Balance….Where do we relate to that?  Or the wisdom, of being balanced?

Politics relate to either the right or the left.  When describing the affiliations of my great country, the United States.  And it is easy to see, that both groups, are off balanced.  In a lot of ways.  Though, I myself, tend to look at ideals from the right.  As a conservative person.

One must always search for balance in our own personal lives, and in our own way.  Searching for it, from experiences, teachings, habits, etc.  But I have found, there is only one way, that one can obtain balance, and that is Jesus, for He is the way, the truth, and the life.  And no one, can come to God, but by him.  John 14:6. He has brought balance to my life.

The wisdom of God, in knowing how to “balance” ourselves, our situations, our time, our money, family, jobs, and more then anything our relationship with God, can only come from having a relationship with God.  Through Jesus Christ.

Life is hectic, and so many of us, can barely catch our breath.  To some, it is like a treadmill, and you cannot seem to get off.  You get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, clean house, attempt, to be with your family, for a few sweet hours, go to bed, and start all over again.

But in the time we are given in each day, we are called to make time for God.  We are called to pray without ceasing.  I Thessalonians 5:17.  That can be done, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, but it is so special, if you make a place and a time to do it.  That special time between you and God.  It takes real stamina, in many situations to try and juggle our time, and to balance out our attention, in many matters.  Thats life.

But as I share with you, on this topic of “balance”  I also want you to be able to relate it to your thinking.  And your thinking about God, and who he is, and also who you are in him.

Sometimes, when I listen to people, or hear their thoughts, I see, how unbalanced, their lives are.  Some turn to crutches, to be their balance, in addictions, to substances, drugs, drinking, sex, food, whatever, and this is not healthy.  It causes one to be unbalanced.    Holding onto the past, and past hurts, that can cause someone to be unbalanced.  Talking about the negative, instead of the positive, indicates an unbalance.  So many things can contribute to being unbalanced.  But one must see, they need God.

And how they need God.  How we all need to know, who we are in Christ.  How in Christ, we are made new.  How we become, a new person, through him.  That we are created in his image.   But some shun God, and when they do, they are closing the door, to the great things, God could do with their lives.  They are unbalanced.  They won’t receive their healing.  By not knowing Gods word, and his truth, this would cause anyone to be unbalanced.  Thats why, a commitment, to seek God through his word, will cause one to have a balanced life.  Because truth, will take the chains off of one to see, who they really can be in Christ.

My desire, and I commit this to God in my own thinking, and prayers, is that “Lord, I pray, my life is “balanced” in your ways.”

So that means, from time, to time, I have to study myself, as well, to see, if I am approved unto God a workman, a person, who is not ashamed, who is rightly dividing his truth. II Timothy 2:15 STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED UNTO GOD, A WORKMAN THAT NEED NOT TO BE ASHAMED, RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF TRUTH.

So, how does one rightly divide the truth of God, so their life is balanced?  It comes with prayer, and knowing Gods word, by meditating on it, by seeking God for this balance.  For only He can bless someone, to be effective and balanced.  His word tells us, that He does not like a false balance in our lives.  PROVERBS 11:1  A FALSE BALANCE IS ABOMINATION TO THE LORD: BUT A JUST WEIGHT IS HIS DELIGHT.  WHEN PRIDE COMES THEN COMES SHAME:  BUT WITH THE LOWLY IS WISDOM.

So, my question is, do you have pride when it comes to the matters of balance?  Do you think you can handle it on your own, without God?  Or perhaps, you are one of those people, who only seeks God, when you are in trouble.  Having pride, is off balance.  So, is only seeking God, when you are in trouble.  Do you see the comparison?  The balance is off, in both of those situations.  Because one should be seeking God, in prayer at all times, and reading his word, searching for God, at all times. Pride, and disobedience to God, in any form, can cause our lives to be off balance.

The key to living a balanced life, I believe, is in trusting God, being obedient, being loving to him, and to others, and to remember, life is a gift from God.  What we do with our lives, is our gift back to God.

