So many people, are moved by what they feel.  Not by what the word of God says.

Letting emotions, take control over someone, and by that kind of thinking, there is no true harness, to control or to change thinking.  So like on a ride, you can either be moved, up or down, in and out, and going with the flow, of it, like on a bad ride, at the amusement park.

And the only one, who really is amused at this kind of thinking is the devil.  Because he does not want you to take Gods truth, and learn, who you can be.  He does not want you to know, that God, has given you authority, to rule your life, your emotions, by His word.  So people, who do not know God, do what they feel, say what they want to say, and anything goes.  And when they crash spiritually, they can reach out for something to numb the pain, like drugs, or sex, or cigarettes, and alcohol.  SIN.

A perfect example is someone says something, or  someone gets offended, and immediately, they are offended, upset, agitated, and even angry.  When we as Christians should know immediately, not to be moved by the emotion, but to immediately forgive.  Or to know, not to do anything hasty, or in anger, but to seek God.  But instead, they are moved by the anger, the emotion of it, and they have no self-control.  And the words start flying….and the hurt with it.  When God could have made a way.  Choosing, his peace.  His self-control.  Theres always a way, with God.  But you cannot be moved by the emotion.  I have never seen positive results from being led by that kind of emotion.

To be honest, I don’t like being around those kind of people.  They are not consistent, and I hate to be in a guessing game, as to whether or not they are approachable, to even say hello to.  So, sometimes, I withdraw as well, because I cannot trust personalities, that are so prone to be moved by their emotions.  For I have found in most cases they will totally reject even who I am in Christ.  They are defiant, and in denial, moody, and just plain, hard to get a long with….

But when someone is open, I try to share…..even my own life, as a testimony.

Because, when someone is only led by their emotions, it is hard, to get someone to see that, they can have a change, from by what they feel.  Because, the truth of the matter is, many people are in denial.  People, do not like to be told, that what you feel, is necessarily, not what can be.  Or that God is the solution.

A person, has got to want to change, by the renewing of their mind, to even suggest, that their may be a solution.

People led by their emotions, do not like authority.  They reject Gods authority.  They do not like someone, who understands, Gods principles, and truths, and so they take offense.  So, it can be hard, to communicate with some.  Because they just don’t want to look at a different perspective.

Or it could be, that they have been told, for so long, that your a loser, your stupid, your this, or that, and they have been trained, to believe the lie.  So the emotion of someone, who has received, that kind of garbage for so long, does not really know any better…

How the heart of God, must ache for some…who just want to do, what they want to do, and they are not open, to change, they are not open, to find a solution to their problem.  Or for those, who put down Gods truth, because it does not meet their intellectual understanding.

I know, this may sound cliche, but with God, there is always an answer, there is nothing too hard for him, there is nothing too impossible with God. And whether that sounds cliche or not, I know it, because its in Gods word….And it has soothed me, comforted me, taught me, and given me stability, in a world, where anything goes…..

Now I can write about this, because for many, and I hate to admit it, but for many years, I was moved, by my emotions.  And not by Gods truth.  I did not have a lot of guidance, or structure, that motivated me.  As I grew up.  I did not have inspiration, from God, because, I did not seek God.  I wanted to do things my way.  Sure, I might have said a prayer, here and there.

But things really did not change, until, I began searching, with great effort for God, by his Holy word.

But theres something, to be said, about hitting the bottom of the barrel, and you are so broken, and so lost, and so out of control, that you begin, thinking of the possibilities, that with God, maybe it can change.  Sadly, when I look at it in retrospect, I think, I wish, I had not gone through all the drama, all the sadness, all the brokeness, but then how, could I sit here and write, that I know a better way, if I had not the comparison?

So, I can honestly and truthfully say, that with Gods wisdom, from his word, I have learned, to know truth, real truth, that will not toss me to and fro.  I have an anchor, in life.  Yes, God is so good to me, he brought me a wonderful stable husband, and together we search for God.  But you cannot depend on others, for your own stability, or for your own well being.  For peace that can only come from God.  The bible says, there is no peace to the wicked.  You have to gain control, and begin searching for God, whether others do or not do that with you.  And is it easy?…No not always.

