Is your heart, a heart of stone?  Do you see it in a place, where other hearts, you interface with, are as cold as well?  Is it getting indifferent, insensitive?  And you are numb, desensitized.  To life.

You know its not right, and you see that your heart, is not sensitive, to others, and to God, and to the beauty of life.

You have been hurt perhaps, and now, in order to protect yourself, you have chose to harden your heart.  You think it protects you.  You keep your emotions in tact, and you close your thoughts, and heart, to the possibilities, where beauty, and love, and even loyalty, could exist.  Within you.

Yes, your heart is cold, it is angry, it is a heart, that does not believe.  It has shut out God completely.  Your heart is so cold, it at any moment, it could crack, and shatter, into thousands of pieces.  Like this photo.  Broken pieces of rock, within one cold, and hard rock of others.

And you think it is o.k. to be in this environment.  There is safety, being with others, who are of the same mind set, of the same heart.  Hard and cold….Brrr.

Love the essence of who God is, has escaped you, because you deny God.  You deny love.  Or you may have stepped out in love, but got burned.  Your trust was betrayed.  No wonder your heart is a heart of stone.  Cold.  Yet God loves you, and is beckoning to you.  He is calling you. Knocking on the door of your heart.  And says….BEHOLD I STAND AT THE DOOR, AND KNOCK: IF ANY MAN HEARS MY VOICE, AND OPENS THE DOOR, I WILL COME IN TO HIM, AND WILL SUP WITH HIM, AND HE WITH ME.  Revelation 3:20.

Have you ever seen the beautiful pictures where Jesus, is knocking on the door?  Have you ever noticed, there is no door knob, on the side of where He is knocking?  The reason, is because the door knob is on your side, you have to open the door.  But you have to see God, and His truth.  By Jesus Christ. For your Salvation.  

This is truth, do you deny Gods word as truth?  If so you are in a very dangerous place…..It can come from being unforgiving, or judgement, or even from jealousy….so many spiritual sins, that can come into place.  If the blood of Jesus, is not pumping your heart….

The thing I think about though, having a stone heart, can come to anyone.  Even someone who has known Christ.  Or  someone, who has denied him.  This hardness, can creep in, slowly, so we really have to be careful, we do not give place to this dilemma, and watch it, and if we can with Gods grace change it.

As I think of rocks, and the biggest, rock, ever, described in the Bible.  I think of the rock, that was put over the tomb of Jesus, after He suffered, for our sins, took each stripe, for our healing, was spit on, mocked, and laughed at, and yet he went on that cross for each one of us.  And gave of his life, for us.  For God loved us so much, he sent Christ, that whoever would believe, would have everlasting life.   John 3:16.

And the devil, laughed, and thought that was the end of that.  Not knowing, God would raise Christ up on the third, day, and he would arise.  Removing that rock, removing that big, boulder, of a stone, out of the way.  So people, like you and me, could see his power.  His love.  So, we could see he took the keys from hell.  From the devil himself, so that if we accept Christ, his love would keep us from that pit of hell itself.  There is a key….

Dear one, I don’t know you, I don’t know why your heart is so hard, and as I write this, I cry for your soul.  I cry, for you to see, how much God loves you.  You see, I understand in part, how one can harden their heart.  From a believer, to a non-believer.  If we are not careful, we can harden our hearts.  We can miss the love, we can miss the joy from knowing God.  From knowing his love.  God beckons to you, and tells you, I can give you a new heart.  Ezekiel 36:26 A NEW HEART ALSO WILL I GIVE YOU, AND A NEW SPIRIT WILL I PUT WITHIN YOU: AND I WILL TAKE AWAY THE STONY HEART OUT OF YOUR FLESH, AND I WILL GIVE YOU AN HEART OF FLESH.

I remember, when God spoke that to me.  Now mind you, I was already a Christian, in fact for many years.  But, my heart was getting stony, it was getting stoic, disillusioned, angry, because my heart desires, were not being fulfilled.  In the sense, I was serving God, in my writing, with my Prayers of Hope, and my gifts and calling.  But, I was not seeing fruit.  Spiritual fruit, or even financial fruit.  I was getting angry, and my heart was getting indifferent.

But one day on a beach, in Florida, and see the link below, for it is a testimony, but I found a cross, that just came to me, on a vacation, from the Atlantic ocean.  And also there, I found a heart, a white heart.  A white rock, shaped, in a heart.  And the Lord spoke to me, and said, the best, he had ever given us, was the cross, and he told me, I will take your “stony” heart away.

Ever since then, my perspective has changed, in the sense, I realize, we can put things, in the place of our relationship with God as a substitute.  It could be people, the actual hearts desire, or idols, money, drugs etc.  My perspective has changed so much, that I know, that I know, God is a loving, kind, merciful God, who will give us many chances, but we have to make the choice.  Love is a choice.