One of the gifts God has given to us is rest.  If someone is not rested, and they are continually going on and on, they are burning the candle at both ends.  God talks about resting, on the seventh day.  This day is a time, to seek God, and to rest.  If it spent on anything else, the balance is again off.  God places his word, in our lives, to seek him.  He has established principles, that are put into effect, for our benefit.  But if his word, is just gaining dust on a bookshelf, you will never gain true balance.

Everyone, has their own cross, to carry.  We all have things we have to deal with and how we handle those situations, I pray, comes at least for me to say in my own life, is God, I need you to help me.  I need you to balance this out for me.  So that my thinking is clear, and I am reacting by your love, and grace, not by the law, so I am off balance.  But by who I can be, in Christ.

I need wisdom, and balance, and that only comes by the fear of the Lord.  Knowing He is God, who controls my life, and the destination of my soul, after I die.  He is able, in everything, and in anything, that concerns me.  Submitting to God, resisting, the devil.  Realizing, I need to let go of pride, or anything, that would stop the plan of God in my life.  Bringing my sins, to the cross. Not doing anything about this, will cause me NOT to be balanced.  So, I have to look at his word, and like a mirror, it will reflect who I am.  FOR NOW WE SEE THROUGH A GLASS, DARKLY, BUT THEN FACE TO FACE:NOW I KNOW IN PART, BUT THEN SHALL I KNOW EVEN AS ALSO I AM KNOWN.  I Corinthians 13:12

Do you remember, when Christ called his disciple, to walk on the water?  If he had not had the fear, or the trepidation,  and instead, had faith, he could have accomplished that.  He could have walked on the water, and Jesus, would have held his hand.  He could have walked on water, balanced.

And as I conclude; I want you to examine your own thoughts.  Whether they are good or evil.  Weigh them.  Do they balance out?  If they are not based on God, and his word, they would be evil.  That goes back to the word again. WHO CAN SAY, I HAVE MADE MY HEART CLEAN, I AM PURE FROM MY SIN.  DIVERS WEIGHTS AND DIVERS MEASURES BOTH OF THEM ARE ALIKE ABOMINATION TO THE LORD.  PROVERBS 20:9-10. You are open, to evil, even though, you may not realize it.  And your thoughts, will submit to the devil, because you have not made Christ your protection.  Christ can be your shepherd.  And protect you. You can have the mind of Christ.  (Read I Corinthians 2:16)

And, I know, this may sound harsh, to put it in this perspective, but it is true, and it goes back to the fear of God. THE FEAR OF THE LORD TENDETH TO LIFE; AND HE THAT HATH IT SHALL ABIDE SATISFIED, HE SHALL NOT BE VISITED WITH EVIL.  Proverbs 19:23. No one wants evil to visit them, in any way.  So I implore you go to the throne of God.  (Below is my Prayer of Salvation.)

We have to move, ourselves, from that place of who we are, in the natural, but believing, who He is in the supernatural.  Little by little, we can do it.  We can balance ourselves, to grow, to be the best we can be, because of who He is.  It is a balance, that we must take one step at a time.  But holding his hand through it.  You can walk it.  You can walk the tight rope of life, one step at a time, not falling, but holding onto God, his truth, his love, and compassion, and you can walk, the walk God intended for you.  In your spirit, in your mind, in your thinking, in all ways.  For He is the way.  Balanced.

Just my thoughts, Elena Ramirez


Father, my Prayer of Hope….as I seek you, I can find balance, for it is to keep you at the center of my life.  In my thinking, my soul, my spirit, in my love.  In all things I ask for balance, to have discernment, of your truth, and ways.  Lord, I submit myself to you, to know who I can be, with Christ within me.  In your sons holy name, our Lord.  Jesus.  I thank you, and praise you for this.  Let this overfill, if anything, let me express always how grateful I am to the point, it brings you glory, and honor.  Tipping the scales of anything else, to bless you my Lord, for being my Lord and savior.  Amen

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