LOVE IS SPELLED….CHRISTMAS (Part two from “To tree or not to tree”

Christmas, is spelled…C H R I S T M A S…..not  xmas.  I don’t spell it any other way, because I honor, the name of my Lord, being the name of this holiday.  When I take the word Christmas, and I say it, the first part of it is Christ….Of whom, I recognize, is love.  Or the messiah.  The second part “mas” in spanish, means more of, to a greater degree.  So Christmas means “love to me, to the greatest degree.”

So the preponderance, of that word love, (Christ) outweighs, any other thoughts, or discussions, because it comes from God himself, and the word of God.  God is love.  I John 4:7.

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever, believes in him, would not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16. This is the greatest, gift God could give to us, the world.  Life to me, is abundant, because of who Christ is.  In my life.  I know, that Christ came to give, life, and life abundantly. I can claim that here, and after I am gone, when I die, believing, in everlasting life.  Because I believe Christ came for me, and for all of us who believe, I can have peace on earth, good will toward all people, as I give glory to God.  Luke 2:14.

Peace, knowing who Christ is, that He is love, that giving glory to God, is just natural, when walking in that principle, really does produce fruit, and results in our lives.  So we must want to guard that.  God wants us to be aware, of his love.

But to also know how we can lose our blessings.  For there is an adversary.  And yet, I know there is an enemy, and he comes to kill. steal and destroy.  In any way, he can, he will try to pervert, or kill, or try to distort, what Christ really is….or what Christ stands for.  Or Christmas, for that matter.  He will try to blind the world, so they do not see Christ at Christmas, and they will see a santa claus, or a winterwonderland scene, the devil, will even try to make people think it is a pagan holiday, and for even the religious, to not worship Christ at this time.  He will try to get you offended, or will try in any way, to deceive you, differently, about Christmas, love, or all that is holy….So be aware of traps, and how the enemy, will even use people, you know, and love, or care about.

Recently, I got into a heated debate, and not by choice mind you, by two individuals, I communicated with on Facebook.  Over the meaning of this holiday.  And in their communications, both of them, friends to each other.  One, said they would not celebrate Christmas, for the pagan, affiliation made to this holiday, and the other made a mockery of the date, of December 25th, and that a pagan god was born on that date.  Which really hit a raw nerve.

I realized, I loved those people, but I could not continue to communicate with them, or continue to subject myself, to read, their very, negative, criticisms, and mockery of a holiday, I hold as sacred.  And the holiday, itself, is holy, and sacred to me, because Christ was born, in holiness.  This is biblical. Luke 1:35 AND THE ANGEL ANSWERED AND SAID UNTO HER, THE HOLY GHOST SHALL COME UPON THEE, AND THE POWER OF THE HIGHEST SHALL OVERSHADOW THEE, THEREFORE ALSO THAT HOLY THING WHICH SHALL BE BORN OF THEE SHALL BE CALLED THE SON OF GOD.

But their argument, was that some strange pagan god, was born on that date, and thats where they made reference to it.  Whether it is this date of December 25th or not, this date, has been established, to celebrate Christmas.  To celebrate, Christs birth…..

My thoughts, are this, whether, some of the traditions, have been established, as Christmas being a pagan holiday, does not deter me, from seeing, this biblically.  For in Luke, the Bible does tells us the Christmas story.  And even here, I recommend you read it, to your family, and to understand what Christmas means.  So when these people, continued on, with this strange fixation, of Christmas being pagan, commercialized, etc.  I knew, even though, I loved them, and walked in love with them, trying to respect them, I could see, that nothing I would do, would change their mind.  And that I could not make any progress, but Christ can.  So to keep my own peace, I cut the communication off.  Basing it on Titus 3:9.  But avoid, foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law.  For they are unprofitable and vain. And I do pray for them.

The thing is Christ, is the fulfillment of love, because if you recognize what Christ did on the cross, you will also recognize his birth.  If your mature enough, you put aside, the way, the world thinks about Christmas, and you put aside, the attempts from the devil, to manipulate this day and you see it for what it is worth….

Christmas is love….Christ came, to fulfill the greatest love of all, by being born, and becoming a sacrifice, for our sins, to make a way, to be delivered, from evil.  You don’t look at it any other way, but by love.    I see Christmas, through the eyes of a child, even though, I am a mature woman now.  I see it, by holiness, for Mary was given a gift, of the immaculate conception.  I see it, as Gods love, being so great, for each one of us, that he sent Christ, to take the sins of each one of us, as he went to the cross, and then being a holy God, who defeated death, (the devil) he was resurrected.

Dear ones, Easter, is about salvation, but so is Christmas, that in the birth of Christ, we can be  reborn again, to see with hope, that our world, our sins, our defeats, our failures, can be reborn, as we see Christ, as the true Messiah.  That as he was born in holiness, as we go to him, knowing he went to the cross, we can go to the cross as well, and take our sins to him, to heal us.  We can live life in holiness…not because of our feeble attempts, but because of who He is in us.  He is holy.  He was born into holiness, and we can be holy because we see, who He is……This is what we should see, as we look, at what Christmas means….

And our gift, this Christmas, from God, is having a peace, a joy, a love, that surpasses all understanding.  Because by accepting the Christ child, the whole person, of Christ, who also went to the cross, you are accepting Salvation, for your sins.

Your gift to God, in return, is knowing in faith, and thankful, that you want to give love, to God, and to others, because of his gift of love to you.  Your gift, your desire, is to live a life worthy, of what Christ did for you, because you do not take his birth or his death, and resurrection for granted.

What joy, what peace, it brings to our temples,  our bodies, knowing Christ, his love, dwells within each one of us.  If we make him Lord and savior, body, spirit, and soul.  What joy it brings to our homes, our loved ones, others….

So because of that we learn, love is the greatest principle.  The foundation.  To some it is a mystery, and they cannot understand it.  To those of us, who have been delivered from the enemy, and we know, it was Christ that did that, we know it was love.  Gods love.

The message of Christmas is love….giving, for God so loved us, he gave us love….He gave us Christmas….Again the definition….He gave us love, and that so much more, to the greater fulfillment.  He gave us Christ.

I do say Merry Christmas, and yes happy Holidays….but I do not leave Christ out of the equation of this happy holiday.  It is spelled Christmas….and it means love….to the greatest degree of fulfillment.

Just My Thoughts, with his love,

By Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Lord, how great your love is….Thank you, for teaching me, about love, about knowing truth, to set me free, and by actually taking that truth, and bringing it to the obedience of Christ.  By bringing that love, that was bestowed in a manager, so precious, and sweet.  To my heart, and it gives me understanding, of the love, Christ also had, by going to the cross.  Thank you for teaching us your ways…and to spell love….Christmas.  Glory to you, my God.  Peace, to all, and good will, I pray, is in our hearts, as we seek your love. Thank you Father…..In Jesus name, Amen

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