As I write this, I want to write in a spirit of love.  God is so good to me,  in my walk with the Lord, and I so want to be obedient to him, in everything, I want be an expression of His love.  So I can know truth.  His truth….which truly is Love.

Yet, as I find myself writing this message.  In a way, it seems harsh, and I don’t like being harsh.  But sometimes, you have to speak bluntly, truthfully.  BUT SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE, MAY GROW UP INTO HIM IN ALL THINGS WHICH IS THE HEAD EVEN CHRIST.  Ephesians 4:15. And obedient to God, I will be.  For a moment, even as I sharpen this message, proofing it, its not what I feel, whether someone would get offended.  Or not, God is speaking in this message.

Perhaps, it is called “Tough Love.”  Love never fails, and when walking in love, it makes you stronger.  Some may perceive it as weakness.  But in Gods eyes it pleases him.  I so feel, prompted by God to share this, at this time of the year.  A time, where it is tough on many people.  But more so, if you are not doing things Gods way….

So, I share some things from my heart.  And, since this is the season, to be giving.  I feel like we have to be on guard, that we do not take advantage of that spirit.  Especially, so that we do not take, or put ourselves, in a position, where the enemy can take our blessings, because we are not thinking of others, or we may be only thinking of ourselves.  And just taking.  Being greedy, in any form, is not good.  And that what is seen, is the appearance of evil.  The Bible tells us abstain from the appearance of evil.  I Thessalonians 5:22.

So, I will use a testimony, of feigned friendship, from someone I trusted, and some of the things, I have experienced, and seen.  To bring this message.  And praying again, that Love will come from this, with truth.  For food for thought….

Have you ever had a friend, that you trusted, and they stole from you?  Years ago, I used to work with a woman.  And, I thought we were friends.  One day, she asked me where I lived, and I told her.  A few weeks later, my house was burglarized.  It really hurt me.  I was struggling, anyway, and for this to happen, hurt me financially, and there is something about being violated by that, that just makes one sad.  I was depressed, but I prayed.

I asked God, to show me who did that.  It was two days after the burglary, and I had a very strange, and uncanny, feeling to clean house.  My house was clean, but I guess, I wanted to stay busy, and not think about what had happened.  Trying to purify my space, I don’t know…But God knew!

So, I picked up a rug, and went outside to shake it.  As I went outside, I looked through the corner of my eye, peripherally, and I saw this woman, and her husband, in their car.  Parked on the street corner.  It was the woman, I worked with.

God answered my prayer.  I knew He had.  It encouraged me.  It strengthened me.  Even in that moment, that I saw them, I knew and sensed how good God is.  And him giving me, that answer, revealed to me.  He hates to see someone violated.  He hates stealing…..in any form.  So he will bring things from the darkness to light….

As she saw, that I saw them, she ducked down, and they sped off.  And then I remembered, I had given her my address.  I don’t know why they would have been there, maybe waiting to finish their burglary.  But I knew, it was her, who had broke in.  I was never able to recover my loss, and I did go to the police department, to identify, that I knew it was them.  But they said, I had to prove, it, by making an I.D. on my belongings.  Well, I could not do that, because they were gone.  But, I did learn from that, by taking photographs of things now, for proof of ownership.

Anyway, after I went back to work, I actually confronted her, but she would just deny it.  I had to let it go.  Because my job security was at stake.  What was I going to do?  But every time she saw me, her eyes told me she knew, and she actually mocked me, in her demeanor.  With her head held up high, and almost laughing.  Oh she angered me.  Ever since, then, I do not have much respect for people who beg, steal or borrow.  In fact, I hate it so much.  I won’t keep company with a thief.  Especially, if I know they steal.  I had to go through the process, of forgiving, and releasing it to God.  And he blesses me.  He restores…..

I once went to a church, and the pastor, said that, same thing, about begging, stealing, and borrowing.  and I quit going to that church.  Why?  Because it is bad enough, that the world, reacts to things like that, and condones it, but at a church, that should never be associated with Christianity.  He may have in his communication, thought it was innocent, enough to just say that flippantly.  But do we not know, that God judges us by the words we speak?  Out of the abundance of the heart does speaks.  Matthew 12:34.

