God is so good, and so kind, and merciful, I know.  He has brought me up, out of the mud, of life, and loved me.

His ways, are worth searching out.  Because of who He is.  Not only because of what He can do, or His power, but because He is love.  And in his love, there is a grace, For, He does extend kindness, to answer a prayer.  Thats why He is God.  He knows, everything.  And concerning us.

He changes a person from within, and I just know, from my own sins, from my own lack of understanding, that God extended grace.  It truly is a gift.  He has answered many a prayer, and was I worthy? Probably, not.  Because I know there was sin in my life.  But from growing now, and knowing what His word says, I have a changed perspective. To want to please him.  With all of my heart.  Because of his grace.  Because of Christ, and all He has done.  That gives wisdom.

And so, as I share with you, I cannot completely say, and will not judge or limit God, as to whether you deserve an answer to prayer or not.  That is never my place.  And to be judgmental, to anyone scares me.  Because I am someone, who has often failed.  But His love never fails.  Because He knows the heart, and He knows the need.  He knows, why the prayer is needed.

But we have to look at the word.  And, if we look at his word, we will also know, that he will not honor prayer, if sin, is evident.  So, the answer is No, according to the scriptures, of Psalms 66:18.


Unrepented sin, in any shape or form, will block your prayers from being answered.  Not walking in love, and being unforgiving, will also hinder your prayers from being answered.  Murmuring, and complaining, not being grateful, judging others.  Seeking ungodly counsel.  Horoscopes, fortune tellers, idolatry.  Greed, cheating others. etc.  These are things that can stop a person from getting answers in prayer.

You must fear God, to know, not only will He not answer your prayers.  But one may be in eternal jeopardy, in the event, that they would die.  They would go to hell.  If the sin, has not been covered by the blood of Jesus.  In fear of God, for the fear of the Lord, truly is wisdom.  And in this wisdom……

We must always remember, God is a Holy God.  He is sovereign, and  cannot look upon sin, and justify it.  His ways, are beyond our ways, and He does not reason as people do.  People seriously, do not understand this, nor do they heed his ways.  Just look at our world.

But if we really take into consideration, who God is, and if we apply his truths, his commandments into our lives, we are very likely to get answers.  So, where should a person start?

By approaching his throne, humble, repentant, and yes, knowing his love is pure, and Holy, and deserves, honor, praise and respect.  Then, when you are in that position, boldly make your requests known.  Reminding God of his word.  But if sin is there, your faith, won’t be active.  Your heart won’t be right.  You won’t be able to hear from God, even comfort, because the sin is evident, in your heart.

When I was the Prayer Coordinator, at a local Christian ministry, I would always instruct my prayer intercessors, to have the person, calling for prayer, to remind people of this scripture.  My goal, and some would consider this a “method” and some did not like the idea, of me, implementing this, but I would actually, lead a person, to the Lord, by them saying a Prayer of Salvation.

Many did not like this, method, or my way of thinking, because they felt, if they have given their hearts to God, all should be well.  Yet because of the prayer request, in some cases, (not all) one could see the sin. And not to judge them, but it was obvious, sin was evident.  But not accepting sin, as a consequence, of a deep rooted problem (unrepented sin) that is just another lie from the enemy, the devil.  He does not want us to come to God humble, remember he is a liar.  And remember, he has pride.  Pride will hold you back from acknowledging the sin there.

So, no it is not all well.  We reap what we sow.  This is a principle from God.  Sin, is sin, and when we understand, we are to come to God, humble, repentant, even, if we have not felt we sinned, God lifts the humble, and He turns from the proud.

Saying a prayer, of Salvation, or saying a prayer of repentance, ensures, that God will hear your request.  Because He lifts the humble, and turns from the proud, coming to God, asking for forgiveness, asking, because of what His word says, will put you in the right position, to get answers.  You want to start from a clean slate.  You want to be willing, ever so willing, to do things Gods way.

So what better way, then by repenting, and saying the Prayer of Salvation again?  At least you know, in your heart, that you took the sin to His throne, and you have given him this, so you can start right in prayer.  Then boldly you can seek His face.  Because you have laid it all before him, not trying to hide the sin.  (Check out my link below for the Prayer of Salvation.)

Reminding God of his Word, will get you answers.  But if you come to him, expecting him, just to answer you, with an attitude, of the sin, within, God cannot honor that.  He will see the sin there, and may turn away.  Pleading the blood of Jesus, knowing, God looks at that, when our hearts are right with him.  Is truly what he will look at.

There is a right way, to pray, there is a way, to get results, by the word of God, but you have to be willing to learn, Gods ways.  According to his truth.  I know, it is a journey, and it does take time, but the results, will increase your faith, and will ensure to get answers from God.  Even repenting, for unknown sins, sins you may have thought, or sins, that you may not even know about may be evident.

Loving others, will begin your faith as well….for we know faith pleases God.  Hebrews 11:6.  If you have no faith, I hate to say it, but that is a sin, as well.  So one must always be searching God and within judging our ownselves, for God to see our hearts.  And in doing so, having peace, as we come to God, and His holy throne.

One should, always be approaching God, from a  heart, that is totally committed to him.  By Jesus Christ.  A heart, that looks to him, in love, for who He is, and not for what He can give you, he will see and honor.  I pray, you will consider this, so your prayer life, will grow.  And you can trust God, because you are willing to come before him seeking, an answer, but willing to give it all to him, even in repentance of sin.

Turning from the sin, and bringing it to the obedience of the cross.  Never forgetting what Christ has done for us, on the cross.  Will bring us to a natural place of repentance, humble before God, because you realize, it was your sins, as well as all of ours, that placed Christ on that cross.  Because he loves us, and does not want the devil to have a legal right to stop your prayers.  We must leave the sin, at the cross, and then ask God to answer our prayers.

Just my Thoughts, in love, Elena Ramirez

Note:  It is a hard message, and one, myself, I have to consider, over and over again. Because when we want answers from a holy God, we have to see ourselves. Its not to judge anyone, far it be it from me, especially because I know, my weaknesses. But I know who God is, and I know he is holy, and if we do not approach him, with the blood covering us, and repentant, and humble, we can miss it. And I do not want to miss it. And I don’t want anyone else to miss it…..Thank you. God bless you!

A Prayer of Honor

Father, almighty God, creator, of heaven and earth.  Majestic kind, and compassionate father, I seek you.  Obedient I write this, humble in your sight.  For you instructed me, in my sleep to write this.  But in doing so, I also pray by the blood of Jesus, my sins, are covered, and I ask for forgiveness, if I have thought, or done anything, in your sight that was considered sin.  Forgiving others, if they did not walk in love with me, as well.  Lord, I pray you help people, get answers to prayer.  This is something we should all desire to do.  To please you.  Continue to pour your word, and your truth into my heart, and those of others.  So we can bring the lost to your throne.  To avoid the trappings of the devil, and hell.  Forgive us, as we consider what Christ has done for us.  I bring my whole life, before you, and lay it at the cross, so you will answer my prayers.  So, the plan of you Lord, God, will come to be.  In Jesus name.  Amen.



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