That may be a strange question to ask yourself, but I ask you this, because many people, really do not know who they are!

They do not know their gifts and callings.  They do not know their potential. They do not know love…..And in not knowing, real love, they do not know what hope, they can have.  They cannot see what shines from them.

And I ask it, especially, as a timeline, one can think, where they were even last Christmas, and you can gauge it, by feelings, emotions, experiences, people you were with, or without, and just a sense of expectations.

As a Christian, if you are a Christian, you may see, fruit.  The fruit of the spirit.  To tell you who you are.  If you are not a Christian, you may not even give it much thought.  You just may be trying to survive, and just get a long in this world we live in.

This Christmas, I have a greater sense of who I am, but I can only say, this, because I know who I am in Christ.  Last year, was tough, for me spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  I knew who I was in Christ, but I was afraid.  For many reasons, that I will not elaborate on too much.  But my health was being challenged.  And I knew, I had to trust God completely.  So what shined from me last year, was probably fear.  Though, I tried to shine…..

Thankfully, I am coming out of that challenge this year, and it has been a year of restoration, and healing, new beginnings, but through it all, I have had a greater sense of who God is.  So even here, in my own humble little way, I offer praise, and thanks to God, to honor him.  I see the difference, and I see how great God is.   And in seeing, and knowing who God is, that all things are possible, it has given me a greater sense of who I can be, and what I can do.

For, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Phillipians 4:13. So “all things” in his word, by this scripture, tells me, the possibilities are endless.

But it is because of one key ingredient.  Love.  God is love. I John 4:16.  AND WE HAVE KNOWN AND BELIEVED THE LOVE THAT GOD HAS TO US.  GOD IS LOVE AND HE THAT DWELLS IN LOVE DWELLS, IN GOD, AND GOD IN HIM.

So please, allow me to share a couple of things, I have learned more so…..I have learned that the foundation of who I can be, to do greater things, and to have, greater opportunities, to grow within, and to be effective, for God, and myself, and others, is based on love.

So knowing that, to the best of my ability, and who I am in Christ, I am trying to perfect my walk of love.  That means, with God, in my love, I must be obedient to him, and aware of what Christ did for me, by going to the cross.  Staying away from purposely sinning.

But, that also means with others, in love, I must be, loving them, being kind, being compassionate, being forgiving…..It means, not being “touchy”  irritable, easily offended.  With an attitude.  Or a sharp voice…..And even here, convicted, I have to add, not “Judgemental.”

Love, is the foundation, to find your way, when you do not know where to start.  Love is the place, that will forgive, even yourself.  Love, is the most powerful force, created to do great things.  For you, and others.  I have learned to tap into that love, more so this year.

I have learned, because God loved me so much, that He sent his only begotten son, for me, and for whoever would believe, would have eternal life.  That is a lot of love.  So, when I think of Christ, I see love.  I see, how great his sacrifice was for me, and for  you.  It has changed my perspective so much, that I do not see it, as just some religious ritual, or some tradition, that I am celebrating, this Christmas.

I am celebrating the birth of love, when I celebrate Christmas.  According to Gods plan.  John 3:16.

Something, about Gods love, his gift in this, has made me realize, how important love is, and is needed in our lives, to be the best we can be.  Just think about it, but any of us, that are survivors, or who have been blessed enough, to have opportunities, or a chance to make anything from our life, has come from love.  Someone, either loved you enough, to help you see the potential, of yourself, or someone cared enough to make a way for you by caring for you, providing for you, or just by being there.  Maybe, they said a prayer for you.

God loved us so much, he could see, we needed a savior.  So he sent love, he sent Jesus.

It reminds, me, of the difference we can make in someone’s life.  There are many people, I can look back, and think, about, and that they made a difference in my life, even for today.  And if they are reading this, they know who they are.  I thank God for them, and I also thank them….

So love, this year, Gods love, holy, and beautiful, has reminded me, to grow, truly to be the person, I can be, but, it has to be based on his love.  His ways, his commandments, his word.  The word of God this year, has truly come alive to me, in so many ways.  But, I have to admit, I read it daily, I study it, I write it, I meditate on it, I speak it, and I claim it…..I do have a Bible study plan, that me and my husband faithfully dedicate ourselves to, read.  And here again, I thank God for my precious family, of love….

There is the difference again.  Because in that love again, I see, the potential, the promises from God.  It has made such a difference to my life.   There are many here, who may be reading this, and you just may not even understand, anything I am saying, nor you may not be able to relate to what I am writing.

You may feel very alone, you may feel so very lost, or broken.  And my heart, cries, and aches for you,if that is the case. But more so, there is someone, who can comfort you, and understand you, and heal you.  And more then anything love you.  And that is Jesus Christ.

Dear one, please don’t let this holiday go by, without really seeing what this Christmas season is about.  Its about love.  And you can find out who you are, as you search for the true source of love.  Jesus….All you have to do is call him, into your heart, and this Christmas you can find out who you are, because He is love, and He loves you…..

And as I conclude, please see this, as truth, this is not about emotion.  Some romantic delusion, about life, or love.  Its about getting to the root, of who we can be, grounded, and rooted in love.  THAT CHRIST MAY DWELL IN YOUR HEARTS, BY FAITH, THAT YOU BEING ROOTED AND GROUNDED IN LOVE.  EPHESIANS 3:17.

His love is shining…..do you see it?

Just my thoughts, Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…..

Father, I pray for each person who reads this, Lord, I just pray it plants a seed, about your Love.  It is the foundation to grow to be, who you meant us to be.  So I am just beginning to sense, how important, it is to seek your Love, by being obedient, by loving others, by being consistent.  Love Lord, it never fails!  Lord, I just pray, for the person reading this now, that somehow, someway, they would sense the love, you are trying to show them, and they would seek you Lord Jesus.  For you are love.  Shine your light bright Lord, so love can be seen in us your children.  And in your precious name, I ask this.  Amen

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