Did you know you are a solution to a problem?  You can fill in the gap and make a way.  I truly believe, every gift, and calling that God places in us, is meant to be used, for solving a problem.  You may have some uncanny ability, to problem solve, any way, but how do you use your gift?

Many do not even know what gift they have, and I will be perfectly blunt here, but they do not know, because they have not committed, it to God, to be used by God.  So, I will bring some perspective here, by my gift, of writing, and prayer, and tell you to pray.

Pray, to God, that your gift, whatever it may be, would be used for his glory, and then, I tell you something else…. Pray for others, and their gift.  Pray, when you see a problem.  And don’t just say you will pray, PRAY.

In other words, for instance, you read an e-mail, and you read of an illness.  Write that person, even if it is just a brief note, and pray.  TWO IN AGREEMENT BRINGS CHRIST IN THE MIDST OF THIS.  Or if a friend confides in you.  Pray.  Stop, and grab that persons hands in prayer.  There is so much, we need to pray about any way.  But, if it is even a small utterance, before God, He will honor that.

We need to see in the spirit realm, and realize, our gifts and callings, can be put into effect by prayer.  When you pray for someone remember to pray for their gift and calling to be put into effect, so the glory of the Lord, can be revealed, and manifested in their life, so they can produce fruit.


Fill in that gap, by prayer….

I think, if we begin stirring up this gift, by praying for others, for their gifts to be manifested, we can make a change, for each other, for our families, for our friends, our nation, our world…..

We can be a solution to someones problems, by just saying a prayer.  Sometimes, when I am walking, I just say a prayer for the stranger I see.  An overweight person.  Or the angry mother.  Or the man driving down the road, drunk.  I pray….

I pray for God to intervene in that situation.  So the plans of the enemy would not be blocking the gift in their life.  And that they could be victorious!!  That they would know God.  Pray….Let us pray for one another.  CONFESS YOUR FAULTS ONE TO ANOTHER, AND PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER, THAT YOU MAY BE HEALED.  THE EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN AVAILETH MUCH!!  JAMES 5:16. That prayer of just healing, can cause someones gift to be manifested.  You are effective!! You can do so much….I want to stir you up, and inspire you, because you can do it!!!  For the glory of God, let us pray….For the gifts and callings of others to be manifested!!  So you can be effective!!!

Do you remember, where in the Bible, of Matthew 25, it talked about the servants who had been given talents, and how they were used?  Some were able to multiply those talents, and some were not able?  When the man returned, (Jesus) he could see, who used their talents, and who wasted them.

The difference, I believe, was in committing it to God.  So, I want you to remember this, your talent, can be used, but you have to use it.  Don’t just put it in the ground, and leave it there.  Ask God!  He will guide you.  So pray for yourself, and pray for others….So God can say;


Don’t you want to hear that?  I know I do.  So as I thank God and praise him, I pray…..I pray for you and others, and myself….

You would be surprised, what a little seed can do.  Plant it in prayer, and let it create a harvest.  To solve someone’s problems.  I just know, even as I have written this, I have touched someones heart, to know, to pray.  To stir that gift.  You are a solution to a problem.  And so am I…..

Just my thoughts…. With love, I pray for you.

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, I do pray, for each person reading this.  I pray, first of all for their salvation, and that they know you.  But then I pray, for each gift, and calling you have placed within them.  To fill in the gap.  Lord, that is my goal here.  For them, and myself, as we pray.  Lord, they have the ability to do something great, and in this greatness, it is a blessing.  It is a solution to a problem.  Lord, I pray, for ways, to bring this forth.  I cancel, any words, any obstacles, that have caused this gift, not to flourish.  I pray, for caregivers, of this gift to come forward, to nurture it.  I pray, in return of this gift, I and those who read this, would be mindful, to pray for others.  So their gift, and the gift of others, would go forward.  Lord, stir up our spirits, to be problem solvers, in your name.  By at least, saying a prayer…What a better world it would be, if we could just tell you, and you would take care of it, according to your word.  Lord, I want to fill in the gap, by prayer, by committing it to you.  AND BY EVERYTHING, I WRITE…..THAT “JUST MY THOUGHTS” WOULD BE YOUR THOUGHTS!!  In Jesus name.  Amen

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  1. Hey Elena!
    I’m sorry I haven’t been able to visit and comment much lately. That doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you and your wonderful blog.
    Your post here is, as always so uplifting and inspiring.
    You’re the best and don’t ever stop what you’re doing. Your gift is a beacon on a moon-lit bay for those like me that can depend on true Christians like you for a word from God.
    Thank you for all you do.

    • I think that is the nicest thing, I have read today. Believe me, it has been a spiritual battle in some ways. I try to speak truth, and walk with love, but it is not always accepted, or received. So your, thoughtfulness, and kindness, blesses me. I pray all is well. I have missed your little communications as well. And your uncanny way, to speak truth too. I always admire truth. So take care, praying God blesses you, and that things are well. Keep trusting God Steve, He has a plan, and will fulfill it in your life. I know, I see him, taking me, from step by step, sometimes baby steps, but He does guide us. Blessings, in Christ, Elena

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  3. Good post, Elena. I was studying a while ago that what God calls you to do, or gifts He gives you, He also gives you the enablement, or power, to do them. He never leaves us without resources to accomplish His plan. He gave us His Word so we can pray effectively. He gave us the Holy Spirit to prompt us to use our gift.

    • Amen, funny, though this is an old post, and a popular one from my stats. (I did not Know) I have been sensing, how important it is, to submit our gifts, and callings for his glory. for his honor for his praise. When we do that, things change within us, and in the spiritual realm. Thanks Cindy, as usual, great thoughts. I miss seeing some of your thoughts, on Facebook. You must really be busy….Blessings, and love, for you and yours this new year. Elena

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