Because it can turn into spiritual warfare.  The devil, may try to throw you a curve.  But hold your ground, by wearing the armor of God, and when all you can do is stand, stand on the word of God.  God will get you through this emotion.  Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  Ephesians 6:11

Yes, God, by his word, has brought me an understanding, of who He is.  It is so comforting to me, especially, when I cannot understand, why something is the way it is, but I don’t have to lose my mind over it.   I can trust God.  His ways, are not our ways.  I don’t have to fall apart, I can keep my peace.

What is it about Gods love, that just settles me in my heart, to just know, I can maintain, a sense of calmness, even when I see every body else just falling apart?  It just becomes “well with my soul.”  I can’t fully explain it, but I know, I have my part in it too. By learning, to not react, to situations, by emotions, but by analyzing the situation, first, and looking for a solution, comes from Gods word.

By prayer.  By taking anything that comes my way, and seeking a solution from God, for every need, for every want, for every fear, I do not have to succumb, to the emotion, but by Gods help, and guidance.  The beauty of who he is, just reminds me, not to get caught up in the emotion, but what does his word say?

Reminding me, by this special, and precious book of life, the Bible, that God gives us, that there is an answer, or there is a way, to get through it, calms me.  We all have different experiences, and we all do not have the same opportunities, but there is always an answer, if we seek God.

But since, I am writing about this, I have to tell you in all honesty, it very well does make a difference as to what Bible version you use.  I have written countless posts on this, and in my book, “How To Have Faith”  My Secret Principles of Faith+With a true and living God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

 But it needs to be said, because the other versions, are no longer holy.  With missing scriptures, and compromising of Gods word, they are not anointed.  You need an anointed word, and the King James Bible is preserved, I recommend you use that.  Think of your spirit, as a computer, and if it has gotten a virus, from bad doctrine, you will never have the true mind of Christ.  Because the computer your spirit, has been contaminated.

Yes, the goal, is to get saved, but then after that, the goal, is to renew your mind, by Gods word, and truth, so you will not be moved, by what you feel, but what Gods word says…..To get understanding, and knowledge, and yes wisdom. When His word, and truth becomes evident in your heart, you may be able to be like me, and look back and say, yes, I am moved, by what Gods word says, not by what I feel.

But you have to be hungry and thirsty for Gods truth, you have to want to discipline yourself, and seek him, and pray to him.  The desire to find God, and his ways, has to be a priority.

And let me just make this clear, theres nothing wrong, by having some emotions, like crying etc.  We are human, we have feelings.  God made us that way, and sometimes like crying it is a cleansing, and an outlet.  But we cannot let that dictate to us, our sense of being.  We cannot let our feelings dictate to us our behavior.  Knowing what Gods word says, keeps us in line, and keeps our emotions in check.  Let the emotion pass, for it will, and line it up with Gods word, and it will be well with your soul.

Whether I feel like it or not, it does not matter.  Gods truth, will stand the test of time….For God does not change.  I change, because of God…..And it has nothing to do with emotion, it has everything to do with who He is.  Almighty God.

Just my thoughts, with love,

by Elena Ramirez

For whatsoever is born of God, overcometh the world:  and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.  I John 5:4

A Prayer of Hope and Honor….

Father, thank you for teaching me, to be moved, by what your word says.  Thank you for showing me, how, to discipline myself.  So, I will not be tossed to and fro, with every piece of doctrine, or emotion.  That immediately, say for example, I am offended, I do not react by that.  I know, to forgive.  Taking it all to the obedience of Christ, and the cross.  Lord, thank you, for stilling my heart, and speaking to me, to always comfort, to always know.  You are the greatest teacher.  Lord, we do not always have the benefit, of a good upbringing in Christ, or to be trained to do this.  But, I am so glad you have taught me, to harness my emotions, to not express everything, by emotion.  By feelings….Lord, thank you for maturing me, in this, and I pray, my friend here, if dealing with this, also, would recognize, your truth, and that the problem, would be identified, so you can also make a way.  You are the way, in every way, you are the way, the truth, and life, and I thank you for guiding us all in this.  Thank you Lord Jesus.  And in your name.  Amen

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