So many of us, find, we need to start all over again.  One may lose a job, or may be breaking up with someone, a divorce, or whatever it may be, one finds they need to start all over again.

Now I thank God, as I praise him, I am not in a place, where I am desperate in any way.  But, I find, because things have not changed, in that sense, that I do need to start again.  In other words, I need change, because I am so used to my circumstances.  I need a change, I need to see my ways, and I need to begin changing my thoughts, on some things, because if I do not, then I will be headed for a rut.

Maybe you find yourself like me as well, where you have become so accustomed to your circumstances, and though they may not be bad, they do not meet the potential, of you, or of God for that matter.  So where do you start?

Well, I am not sure, except I am sure of this.  I want to get my eyes off the problems, or the lack thereof.  I want to seek God, and put my eyes on Jesus.  I want to start by thanking God, and praising him.  And count the blessings, I do have, for there are many.

And I don’t want to scratch the surface in this, and just offer him, just a general thank you, or offering of praise.  I want to go deep.  So deep into my heart, that I cannot help but to praise God, and thank him.  I want this thought, to continue, over and over in my heart, with thankfulness, and praise.

So I will start with my Salvation.  Please feel free to pray this with me, to encourage yourself, and to start all over, as a key:

My Prayer of Hope…

Father, I seek you, and look to Jesus.  Not moved by anything but your love.  I am grateful, and thankful Lord, that you have set me apart from the lost, and you have shown me your love, and your truth….so, that I can be free, and free indeed.  I praise you, for this.  I praise you, and thank you, for your word, that goes forth, and it will prosper in that thing.  It will not return void.  I thank you……that you have a plan, and it is good, and not evil.  I thank you, for all of my blessings, big and small.  I thank you, for life, life abundantly because of Christ.  I thank you for health, and that of me, and my family.  Because of the great sacrifice, of your son our Lord, Jesus Christ.  For by his stripes we are healed.  That I do not take for granted.  Going to the cross, for my sins, and for all of us, because your love, is so great.  That if we believe, in Christ, we will not perish, we will have a place with you for eternity.  Yes, I thank you for your love.  I do not take this lightly.  Lord, I am not sure where to start, but I want to have a good attitude.  I want to love others, as you have called me.  Forgiving.  For you have forgiven me.  I want to look at things positive, and not be a complainer.  When I feel like complaining, I want please, your word, to remind me of your promises.  That all things are possible with you.  That my steps are ordered by you.  That only you can open doors, and close them.  Wherever I am Lord, I always, want to be thankful, and praising you.  I do not want to compare myself, to others, in the positive, or in the negative.  I thank you, for every challenge, I have had, that has gotten me to this place, where I can see your love, your face, your ways….the beauty of who you are.  This is the day, you have made, and I rejoice in it.  Grateful, so thankful, and praising you, for you are the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  I honor you, and only you…as I start all over in Jesus name.  Amen


I chose, that scripture, because it was the first recorded scripture, of thanks, and praise, in my concordance.  A new start…symbolic, to what I am trying to do.  Ironic, that it is a scripture of thanks and praise, for someone knowing their salvation, among the lost.  Are you lost?  I tell you this, and again, not bragging, but without knowing Christ as my Lord, and savior.  I would not know the difference.  I know and believe in what Christ did, and because I believe, my perspective, my hope has changed.  To again “trust”  but without this sense of truth, I would not be able to start all over again.  When I gave my heart to Christ, I started all over.  And when I did, as I look back I see the difference.  Maybe thats where you need to start.  And if so, I invite you to pray, my prayer of salvation, below.

Well, in conclusion, as I finish “Just My Thoughts” here, I pray, you are blessed, and that God would guide you.  If you need prayer, feel free to write me.  But if you need to start over, start by praising God, thanking him.  I don’t know your circumstances.  You may only have the shirt on your back.  But thank him for that.  Because He can make a way, where there was no way.  He can turn things around….but you need to “trust” him.  There is a key….right here, to start all over.   To open a new door…. Sometimes, we need each other to give each other the keys, to see clearly, and for God to speak a word over us.

I know, because a couple of weeks ago, I have gotten words, concerning this.  Prophetic words….To be thankful to God, and to praise him.  And “suddenly” I sensed, and realized it was the key…..

When you have the key, then you can open the door.  You can start all over again….and as I open the door, I realize, the beauty of it.  I see, wide open skies, clear beauty of who God is, and his power, magnified.  I see hope, and things changing, and the potential, of miracles.  Because of who God is.  For nothing is impossible, with God!  Luke 1:37

Who knows, maybe this start will give me more keys, to share.  So, as I write, look for the “key” word…..

Yes, I thank God, and praise him, with all my heart….and as an after thought, the last big time, I had to start all over again, I decided once and for all, I was going to do it, Gods way, not mine.  In obedience, and not just on the fence, between his ways, and my ways….Hope that blesses you too!

Just my thoughts, and praying for you as you start again….

Elena Ramirez

All Copy Rights Reserved by law

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The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in Florida, by a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.

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