Something, about the year ending, makes me think, of the past years events, and life, and analyzing, who I am, what I want to do, and goals etc.

And not that I am not real, because I am an open book in so many ways….I am always pouring myself out.  And, one usually knows where I am coming from.

But, I think if you want to grow, you really have to take into account, these things, so you can grow.  You have to look to God, and within.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of change, I think of resolutions, and that they are nice, but what are they based on?  It seems like people toss out their resolution, the day after New Years.

And I have concluded, at least for me, in order to grow, and really be the person, I want to be, I have to get real with myself.  I cannot just accept who I am, and think that is o.k.  Though, I do love who God is changing me to be, I realize, that I need to continue to grow, and that sometimes requires pressure, challenging myself, getting real……………

Like a diamond, in the rough, I know, I have some jagged ends.  Things, that need to be refined. Polished. Things, that need attention in my life, in my personality.  Being real, with myself, and facing those fears, facing myself, not only for physical needs, but spiritual needs, that need to change, in order for me to grow.

And more so, (Thank you Creflo Dollar Ministries) because I have been learning about love, Gods love, and how kind, and gentle God is to me, I realize, as I see myself, I need to apply that same kind of love, yet be firm, unrelenting, till I achieve those results, I long for. Because God never gives up….on us.  His love is that great.  Even when we can’t see it, he will take us around that mountain forty times, if he has to.  Remember Gods people, the Israelites, and it took them that long, till they got to the promised land.  They had to get it right.

And how do I do that?  Well, being objective in this, and not stereotyping myself, or others, but just basing it on Gods word, I know that LOVE is the key.  I know, that is where, I have to be committed.  Even, if I do not understand my own faults, or flaws, I know the word of God, is the key, to expose those things in my life, that need changing refining.  For as the Bible says, we look in the mirror, and we can dimly see, who we are, by what it says.  I CORINTHIANS 13:12  FOR NOW WE SEE THROUGH A GLASS; DARKLY BUT THEN FACE TO FACE NOW I KNOW IN PART; BUT THEN SHALL I KNOW AS ALSO I AM KNOWN.

We change, by the word of God, because it makes us look at ourselves, and we don’t change the word, but the word, of God, changes us.  To be more like Christ, requires, that I commit, to give myself completely, and wholly to him to be holy.  Those inadequacies, those holes in my spirit, in my love, I choose to replace with his love, so I can be the best I can be.

More then anything, because I want to be real, in my life, and not a phony, which all can see through, I realize, that what I give, comes back to me.  It is a principle.  Like what goes around comes around.  For we reap what we sow.  To attract those things, I want in life, I have to make a conscious effort to change.  And if I do not know how to change I have to be committed to God, consistent in my walk with him, till those desired efforts will turn into results.  Being prayerful, humble, repenting….and then doing it over, and over again, till something changes, something clicks.  But not letting go, not giving up, being tenacious, holding onto Christ with all of my being, with every part of my soul, and spirit, consistent.  If I want people to be kind, I have to be kind.  If I want God to bless me, I have to bless God, and others….Do you get what I am saying.?

I realize, that the key is love.  Now, I need to apply it according to Gods word, and maybe, by getting real now, real blessings, real evidence, will be manifested in my life, next year, because I did an inventory, and I committed it to God, and in prayer…..For change.  To be real, before the year ends.

Just my thoughts, with love,  Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope….

Lord, how can I in this public prayer, say all that I desire to change in me, so I can be effective for you.  And because I cannot, I take comfort in knowing, you know what is best, and that you know, what the future holds.  I do commit it to you, and my trust is in you, and I pray, you do change the things in me that need changing….so truly, I can be a true reflection of love, that comes only from you, and what Christ did.  Lord, I pray, we all take inventory, and get real with you.  Privately, and in public, the fruit of that will show.  In Jesus name.  Amen

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