PLEASE NOTE:  As of yesterday, 1-24-11, the friend I wrote about in this blog, has contacted me, and our friendship is restored.  Gods love, did this.  And nothing else…..I PRAISE GOD, AND REJOICE!

I am a work in progress.  God is not done with me yet. I am not perfect, and I am not someone who wants to judge anyone.  I hate that, when it happens to me.  So, I need to be humble in his sight.  Because I am still growing.  And he won’t be done with me, till my time on earth is done.  So, when I think of telling the truth to someone, I have to remember the same thing.  And that God loves that person.  So there is a balance to this.  Believe me, it requires Gods wisdom.  And, if someone, is willing to tell me truth, and they do it in love, I am more apt to listen.  Sometimes, constructive advice, is good.  When truth and love are evident, a person should know.  So, I try to stay open to this…..

Telling someone, truth, can be difficult, in itself.  Telling someone Gods truth, can cause someone to go to war with you.  Or they can receive it, and love you.  Because you warned them.  Because you may have put the fear of God in someone.  And the fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom.  Or you may lead someone to receive Salvation, so they won’t burn in hell.

It is a chance one does take.  Either way, when you tell someone Gods truth, you may set their soul free.  From hell itself, and or make a way, for someone to receive blessings.  And you take the chance of losing their friendship.

Today is a day of salvation.  If your reading this, and your struggling with telling someone Gods truth,yes pray, but just know this, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Don’t lose the momentum of telling someone truth.  Speak a word of God in due season, and that is anointed, by the appointment of the situation.  God knows…..

Recently, I have had two separate situations, that posed, itself, like an ugly snake, to deceive two of my friends.  Both situations, the enemy intended evil.  But God turned it around, I believe for good.

In the first example, it was with a friend, who had friends, that were into astrology. She was not deceived, she understood, what I shared with her, and told her that God hates astrology.  I then, gave her Isaiah 47.  I advised her to tell her friends.  If she told her friends, I have no idea.  But she did not get offended with me, instead, she walked in love.

The second, example, was from a friend, who was into astrology herself.  She admitted it herself.  In a written communication.  When I read her communication, I knew in my heart, I had to share truth.   I prayed.  And, as I shared with her, the same information, based on Isaiah 47.  She did not take it well.  It severed our relationship (friendship)  I did not judge my friend, but spoke truth, to her in love.  I warned her:  GOD HATES THAT!  It was not received that way.  She said, that I hurt her greatly, and that only God could judge her.  Which is true.  But yet, I know, we are called to speak truth, to one another and in love.  Not once, did I try to force the issue, but I would not relent, on what the word of God says.

And if I had judged her, the fruit, would be condemnation.  I tried to tell her the difference between conviction, and condemnation.  Conviction, comes from God, and condemnation comes from the devil.  There is a BIG difference.  And I never once felt a mean spirit toward her, in this communication.  Even though she was wounded by the truth.  But, to be honest, it hurt me, too, that she was hurt.  But I knew, that I knew I was called to speak truth to her.

And since, we are talking about it, God Almighty, does hate astrology.  He hates for us, to go to other sources then him.  GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD! This has happened, since the garden of eden, when Adam, and Eve, did not listen to God, or even double check, to verify what the devil was lying to them about.  If they had, I just wonder, if mankind, would have been spared, the sin we are all born into?  Communication…..

Anyway, concerning Astrology, God does not want you to get advice from His creation.  He wants you to get advice from him.  From his word.  I tried to explain, that to my friend.  But she could not see past my calling her out on that, and took it as judgement.  It grieved me, and I prayed, and as I did I felt the Lord tell me, truth can sometimes hurt someone.  But she needed to know, and you were the only one to tell her, that I hate astrology.  You did well.  Have peace about it.  So I do.

Yet, I know, how the devil deceives.  He speaks part truths to people, and uses anything he can, from other doctrines, religions, traditions etc.  Twisting some truth, into his lies.  And people implement, this and that, like if it was a smorgasbord, and you could pick and choose, that which you think is right.  And in the sight of God, that is all wrong.  God and his word do not change, we change as we recognize the word.

This picking and choosing, of what she heard here and there, is what happened with my friend, who I still love, but I can see she is deceived.  And until someone recognizes truth, they will stay deceived.

What kind of true friend, would I really be, if I had an opportunity, and I did not tell them truth?  And what kind of friend would I be to God, if I denied truth, that I know, from his word, and did not share truth to my friend?  I never want to stand before God, at the end of my lifetime, and hear him say….  Were you ashamed of me?  Why did you not tell your friend?  Why did you not warn that friend?  Now that friend faces hell, because the truth did not set your friend free?  Why?  I don’t know about you, but in fear of God, I would rather speak the truth, then to know the consequences is his judgment, and his wrath, or anger.  Yep, I would rather tell someone the truth.


Now I know, in this situation, my friend is saved. She has admitted it. She accepts Jesus Christ as her Lord, and savior.  So it hurt her more, for me to see that, and to bring it to her attention. Because she does believe, I know God will help her.  And even as the dust may settle from that, I pray, our friendship will be restored.  Because I do love my friend.  But more then anything, because I do love her in Christ, I hope she sees TRUTH!!!!!

