Do you believe, fear, can be caught like a virus?  For one, could be going about their life, fine, and then all of a sudden, fear, trepidation, can come in.  A sense of panic, a nervous agitation.  How does that happen?  What is it?  It is a spirit.

If God does not give us fear, where does the spirit of fear come from?  The answer is simple.  The devil.

So if you are a Christian, or considering becoming a Christian, and you are trying to learn the ways of God, his truths, his principles;  Know this, there is only one true God.  One Holy God.  He is, was, and is still to come.  He does not change.  He is the same, as He was, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  His enemy is not equal to God.  That is a misconception.  For God tells us, that there is none else. LOOK UNTO ME, AND BE YE SAVED, ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH: FOR I AM GOD AND THERE IS NONE ELSE.  ISAIAH 45:22. So, one should know, there is no one else to compare to Him.  He will not share His glory, with any one else.  So in seeking God, one should be knowing who He is, and His truth.

You also, need to know the antics, of the enemy.  He is Gods adversary, and enemy, he is also yours.  You need Gods discernment.  The mind of Christ.  For you need to know the difference in spirit.  For the devil is evil.

So you better be aware of his spirit.  And how you can catch that spirit of fear.  Yes like a cold.  By participating in anything that is not of God, whether or not you accepted Christ, if your not careful, you can catch a spirit of fear.  Your guard is down.  What are you participating in?  Even now, Halloween is close by, and people are caught up in this.  The enemies intention, is to cause fear.  To take away your peace, your calmness, by scaring you.  By any antic, So how does he do it?  By passing the spirit, of fear, to you in fear.  

This is by your attitude, obedience, or the lack thereof.  Disobedience to God and his word opens you up to fear.  So my question is, what are you watching,what are you seeing, hearing, listening to?  What thoughts are you entertaining over and over again.  That do not speak peace.

The Bible tells us the devil, comes to kill steal, and destroy.

There is a difference between him and Christ.  Christ came to give life, abundantly.  He came for this very reason, the Bible says, to destroy the works of the enemy.  I John 3:8. He did that by the plan of God, by going to the cross, dying, and being resurrected, as he went to Hell, to get the keys from hell, from the devil, and by teaching us His ways.  (read Revelation 1:18) And as we understand the power of God, and his truths, we can avoid catching that spirit of fear.

The devil will always try to tempt us, and he does that in many ways.  But if he can get us to be fearful, we will be immobilized.  Fear, can cause someone to freeze.  They can’t make a decision, one way or another.  Thats what the devil wants to do. To any of us.  Because he does not want the plan of God, to become effective in our lives.  He does not want us to be victorious, or to know the truth, about fear.  More then anything, he does not want us to know Gods love, that comes from Christ.  That saves us.

Fear, can come in many ways.  Just in general, we can be fearful, about our health, we can be in fear of our finances, our jobs, our next meal, for that matter.  Thats why, knowing Gods word, will counter that.  Because if we know what Gods word says about our health, we can fight that fear, when we get that doctors report.  Always with the word of God, for knowing, by Christs stripes we are healed.  Isaiah 53:5.  

And on and on, for not only does he equip us with his word, but by his word, even in our finances, we can see, God will provide, for our needs according to his riches, through the glory, again, in Christ Jesus.  Philipians 4:19.  See the key, that we can use to grow, and to get out of that fear, is to know and to trust what Gods word says.

Even if we have to take it in small doses, like milk, so we can finally get to a place, where the word of God, will be “spiritual food” as meat.  (read Hebrews 5:12.)

So in knowing the word of God, you have a defense.  Speaking Gods word, is the weapon, we have to defeat the enemy.  Put on the WHOLE armor of God.  (Read Ephesians 6:11) Because as we know it, and meditate on it, we have this weapon, to bring down the strong holds of the devil.  You need to know God, but you need to know, the weapons, the enemy, will use.  You need to know, like any adversary, his personality, his characteristics, his traits.  So he can be defeated out of your life.  So you can have a victory.  

And if you want an anointed word, to battle the enemy, use the King James Bible.  Why would you use a bible that is not anointed, or has missing scriptures?  This is a trick from the enemy, to deceive people with word that is compromised, and not Holy.  That is why knowing Gods word, that has been preserved is so important to understand how to fight the enemy.  Psalm 12:6-7.  I recommend you read it from the King James.    

Even from the beginning, we could see, that the devil, had pride, he was conceited, he wanted, what God had.  And he wanted to lift himself, as well.  Till God saw through that, and kicked him out of heaven.  And when he tempted Eve, there again, he lied.  So we see the characteristics of the enemy, and when we see that in ourselves, or others, well, all we can do is pray for someone.  But, if we see that in ourselves, we are to take it to God, in repentance.  In doing so, we can be in position, to walk in faith, and not fear.

The devil, even tried to tempt Jesus, but Jesus put him in his place, and told him. It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word, that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  Luke 4:7. There again, a clue for us.  We cannot live without Gods word.  And He told him, get thee behind me satan.  For it is written thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt serve.  Luke 4:8.

We have been given that same authority, because Christ is our savior, to bind the enemy off of us.  To remember, we don’t have to fear the devil.  If you are going to fear, you better fear God, because He has the power, to put your soul in hell or heaven.  The Holy word of God, Wisdom, teaches us, Gods ways.  Faith, pleases God, and as you submit, to God, and resist, the devil, he will flee. James 4:7. So will those thoughts of fear.

Know what Gods word says, about everything.  And even especially now, depart from evil. Ephesians 4:27 Give no place to the devil, or his ways, or his antics.  Walk worthy of God, so you can really claim his promises.  But you can’t walk both ways.  You have to choose.  Choose this day, whom you will serve….(read Deuteronomy 30:15-20)

And then be set free, from your fear.  Whatever it is.  Go to God, He will take it away from you. Nothing, is impossible with God.  Don’t limit him in this or anything.  Trust God.  Build your faith up, and live life the way God intended you to.  In his love, and in his peace, and as you trust him, you will see the change.  The difference.  Able to do all things through Christ, who strengthens you.  Philipians 4:13.

The love of God, and you being in his love casts out fear, for in his love, we are made perfect.  I John 4:18

Just my thoughts, Elena Ramirez


A Prayer of Hope….

Lord, my Father, I praise you, and thank you almighty God, for your protection.  For understanding.  Lord, lead us not into temptation.  For thine is the Kingdom, and the power and glory.  Help us to not be tempted, to get caught up, in the things of the enemy.  Traps, he uses to cause us to fear, or to lose our confidence, our faith in you.  Lord, you are the great shepherd.  You protect us, from the enemy.  Deliver us, and guide us, to know truth, truth that will truly set us free.  So we can live victorious lives.  Help us Lord, to know the difference.  To know your ways, and particiipate in your ways, not the enemies.  Let us see, truth, to set us free.  Our souls free, from the soul ties of the devil.  Show us how we can catch fear, and how to get rid of it.  By having faith.  I know this will please you…..In Jesus name.  Amen

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