Who knows, you may even learn some empathy, or compassion, or boldness, like me, who will just flat out and tell you in his love, you are better than that.  You do not need to throw away your life, you can overcome this, with the help of God, by obeying him, and by seeking God, for a better life.

But the main thing, is you will learn to take your pain, for again life is hard, you will learn to take your grief, sorrow, loneliness, etc to God.  He can fill that need, for he has promised, never to leave you or forsake you.  Hebrews 13:5. You need to know this, so you can deal with your issues.  God is with you.

Addictions, can come in many forms, but the key is knowing, by the standard of God, what is right and wrong.  By knowing God, and his word, you will learn the difference.  There are many scriptures that talk about drinking.  That wine is a mocker, well any drug, or substance, that controls you, will mock you, it will mock your life.  And usually, I give the scripture references, about that, but you need to do the searching in Gods word.  I did.

I will say, as well, that when we grow through things, without, the help of a substance, or an addiction, even to food, we can become strong.  We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.  And whom the Lord sets free is free indeed.  I am.  John 8:36  IF THE SON THEREFORE SHALL MAKE YOU FREE, YOU SHALL BE FREE INDEED.

Praying you will be too.  This may be your only chance.  Somehow, you came across my blog, and you read these words, but they are truth, they are life.  Take it to the obedience of Christ, and be set free.  AND YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.  JOHN 8:32

And as I conclude, just know this, any kind of pain you are in physical, or emotional, God can heal, nothing is impossible with God, and He is so good, and kind in his mercy. Just know this, nothing is impossible with God.  For by his stripes we are healed.  Isaiah 53:5, and Luke 1:37.

Just my thoughts, Elena Ramirez


Thank you Father, for setting me free, from myself, from the devil, and from my addictions.  Thank you for showing me, how to have the mind of Christ, by your word.  By what Christ did for me on the cross.  Thank you for setting me free, for truly, I am free indeed.  Lord, I pray, for the lost person here reading this, fearful, caught up in the addiction, and the sin, of the bondage.  Lord, break those chains, take those generational curses off of them.  They do not have to be in bondage, like perhaps, a family member was or is.  Lord, let this message, be multiplied, even by setting someone free by this, so they can share the message of Jesus Christ, so they can set others free, by what Christ did.  All we have to do is take it to the obedience of you my Lord, and we can be delivered.  Hallelujah!!  Thank you Lord, for your grace you extend, in your mercy.  In Jesus name.  Amen



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    • Hi AJ, thanks for writing. All I know, is when we truly give it to God, whatever the addiction may be, He takes the desire away. Our part is to really just know, we have to be obedient to God, in who we are in Christ. Praying you have peace, and resolution, in what you are searching for. Blessings, Elena

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