I want to share with you, what the Bible says about “spiritualism.” And I have not really heard too much, on this subject.  And even, from the pulpit.  From any church, I have gone to.  Or really listened to.  So, I am not pointing the finger at any one organization.

But, spiritualism, is something, I think, we could all relate to, because thats what we are.  Spirits.  That live in human bodies, but also beings, with souls.  But we do not hear of it in those terms.  So, it is important, and because it deals with the inner spirit of anyone.  And the root of who they are. It will affect, why they may think, or do some of the things they may do.  So, I want to talk about it from the root of who we are.  To perhaps, bring perspective, and understanding, as to who we are, why we do what we do.  etc.

There are different spirits, that can invade one persons soul, especially, if they have not given their hearts to Christ. I know, this can sound strange, like some “Body Snatchers” movie.  But it is not too far from truth.  You have probably heard, of people who were possessed, or oppressed, in their spirits.  Well, where does it come from?  A spirit…..

Searching for spiritualism, searching for answers can lead someone, into, magic, or witchcraft, fortune tellers, astrologers, psychics,card readers, mediums, and other forms of deception. Etc.  These sources, of spiritualism are wrong, in the sight of God.  Let me repeat, they are wrong in the sight of God, and He hates things like this.

The Bible tells us in Leviticus 19:31  Regard not them that have familar “spirits” neither seek after wizards to be defiled by them:  I am the Lord your God.

Beware not to be defiled.  Corrupted, broken, giving place to the devil.

There can be a spirit, of pride, or lust….a spirit, of anger, a spirit, of confusion, jealousy, hate, manipulation, even a spirit of gluttony, and on and on.  By not being aware of any kind of spirit, especially that is not of Christ, that is based on love, forgiveness, peace, etc.  Anything opposite of Christ, one might not know, that they are walking in that “spirit.”  And more then anything, may be in danger of eternal damnation.  Hell is for those who do not abide by Gods truth.

So, it may be hard to distinguish, or to even recognize, that what they are doing, what they are feeling, can be based on this spirit, because it dominates.  Christ told us, that either we would walk in His spirit, or we would walk in the flesh.  John Chapter 6.

So, for the sake of communicating, lets call these spirits, that are not based on Christ, “Fleshly Spirits.”  These are spirits, again, that are contrary to God, the word of God, and to the teachings and personality of Jesus Christ.  So where would they come from?

Well, to be honest, they probably will be coming from the personality of the devil himself.  I have brought this up before, in other postings here.  But one really needs to know who their adversary is.  We know, that the devil, is a liar, he is a thief, he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  And we know he is deceptive.  He has pride, and he is evil.  He is jealous, and because he hates God, he wants to deceive people.  He wants to hide truth, and he does not want people to not know the truth of God, and his plan of redemption.  And he is rebellious, not wanting to submit to authority.  Gods authority.  Thats why he got kicked out of heaven.  Because he wanted to make himself out to be bigger or better than God, and God would have none of that!

If you see any of these characteristics in you, this would be a good time to go to the throne of God, and repent.  For any of us!

One spirit, that is identified in the Bible, is the “Jezebel Spirit”  She was an adulteress.  And in, I Kings 16, we see that she married the King Ahab.  Together, by her influence, she caused him to build an altar to a false god.  This infuriated the Lord, God of Israel. The true, and living God.  The God of the Bible. And because of who she was, there comes, the deception, that can be identified in the church, as a “Jezebel Spirit.”  Because any spirit, that is not of God, is false.

Many, have come in the name of the Lord, but really are wolves in sheeps clothing.  Matthew 7:15  Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. So we have to be wise, and we have to know the difference in spirits.

So, we are called to test the spirit. Beloved, believe, not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God.  I John 4:1.

And what measure do we use, in testing them?  To the law and to the testimony:  If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Isaiah 8:20.

The Bible tells us, and thats why all relationships, should be based on Gods truth, because the word of God tells us, not to be unequally yoked, with unbelievers.  For what fellowship does righteousness, have with unrighteousness, and what communion has light with darkness?  II Corinthians 6:14.

Religion, has been a part of this deception in so many ways.  Because many religions, that have come in the name of the Lord, have departed from the truth of the Bible, and they may establish some things in the name of the Lord, but some do not teach the full gospel.  Or they may add, something or take something from the word of God.  Did you know, in Revelations chapter 22, the last chapter of the Bible, warns us, that if anyone, takes or adds from the word of God, God will put plagues on them? This is some serious stuff….

