The meaning of life, to all is different.  And if I were to sum it up, in only a few words here, is to just say “Thank you Lord.”  I suppose, because Thanksgiving is just in a few days, I feel I need to write this.

But being thankful, for me, is on-going.  With every breath I take, I want to be thankful to God.  I want to thank the one, who gives me life, and life abundantly, and more so, because I know Christ is my savior.  I don’t take that for granted, or my life, or any blessing God would give me.

I want to search the deep part of my heart to thank him.  I know what it is like to be poor, to suffer, to be lonely, to be rejected, by love, and even by other people.  That I once called friends.  And even, family members, who do not want to be in my life, or even acquainted with me, in any way.

So, I know what it is like to be broken, spiritually, and physically.  And without any support, or communication.  I have been at the bottom of the barrel.  And its not any fun, or a sense of reassurance, when you are grasping at life.  Alone.

But I tell you this, in all of this, and as hard as it all was, in some ways.  I thank God.  For it has caused me, to search, to know, that God is God, and there is none else.  That truly the fear of him, is the beginning of wisdom.  The meaning of life, comes when you recognize, who He is.  Who Jesus is.  Who God  the Father is, and by his beautiful Holy spirit, he has revealed truth, and understanding, by his Holy word, to know, the meaning of life.

Life is nothing without God.  I know the difference.  I would never, ever trade that for anything.  For I have learned who God is.  He is holy, He is almighty, He is powerful, He is creative, He is savior, He is my Lord, and savior.  Oh and He is so much more.  God is love.

I know, he holds my life, and my soul in His hands.  So with that knowledge, I do bow down before him, grateful, and thankful, and with praise in my heart.  Because I am nothing without him.  Nothing.  I know.  So to me, the meaning of life, can only be fulfilled, by having him, in my life.

And because He is God, I seek him, because He seeks me.  I love him, because He loves me greater.  I want to serve him, because in my poverty of thinking, and being, He serves me, with love.  He has taught me about forgiving, and seeking him in everything.  His love, has taught me, truly that with him, there is real meaning in life, because he has brought me a little family.  I did not have a family, we were broken, because of divorce, and I was an only child.  Misguided, and lost, growing up, because I did not know him.

And, I could go on and on, but to each one of us, for whatever we go through, the good times, and the bad times, the hard times, the unknowing times, the times, where it just does not seem fair.  We have to see with thanksgiving, and faith, who God is, to truly know the meaning of life.

Because I know the difference with him, and without him.  I choose, to serve my God, with all my being, and with my life, dedicated to His causes, not mine, for his glory.  I say, Thank you Lord.  Thank you for with every breath I take, I know it is because you give me life, and life abundantly, because of Christ.  I thank you Lord.

Scripture, Gods Holy word, is another thing I thank God for, and here even in this scripture, I am reminded, as I thank God, this is his will, to please him.  In the meaning of my life….


So, in everything, I want to make sure, that, I thank him for what I have, and for that which, I do not have.  For the true friends I have, for taking the ones, away who were not, and for my family.  For they are an expression of God, as well.  They are love to me.  I am thankful, for favor, for sustaining me, through life.  For providing….for everything, my health, and for any wealth, God would give me.  For angels, for his Holy spirit speaking to me, through the word.  For all my blessings, that I cannot put here, but I know, they are from God.  Not by my works, but by his grace.  I see the evidence, of the meaning of life.  I see God.  And only him, as my source.

This is my on-going Prayer of Hope.  Thankful… know the meaning of Life.  For he is the way, the truth, and the life…..John 14:6.  God is the meaning of life…..

Just my thoughts, and praying you know the true meaning of life, now, and in your “Thanksgiving.”

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