I am so happy to announce, my interview, with Terciah V. Smithen Quintana, from Lifesparks Ministries, and the founder also of Phenomenal Woman In Christ.

I have waited a long, long time.  For someone to see my potential, in Christ.  And she did.  I am so happy, because it is a new beginning in Christ, that I called forward, as his servant.  This is only the beginning.  For I serve the most high God.  King of Kings.

This dear lady, saw something in me, at a moment, when I was very discouraged.  Very sad, for you see, I have not been making any progress lately.  But I know this is a window, of a blessing….and I thank God for her.  I thank God for her and who she is in Christ, and how she ministered to me.

I don’t know many people in ministry.  Or people who have wanted to help me.  But she did, and I pray, God will pour out blessings to her.  She is truly a phenomenal woman in Christ, and I pray, she will be blessed abundantly.  As I grow, in my ministry, I want to help others, reach their potential.  Reach others for Christ.  Just as she helped me.

So take a few moments, and listen to the interview.  Here is my interview with her.  Thank you, and God bless you….and again I thank dear Tereciah.  Check out her ministry.  At the web page link, as well.

Click this link and then go to “Media Center”, and click “Interviews”… That will take you promptly to the interview. There is also a prompt to start the interview.  And there is also a script there, to read, from the interview.

God bless you, I hope it gives you more insight as to who I am, and also Tereciahs ministry.  And I pray, if you or someone you know, can help me, please book mark this interview.  I want to serve God, and serve others….with the love of Jesus Christ.  Lord, please, bring these people forward, so we can serve you, and bring glory and honor to your throne.

Elena Ramirez  Just my thoughts, with love.

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The Best of God (A Testimony) This is a testimony of how God answered my prayer in Florida, by a sweet and beautiful way.  I hope it blesses you.

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  1. dear sister Elena….congratulations for this new beginning in your efforts to share your heart with others …may Our Heavenly Father guide you and bless you in this new season.

    • Thank you, so very much. I do feel encouraged. God is able. Nothing is impossible with him. And I know it more then ever, and I want to share that in my faith, so others will be encouraged. So thank you, may God bless you, for the kindness. Elena

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