But, she in all truth, is a baby Christian.  And needs more of Gods word, to understand.  And babies, need care.  Its like in the natural, if you had a baby, or saw a baby, reaching his hand to touch the stove, you might even, sharply say, get away from that stove.   It may shock the baby, scare the baby, but you have saved the baby….from consequences, that are irreversible.  Being burned.  Same difference.  I love my friend, and by her communications, I know she is good, and she believes in Jesus.

But, when people talk about God, if I do not perceive a word of knowledge, from Gods word here and there, I know they have no true foundation, from the word.  Yet, they say they have accepted Christ.  I see how the devil, wants to sneak in there, and steal the precious fruit from the vine.  Like the foxes, the Bible talks about.

Well babies need to grow up, and they need, to get into God’s word, to grow, from milk, to the meat of the word.  Yes we are to be patient, with those, who are not as strong in the word, as we are.  But we are not to compromise the word of God, even to soothe a wounded friend.  I am sad, for the loss of this friendship!  But I did everything, I could in love, to bring the truth.  And no devil, can lie to me, even in this, and try to put a guilt trip on me.  To say, I judged her.  No I did not judge her, I warned her, like I would warn a baby, and I said watch out for the fire.  God does not like that.  I will not feel sorry for that, I am only sorry, it was not received, in the spirit I meant it.  In Gods love.

I pray, if you have friends, that you pray about it, and then speak truth.  Back it up, always, with Gods word, for it does not lie!!  But do it in Gods love. BUT SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE, MAY GROW UP INTO HIM, IN ALL THINGS, WHICH IS THE HEAD, EVEN CHRIST.  EPHESIS 4:15.

And as I conclude, please, please, please, if you have had friends, that offended you, other Christians, please forgive them.  We are called to forgive.  We cannot go on, until we do forgive.  God, cannot give us blessings, until we see the truth, and forgive.  Nor will He forgive us, unless we forgive others.

Remember this great scripture.  Psalm 119:165.  Great peace, have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend them. Let go of the offense, so you can have peace, so you can go on.  Let everything, we do be done, in love.  Don’t stop, being who you are in Christ.  Speak truth, and in love.  And remember a friend, loves at all times…..Proverbs 17:17.

We all need to remember, we are works in progress.  All of us….But love can make the difference!!

Questions to ask myself and God…

1.    Lord is it worth it?

2.   Show me in my heart, if I do not have peace, is this an indication, that I should or not do it?

3.  Am I judging someone?  Or speaking your truth in love?

4.  Is this person, going to throw this away, or receive it?

5,  Should I just pray, and do this anyway?

6.  What is my motivation in this?

7.  Am I really speaking this in love?  If not, show me how to speak and communicate in love…….

Questions, questions questions….Lord, please help!!

Just my Thoughts….Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Honor…..

Lord, my Father, obedient to you, I share this.  Lord, I know, many, many people struggle with this.  And yet, I know, because I love you, and I know your truth, I see, how the enemy deceives others.  Lord, even using the word, of judging one another to not speak truth.  Or taking truth, and distorting it.  Like your enemy.  Lord, I don’t want to judge anyone.  But, we need to grow, and your word, is the standard, in which, I try to speak your truth from.  Lord, help us to forgive one another.  Help us to be bold though, to have courage, to speak a word in due season.  Who knows it just may save a life for eternity.  Only you know.  I just pray, we are motivated by love.  By the love of you, and your son, in the sacrifice, Jesus made for us.  If we truly are friends with you, we will honor you in this.  And if we are truly friends, with those that we know, we will honor you in this…as well.  In Jesus name, Amen

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  1. I agree, we should be prepared for opportunities to share faith with others, even though it may cause division. Jesus, Himself, said He did not come to bring peace, but to bring a sword. Sometimes His truth cuts.

    Your examples remind me of a something in my own life a few years ago. I had opportunity to talk to a 13 year old girl for a few minutes, and while she believed in God, she also believed that “good” magic was okay. I kept insisting what God says about it, probably for 20 minutes. She described a friendship/love spell she had seen in one of the popular witchcraft tv series, and I explained how even spells like that were evil, telling her why. At the conclusion of our talk she commented how smart I was.

    I never had opportunity to talk to her since, so I don’t know if she stayed interested in magic. But perhaps I planted a seed which will help her at some point.

    • I really appreciate your comment, and thoughts. Your right, he did say he would not bring peace, but a sword. But he gives us peace, that surpasses all understanding. I pray, that child did heed your words, and even now, praying for her, soul, I am sure would not hurt. So glad you understand. This has been a spiritual battle, but one, I know, by the blood of Jesus, there is victory….Thanks so much, I hope you stop again. Or sign up for the blog. Elena

  2. Good word, Elena. I’ve been struggling with this issue myself. I have some friends who are saying something that just isn’t right and I know they don’t realize they are saying it. I’ve been asking God to give me the right opportunity and words to encourage them to stop. I have a sister-in-law who checks her horoscope daily and then posts it on FB. She should know better but I don’t feel close enough to her to say anything and yet she is my brother’s wife. I want to say something but I don’t want to cause a rift between us either. I’ll let the Holy Spirit lead and speak when He tells me to.

    • I pray in the name of Jesus, Lord, by the blood we come to your throne. I pray for a victory for Cindy in this. A word to speak in due season, truth, that will set her sister in law free. Lord, give Cindy, boldness, and your word, to share in love. And we pray, by your sacrifice, that this sister in law, would see, how great the price of Christ was, so that she can take it to the cross, and not desire, the things of your creation for wisdom, but your word. In Jesus name. Amen

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