Selfishness is your enemy as a Liar.  Because it denies you the truth, to grow in Christ.  It prohibits your growth, because darkness, is evident, and is keeping out the light of God.  And one cannot grow without his truth being evident, and his light.  Which is the word of God.

Selfishness, can make someone, be their own worst enemy.

As I mature in Christ, I have come to identify, one enemy of a Christian is “Selfishness.”  When you break up the word, into syllables, the first part is “self.”  Self, is the flesh, and when we react to things, by our flesh, or by self, we are showing characteristics, that are selfish.

The devil was “Self”  all he wanted was to please himself, and from the beginning, we see, how, his intention, was to deceive Adam and Eve.  Because he wanted mankind to fall.  He wanted us to miss the blessing God had intended for us.  Because he deceived Eve, to think about “self.”

I have always thought, that God became jealous, for us, because we did not go to him, to verify what the devil said, and Eve took the bait, and ate from the fruit, from the tree of good and evil.  I just wonder, what would have happened, if the truth, had been exposed, from the devils lies?  For, it did bring curses, upon us because of their disobedience.  But Praise God, the blood of Jesus, can cleanse us from that.

So lets expose the lie from the devil, even here, about “selfishness”  by the Holy spirit.

Being selfish is evil.  It is stingy, it is only thinking of one-self, and if one does not see it, and catch it, and change it by Christ.  It will rot someone.  I don’t like selfishness.  I hate it in fact.  And there have been times, when I have seen it, and it really bothers me.

When I have seen it in Christians, I have many times, taken a deep breath and walked away, and then there are times, when I have called someone on it.  Because of any characteristic, that the devil will use, to hurt another Christian, is to leave “selfishness” unchecked.  Here are some characteristics to Selishness.

Ego-someone who is on a power trip, or who has a big attitude about self.  Me, me, me, only thinking of me attitude, that excludes the plans, or even aspirations of others.  Pride-expresses itself, by not giving in, or being humble.  And will not relent, even when the truth is present.  Another characteristic of pride, is noteable, when it comes to sharing ideas, concepts, instructions etc.  And it won’t offer truth.  Greed is another characteristic, of selfishness, it is constantly looking to hoard, or take on more, and more, and more….but not sharing, or living simple.

Because selfishness, has lost control, and it does not see anything else, besides being fulfilled.  That can be with sex, drugs, smoking, anything, that has to constantly be fulfilled by the flesh.  The sad thing is, when we are out of line in this way, the flesh is never fulfilled.  We have to see this on the inside.  The spirit.  Thats why Christ tells us to deny ourselves.  And pick up his cross.

These kind of people, do not want others to grow.  The sad thing is, and I have seen it recently, is that, honesty is not evident.

In fact, this is probably why I am writing this.  Because recently I met someone, who wanted to play a game with me, where it was concerning just giving me a plain, simple honest answer.  Yet, they professed to be a Christian.  But the fruit was not Christ like.  Nor was it in love.  By the way, I do forgive this person, and I pray, I am also forgiven, because strife did become evident.  And if people, bite and devour one another, they will be consumed.  So, I do bring this to the throne of God, for deliverance.  What the enemy intended for evil, I pray God will use for many for deliverance from selfishness.

Any way, I won’t get into specifics, about what totally transpired, but it expressed the fruit of selfishness from this person, and it reminded me, Christ, said for us to lay down our cross and follow him.  Denying ourself.

This is hard to do as a Christian sometimes.  And we are all growing on the vine at different places, but this is darkness, and it blocks our growth as Christians.

We are called, to help one another, or to see that one can grow.  And if anything, we are commanded not to lie one another. And to speak truth in love. Ephesians 4:15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.

But when I see someone, shifting from the truth to divert from one subject to another.  I see deception, I see the characteristics of the devil, and I see a liar.  And dear ones, as Christians those kind of characteristics are not things that should be evident.  In any one, who is professing to be a Christian.  Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one of another.  Ephesians 4:25.

We need to grow up.  In Christ.  We need to take the word of God and renew our minds.  We need to walk in love.  We need to see others needs, besides our own.  And not only be motivated, to want to be blessed for ourselves, but for others.  Love should be that motivation.  When it is not evident, it is sad to say, but it is selfishness……This is not what God has called us to be.

In our world, there are so many hurting, and broken people.  And as Christians, if we cannot learn just in little things, to be honest, and not selfish, we cannot do as much, as we could.  We ourselves, cannot grow.

And thats with Gods help.  His supernatural presence of love, and of giving.  God has blessed so many of us, to be a blessing to others, and when we get caught up, in just stupid, little things, that are motivated by self.  Then, we are not being used by God.  But by the enemy.  We need to see if we are ever having characteristics of him, so we should always be in a place of submission to God, resisting the devil, and he will flee.

I pray, that the body of Christ would see this.  Because this is one thing, that is not often brought up, but it needs to be in the forefront of our thinking, and our praying….Lord, take selfishness away from me, and instead, let your spirit reign, in my heart.

We cannot pick up our cross, and deny ourselves, until we come to the cross, repentant, humble in the sight of Almighty God.  To begin seeing self has to be put aside.  Then we can pick up, the cross, at least worthy enough, by the blood of Jesus, to begin being effective for Christ.

And then, that the spirit of Christ will be evident, in our giving, in our love, and in our hearts, not to lie.  For  in his giving, Christ gave us the greatest example of giving, by his life, by going to the cross, for our sins, and by love.

This needs to be evident in us.  Selfishness is your enemy, it is a liar.  Don’t listen to it any more.  Know what Gods word says, and be obedient, as you give of yourself.  Christ will bless you. Don’t lie to yourself any more.  Or others. See it, and bring it to the cross, and leave it there, and then you can pick up your cross, to serve Christ.

Selfishness, needs to be dealt with by the root, and destroyed, cleansed, by the blood of Jesus.  So one truly can be the best they can be, by giving this to God for change.  There will be fruit, of righteousness, for it will not longer be motivated by self, but by Christ, and his giving.

Just my Thoughts, with love, I speak this in truth…

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Honor….

Father, I thank you and praise you, that you have shown me who I truly can be in Christ.  Father, your word says, you turn from the proud, and you lift up the humble.  So, I do come before you humble.  Lord, all I know, is I don’t like the characteristic of selfishness, or a liar.  Lord, we need to speak truth, one to another, in love.  Putting away lying.  Thinking of others, and how they can grow.  How we can be the best, we can be for you.   I know, I have not always, walked in this.  Maybe that is why I hate it.  Because I have seen my own selfishness, and how it takes away from growing, who I truly can be in you.  I see, how it brings darkness, even to a Christian.  Renewing my mind, by your word, has brought me to a place, to see myself, to leave it at the cross.  I just pray the Body of Christ, would also see this.  So we can be effective for you.  Using all the word of God, not just parts of it, to justify myself, but to justify you, Lord.  Thank you for letting me write this today, I pray it brings some perspective, to be careful, not to have a spirit of selfishness, for it is a liar.  And I know you can see through a liar.  Change this in me, and in all of us, if this ever becomes evident.  We need to surrender to you.  To be the best we can be in Christ.  To deny ourselves, and carry the cross.  In Jesus name.  Amen

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