Religion is also to blame, because they do not go to the root of the problem.  They do not teach people to stay away from things, that pertain to “spiritualism.”   And the pitfalls of it.  Any kind of spiritualism, that is not based on God, can bring curses.  Generational curses, poverty curses, sickness curses, and the last curse of all.  Reservations to hell.  And no one wants to go there.  That is eternal.

Thats why you need to be wise, and see, what is the root, of the teaching.  They may make up their own rules and regulations,  And the spirit is “deception.”  Cults fall in this category.

For whatever reason.  But in doing so, they have misrepresented the Bible, and people, are getting watered down versions of the gospel, or deception from these extra rules etc.

(I recommend, using the King James Bible only~It has not been tampered with, from translations, and watered down from other versions.)

Check out the doctrine from the church, or place you go for your spirituality.   To see, if the spirit, of teaching is based on the foundation of the word of God.  Even here, I will interject, and say, one needs to know what the word of God says, so they will not be deceived.  So they will know the difference in spirits.  When searching for a church, etc.

Not knowing, this in teachings, lessons, from the Bible, they do not know, the strategies, the enemy will use to deceive them.  So by not knowing, not having Christ, protect you, by the blood of Jesus.  Therein, comes the spirit, of lying from the devil.

And when people are walking in a certain “fleshly spirit” it is hard for them to recognize, the deception.  It is hard, to comprehend or understand, why they may feel the way they do.  Or why, things happen the way they do.  They are reaping, what they are sowing, spiritually speaking.  And it just does not seem fair.  To them.  Because they do not know the difference, and they do not know, God is not mocked.  But it goes back to the root of the spirit.

If they knew, perhaps they could repent, and turn to God.   And one always hopes for that.  For the wages of sin, is death.  Spiritual death.  Which sadly can also be physical death as well.  For when you are not protected by Gods love, one, can have an early death.

I can only identify some of these things, but as I do, I pray, you look at yourself.  Look at where you are getting “spiritual” guidance.  Is it truth?  Is it based on the word of God?  Or, is it really religion?  Traditions, rules, etc. Is it from God.  These things will affect your spirit.  Is it satanic?  I mean the list, could go on, and on.  But you have to stop, look and pray.  Ask God…..


What do you really want to be seen?  Especially, by God.  When God looks at you, if you want to avoid eternal damnation, you want God to see in his Book of Life, whether or not you accepted Christ as your savior, and his spirit lives within you, to move, and have your being.  We are told, in Gods, word, that we worship him, in spirit and truth.  John 4:24. Christ told us, that his word, was spirit and life.  John 6:63.  If its not based on God, and HIS WORD, it is a fleshly spirit.

I implore you, to look at this, and see the root of where you are learning, and growing from.  What are you accepting, or even looking at?  Do you accept those that have “spiritualism”?  Do you accept their works of darkness?  Do you think it is o.k. to dabble in the occult?  If it is not of God, and his Holy Bible, and principles.  You are in spiritual danger.  But you have to look, and you have to pray, read Gods word, for guidance.

If you are wondering about this….and you want to take the right course and purse righteousness, remember this…from Gods truth.  Deuteronomy 13:2-4.  Thou shalt not harken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams:  For the Lord, your God proves you, to know whether you Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.  You shall walk after the Lord, your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and you shall serve him, and cleave unto him.

If it is not the voice of God, and based on Gods word, one should have nothing to do with such work, such “spiritualism” but rather cling to the the word of God.  For guidance, to have the right spirit.

And again, if your not sure, like a computer, restore your system.  Give your heart to Christ, let him lead you by His Holy Spirit.  (There is a Salvation Prayer Link below, that you can pray)

Led by God, I warn you according to the word of God.  Be careful.  Even if you are a Christian.  Be VERY careful. For we are seeing, we are in end times.  And many will come and try to deceive, and to take us from truth.  Christians and non Christians are subject to seducing spirits……

Now the Spirit, speaketh expressly that in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. I Timothy 4:1

Wear the full armor of God, to protect your spirits to know Christ only….By His Holy Spirit!

Just my thoughts, In Christs Love,

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Honor…

Lord, to you be all glory honor and praise.  How great you are, how great your truth is.  Lord, I pray reveal understanding, concerning your spirit.  By your Holy spirit.  Let us not grieve the Holy spirit.  I just pray my commentary, will bring understanding, truth, and a revelation to your ways.  To live well, and right, in your sight.  Deliver us from evil.  Deliver us from the deceiver.  Even here, I claim no weapon formed, will prosper.  I pray, you would help those who need help.  And those that are disobedient, will know, you are not mocked.  And that hell is a real place.  Help those who are searching, I pray, they change their ways to yours….By your Holy Spirit, in Jesus name.  Amen

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