I love truth, Gods truth. It has protected me, and guided me, since I was a small child.  I am still his child.  I just know His truth now.

In this photo are three doors.  This photo is at St. Elizabeths Catholic Church.  Denver, Colorado.  When I was a little girl, I made my first Holy Communion there.  But not long after that, I ran away from home.  It was night, me and my mother had an argument.  I don’t even remember why.  But I ran away, and went straight to that church.  And for about an hour, I stood, there at the far left door, hiding, and crying, searching for understanding.  I was broken.  I was sad. I felt refuge there.  I prayed to God, even as a child.  I felt him, and his protection, his love.  It was night time, and I was very vulnerable.  Being alone at night, and not in the greatest of neighborhoods.  But God took care of me, and takes care of me.

How good He is to me, when I look back in retrospect.   The many times, He has protected me, loved me, guided me, counseled me, healed me, blessed me.  This is a truth, of this small testimony. So, I honor his truth.

Then I went home.  I wanted love.  I wanted to feel strong.  But I needed truth…..

But I did not know truth, like I know it now.  I don’t blame religion, for me, not knowing truth, for a long time.  But religion can be blamed, for making its own rules, turning from Gods truth….And religion, will be held in judgment, for not bringing truth.

But I blame myself, for not searching for the truth, in Gods word.  We always had a Bible.  But did we open it up?  No.  Not like we should have.  Just once in a while, does not make it.  But when you see things are not working in your life, like I did, you may see yourself as me, and will heed this truth.  Because without God, and his truth, we are lost.

Since, I am writing, here, sharing, I have to say this, as well….  Because truth is not always honored. Truth is not always accepted, and received, with love.  Truth is not always wanted.  Some truth can hurt someone.

I am not into using truth, to hurt people.  Because that is a characteristic of the devil.  He will take truth, and become an accuser of the brethern.  Revelations 12:10. He will use it to hurt people with their sins, or with their pain, and say it is all in the truth.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  And when I hear someone saying someone said something, and it is truth.  It makes me, think, why would use that truth, if they loved someone?  If they truly want to be used by God.

Now when it comes to the truth of God.  I will not hide it.  I will not compromise it.  I will not dilute it.  I will not argue with it.  I will not try and twist it, leaving a word out here and there.  Nor will I try to undermine it.  In fact, I shout it out, because I know, what Gods truth, has done for me.  It has changed me, rearranged me, and showed me the path, I need to take in life.  But it angers me, when people, want me to shut up, because I know the truth.  And I am talking about my recent discovery of discrepancies between the King James Bible, and the NIV Bible.  (read my post The conspiracy between the King James bible, and the NIV Bible, scriptures deleted, compromised, changed, Is your Bible Holy?)

And these may be Christian brothers and sisters, who will not stand up with me, in truth.  For from their perspective, they live….“With a live, and let live mentality.” I am not against living, or taking away your choice.  But I know, that I know, Gods truth sets people free.  And I see, that so many may know the truth, but they do not share it.  For whatever reason, they hide it.  They do not tell others.  The beauty of truth, is, that when you know it, you can make the right decision.

Gods word, is truth, and when we see ourselves, in light of a Holy word, Gods word, Gods truth, we can make adjustments.  We have a choice.  But to stay, in the darkness, when we know Gods truth, is really sad, because there could be so much more to life.

In Gods truth.  I think a lot of it, is just plain laziness on peoples part, when it comes to searching for truth.  Gods truth.  And this is not toward any one in particular.  Or in judgment.  I just say this, because I used to be the same way.  But not any more, I discipline myself, to find Gods word, Morning, and night, and in-between, if I have opportunity, I am in the word of God, searching.  And wanting to share this beautiful explanation, from Gods perspective, so I can live better, so I can have a weapon against the enemy, even from myself, being my own worst enemy.  I want to change, and grow, and live, according to Gods plan.

But I also love Gods truth, for you.  For you to be motivated, inspired, and to give hope, so you can see the truth, and share it with someone else, as well.

It is hard to understand, why people are so cynical, and so angry, at a God, who loves us.  Some are so desperate.  For any need, they may have.  But if they did things His way, they would see change, they would see, joy, needs would be met.  And how else can you find the way, but by Jesus Christ. For He is the way, the truth and the Life.  John 14:6

Our nation, was built, on the foundation of God.  But it is sad, that this nation, does not embrace, the truths of God like it used to.  And I cannot help, and see, we are headed in a wrong direction.  Judgement is coming.  I just sense it, according to Gods word.  This is truth.  And even here, I ask, knowing Gods truth, where do you want to spend eternity?  In hell, or heaven?

Wake up, quit hiding the truth, and find it.  So you can get back on the right path again.  For life abundantly.  Christ came to give life, and life abundantly.  The enemy, comes to kill, steal and destroy.  This is truth.

And if I can speak truth, in love, thats maturity.  I do not want to judge people, or hit them with the Bible.  That is not my place, and I always have to be careful in matters like this.  But, I hate to see people, not get it, because they hide it.  Or because they get lazy.  Or because they are so preoccupied, with this, that, and the other, when if they would only seek God, truly, and his truth.  They would have a love, for the truth.    They would have an answer to life.  They would also be an answer to life.  Because God would use them to bring truth to others.  Because God brings truth, to help us.

I will just conclude, that we need to find and search for God, and his truth, more than ever.  We need to speak truth, we have to quit hiding it, and we need to get strength from God, to give it, and get it.  Because the way things are now, according to the word, we are going to need Gods truth, more the ever.  Don’t miss out, because you did not recognize truth.  Love Gods truth…

Just my Thoughts…..Elena Ramirez

Father, I thank you for your word, for your truth.  I pray, others, would see this.  I pray others would have a love for  your Holy truth, that sets one free. To know, Jesus, is the way, the truth and the life.  Your word is truth.  It is life.  My goal, is bring your truth, so I defend it.   In Jesus name.  Amen

Brethern if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him:  let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.  James 5:19-20

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