I have learned, love, is the key, to the foundation of who we can be.  Now that I serve God with a different mindset, of who he is, and that even if he does, or does not bless me in this, I will not harden my heart, toward him, or others.

I serve him, and want to please him, being obedient, being with him, because of his love.  With every ounce of my being.  I hold onto that.  I have a heart, of flesh, because I love him.

Being desensitized, hardening our hearts, not caring, can come in different forms, and I just pray, that whoever you are, that you let the love of God, soften your heart, and give you a new heart.  You will never regret it.  I know, I don’t.  For he took my stony heart, my brokenness, my broken dreams, and aspirations, and he has given me love.  And this is also in a different situation, for he brought my dear husband.  And my son.  He has brought me love, in the form of a family.

He has given me his love, to replace, that hardness.  Even the fear.  The greatest stone removal he took from my heart, was when I realized, his love, moved that big stone from his tomb.  For me, and for you.  So we can have hope, we can know, by his promises, we can have life, here better, and life eternal.  For life, and life abundantly…a new heart, to love.  To live, in his love.  But I have to make the connection, I have to make the choice, as it always it is, it is a choice.  To be Love, like He is requires, that I am being obedient to God, loving others, even loving yourself.  And, that comes from God only, for He is love.

It comes seeing, the cross and understanding this great love.  That God loves you and me.

When you see that, the stoic~ness, of your heart, has been taken away, and now what beats is a heart, of his spirit, and his love.  You get encouraged, you get hope, and you see life differently.  Each breath, of life, you realize is a gift from God.  Take it to heart, to soften your heart.  Let Gods love in….Let him build his church in your heart.  The gates of hell will not prevail against it!

Just go to him now, repent, kneel before him, in love.  Let the tears come if they must.  As they should, and let him cleanse you by his holy spirit.  Get into his word, know the covenant you have with him, the conditions by his grace, and the conditions, of being obedient, and your heart will be a heart of flesh, that beats for him.

Just my Thoughts, with his love,

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Honor

Father, I praise you almighty God, in my prayer.  I thank you that by the blood of Jesus, I have your heart, a heart of love.  I thank you, that you teach me this.  Not by my ways, but by yours.  I want to be ever so careful, not to hurt your heart, by being disobedient, or letting things into my heart, that distort, your love, or truth.  So, I do take to heart your word, and I do take to heart to pray, and to forgive….to be careful, even with my words.  Praying, they are your words.  Lord, I just want to thank you for teaching me love.  And thank you for the sacrifice of Christ, and by his blood, the covenant, is established.  Lord, as you hid Moses, in the cleft of that rock, because your glory was so strong, I also want to be hid so, I can dwell in that secret place with you.  So, I can be in your presence.  In your presence is fullness of Joy….No good thing, will you withhold from those who love you.  I am so glad, my foundation, and all that I am is because your heart of love, is love.  My focus father is on you.  I will not look to the past, in hurts, or problems even now.  I will not get distracted, by the ways of the world, or by others.  And the way, they think or do not think.  I will just look to you.  And your love.  In Jesus name.  Amen

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  1. yes, I too am suffering with hard-heartedness., because my heart’s desire in not being fulfilled, nor do I see that He will ever fulfill it…
    I am angry , I am hurt…
    Does that mean God will never give me what I am waiting and asking Him for? Does that mean that I will have to compromise on my long-standing prayer and dreams?…I just want to cry all day..
    I cant believe His plans anymore…Somebody help.

    • Dear friend, These are the last words you write….I cant believe His plans anymore… In other words, you are saying you don’t believe HIM, and basically you are calling him a liar. God does not lie. And when we know truth, Gods truth, and we have faith, in his truth, that pleases him. Faith pleases him. And without faith, it is impossible to please him. Hebrews 11:6. I don’t know what your circumstance is. But because you say your hearts desire, is not being fulfilled, I understand, in part, because I wait on God as well. But I have learned in that process of waiting, Gods timing is everything. He teaches me things in that time, he prepares my heart, he shows me, in order to receive such an honor, I have had to carry my cross. Sometimes, suffering, for that which we long for in his name, comes at great cost, because of his sacrifice. He tells us to pick up our cross. If your heart is true in this, you will go through things, so God can refine you, to be worthy. I do not tell you to compromise your dreams. But I tell you, ask God, is this what He really gave for you, if it is, you will get your hearts desire. If it is not, He will show you. Just keep going to him. But remember the devil is a liar. And he wants you to get your heart hard. Go to God….He loves you, and will show you, if you let him. Much love in Christ, Elena

  2. Thank you Eleana. Your writing touched me today. You came out of nowhere, left me a message, and I followed you here. What a surprise! So again, thank you for your words of faith and truth. They’ve helped to shake the dust off of my heart this morning. ~ Lynda

    • Well, lets give glory to God in this. I know, he orders our footsteps, and where we even search via the internet. I pray God bless you, and if anything, that I share, may it encourage you, with Gods love!! Praying many blessings for you….Thanks for writing. In Christ, Elena

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