God sees, in some situations, people have no respect for other peoples belongings, their time, their resources, or even the things they leave out.  Trusting, others. And some, may call themselves, Christians.  Or friends.  But, by taking, anything, that does not belong to you, that is called stealing.  Our society, does not put much emphasis on this, but God does.

And, I am sorry, I have no tolerance, for thieves.  I do forgive, but I never trust someone, when they take something from me, that does not belong to them.  And here on the internet, I have seen it a few times.  Too many times, for comfort.  Not only with myself, but in a circle of other authors, they have experienced that as well.  As we try to console one another, we ask why?  Well, there is nothing like the power of the pen, and I use it, to help others, but I don’t use it for someone to take from it, and claim it as their own.  There are laws, that are meant to protect peoples rights in this,it is called “copyrights.”  And it is plagiarism when people do this.

What I don’t understand, is why people hurt others, when it comes back and slaps them in the face, and they reap what they sow.  Everything we do, comes back to us.  Its a principle, from God.

A while back, I had experienced this in a big way, and again, I prayed.  A woman, had taken my Prayers of Hope, and started copying and pasting, them.  But she wrote that she was the author.  A dear friend of mine, saw it, and contacted me, and informed me.  And told me she had seen my work.

Again I prayed.  And God told me, he understood the pain, it was like the devil trying to say, he wrote the Bible.  And God told me, there was no way, he would put up with that.

And I pray for them.  Because if someone can do something that steals from someone in a little thing, they are apt to do something in a big way.  I once, knew of a friend, that tried to steal another womans husband.  All in friendship….With friends like that, you don’t need enemies.

Friends respect each other.  If you are in a situation, and you want something your friend has.  Respect that person, enough to ask.  (Don’t ask for the husband though…lol)  And yes, I joke here a little, but stealing really is not funny.

So don’t play games.  And don’t try to be sly.  You know, and God knows, even though, you think others don’t know……you tell on yourself.  THOU THEREFORE WHICH TEACHEST ANOTHER, TEACHEST THOU NOT THYSELF?  THOU THAT PREACHEST A MAN SHOULD NOT STEAL, DO YOU STEAL?  ROMANS 2:21

I tell you this, in truth, and in love.  You will never grow to be the person, you can be in Christ, by stealing.  Small or big…..Cutting the corners, to deceive.   God cannot bless that.  Please, take this for what it is worth.   I write this, as a testimony, to share, because I pray, people would see, how the devil can take something little and make it big….I write this, because I pray, people, would grow to be the potential, God intended for them to be.  Don’t let the devil steal your blessings, because you would steal.  It is not my intention, to make this about making anybody feel bad.  Its about seeing truth, and making a real change, so the truth, can set one free…I  write this again, obedient to God.

And as I conclude this, again, this is not meant to hurt, or judge, or condemn anyone.  But if you see any of these characteristics, of being a taker, or a thief, even in a subtle way.  Go to God, ask him to change this, and start practicing giving instead…..  Begin, thanking God, praising him, paying your tithes.  Yes, I told you to pay your tithes, so God can bless that.  (See Malachi chapter 3)    Give my friends, give God glory, and give love…..Love never fails.

I also want to Thank God, for my friends, my true friends.  I know who you are…and you know who you are.  You are precious to me.  I would never trade you for anything…..Much love I do, get because of your friendship…..

And heres a clue….to remind you.  God has angels that write down in the Book of Life, that what we do……

Just my thoughts,

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Lord, Thank you for your guidance, and thank you for true friends.  Father, this blog is not to condemn anyone.  But, if it makes any of us look at ourselves, and see our motives, see how we carry ourselves.  Even when no one is seeing, we know you are.  It is a matter of character, to want to change, to do right, to do good, to not take advantage of anyone.  For we are all your children.  And we never want to pick up characteristics, of the enemy.  Help us to grow to be more Christ like, more concerned, not to give place to the enemy.  Lord you do try us, and I pray, this blog, which, I am writing by obedience to you, will bring understanding.  And obedience to you, for you bless those who bless us, and you curse those, who curse us.  We want blessings in our lives.  By doing things your way.  In Jesus name.  Amen

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