SAVING THE LOST & (prophetic vision youtube video)

I write, this by a prompting of God.  to inspire, to motivate, to help you, and myself, see, with an open heart, an open mindset, to receive understanding to know the will of God.


God loves us, so very much.  He sent his son to die for us.  If you know John 3:16, you understand this.  And if he has saved you, you know how precious salvation is.  And that it came at such a great cost, that our savior, gave his life, to deliver us from death, and the devil.  His ways are not our ways, and we have to see him, through his word, and through, his love.  His great, and compassionate love.  That surpasses truly all understanding.  But we can understand, if we seek him, and if we get our eyes off of ourselves.

After, I viewed this video below, it just made me realize something, and maybe you will see this too, as you view it.  But even as a Christian, who is saved, I tend, only to see my needs.  Sometimes, I am so isolated, here in my own home, and yes, wanting to serve God in my writing, and “Just My Thoughts”  My poetry of hope, my prayers of hope, etc.  But am I really doing my part, to bring the lost to his throne?   Am I making a difference?    I don’t know sometimes.  I write, but am I planting seeds?  Am I contributing, to helping Jesus, as I should?  I guess, I just want to see the fruit of it.  I want to know, I am making a difference, in my writing, in my personality, in my fruit, that is shown.  I want to know, I am doing the will of the Lord.  I want to see the evidence of it.

I saw myself, as not someone, who was just enjoying the cares of the world, like in the video.  After being saved, but just crying out to God, for more of him, which is not a bad thing.  But I am so isolated, and really truly out of touch with real people.  Besides, communicating on Facebook, etc.  If  I had the money,or if I could go to others, I would do more.  But I don’t.

Because I do not have the money, to travel, to speak to others, or to even give, to be completely honest.  I am limited.  And it gets me mad, angry, in some ways.  And I don’t want this to be about me, or what I can do…


How can any of us really make a difference, where we are, I suppose is the question?

To see the need.  To see as Christians, we really do have a mandate, to desire, to see the lost are saved?  Hell truly is a real place.  And one can experience hell on earth, as well.  But physical hell can be manifested, after one dies, because the soul will never die.  The Bible, talks of the torment of it.  All we have to do is look around, and we see, with spiritual eyes, there are many, many, lost.

How can we save them?    This is not a head trip, and I am not going to criticize you.  But, if you can help.  I implore you as I list some of the ways, one can help save the lost, consider what I write:

1.  Pray and Ask God, in your own situation, how can he use you to save the lost.  Ask him for wisdom. For if any of us lack that, He will give it liberally.

2.  Be a Giver.  Now I know this is very controversial.  People, do not like people messing with their pocketbooks.  I know, I am the same way.  People, get turned off with ministries, that are always asking for money.  But you got to know, ministry, cannot survive, without, financial resources.  Again, I suggest, pray, as to where God can guide you to give.  Because you want to give to those, who help the hungry, the poor, etc.  But you want to make sure they have the resources, to feed the spirit.  To bring the lost to the throne of God. etc.  Missionaries, who have the call on their life to serve, need help to go out into the mission field.  So Give!

3.  Be an expression of Love!!  Always, keep your love light shinging bright.  In every situation.  Those that see you doing that will be drawn to the light, and perhaps you can minister to them.  So keep your love light on always!!  Because God is love, and if you have accepted him, you move, and live, and have your being, because his spirit is within you.  So don’t hide love.

4.  Start sharing scripture, in your writings communications etc.  It helps build up your knowledge, but will plant a seed, so look and ask again, how God can use you, by his word.    Sharing the word, of God brings truth, and cannot be argued about.  So don’t argue about Gods word, when sharing with an unbeliever, let the Holy spirit convict, not you, so it will not look like “legal condemnation.”  So you if anything can plant a seed of salvation.

5.  Expect rejection.  It does happen.  But if you can continue to pray, for someone, even a stranger, you have no idea, what your efforts in prayer, can do in the spiritual realm.  We move the physical things into being, by prayer.

6.  Volunteer at your church.  If you do not know what you can do,  to bring someone to the throne of God.  Volunteer, because your gifts and callings can be used, and we are called to serve one another.  And by the anointing of your pastor, you can also get direction in this.

As I write this, I see the emphasis is on Prayer.  I have some ideas.  But God has all answers.  For everything.  Speak to him, call on him, to be that light, where He wants you to be.  Pray, let us pray, especially now for the lost, let us give, let us do our part in boldness, to consider there are many, many, who do not know Christ.  You can make that difference by your gifts and callings, but  you have to see like Christ did with compassion.

I hope I inspired you if anything a little, to remember, your contribution, in whatever way God would use you, will cause someone to see truth, to set them free.  To save a soul, from Hell.  Don’t let go of this thought….Pray about it constantly.  I know I will be….

Just my thoughts, with love, for the lost and you,

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Lord, I come to your throne humble.  Seeking you, seeking wisdom, seeking your guidance.  Seeking a way Lord, to be more effective.  Lord, you know my frustration.  You know, I want to serve you, and that I want to bring the lost to your throne.  But I need your supernatural ability.  I need your favor, I need your resources.  I get so frustrated, because I do not see fruit, in other lives, or even myself, by my efforts.  I want to see fruit.  For I do not want to get stagnant, myself, and see my efforts like filthy rags.  Lord, I so need you, we need you.  Help each person here, see, as I am right now.   To get my eyes off myself, or my situation, but to move, and DO by your prompting, in boldness.  Not holding back, but seeing the need, to help save the lost.  To give….To save them from the consequences of hell, and death.  So they can have life, eternally with you.  Help me, help us Lord, to shine our lights bright.  In Jesus name, and for your glory Lord.  Amen


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