In considering the greatest commandment Jesus gave us,in Matthew 22:37-39, we are to Love God with all our hearts, soul, and mind, and to love one another, I contemplate, what would it take first and foremost, to show that?

And what came to me, is loyalty. Loyalty to God, and to others, is a characteristic hard to find. I suppose, it does need to be developed. To be aware of it. To please God.

I always, wonder, how God felt, when Adam, and Eve, talked to the snake in the garden, and instead of going to God, to find out if the devil, was lying, they believed the devil, and were deceived. We all reaped, the curse of that sin. What would have been different, if they had been loyal to God, then, and asked him? Our world would be different, there would be no curse. Adam, and Eve would have shown their loyalty to God.

Honoring someone, with your friendship, and loyalty, is a great gift, one, that I always look for myself, in a person. But it is only shown, when tested, to be proven.

To develop our loyalty, I am sure God does test us. To see how we will react, or what we will do, in certain situations. Testing the spirit, to see, if we will come out as gold. Refined, by his hand.

He sees, and knows everything…It kind of makes you want to look and see within, to see what you are displaying to him. Testing yourself….

As true sons, and daughters of the King of Kings, we are a royal priesthood, and loyalty, to our Lord, should be evident in our character, and in our love to one another.

Christ, was loyal to God, for us, he went to the cross, and gave of his life. So, the curse would be broken, and so that we can have life abundantly.

Worshiping, God in spirit, and in truth, as the scripture says, God is looking for this. Those, who will worship him, in spirit, and in truth. Today, what can I do, to show my loyalty to God? In loving others, and in loving him, with all my heart, soul, and mind?

Feel free to share, if this blesses you, it may bless someone else, in love….

Just my thoughts, Elena Ramirez

Father, just a simple prayer of Hope, and honor to you.  I ask to bless you.  I ask, for a loyal heart, to bless you, and that you would see that in me.  To you, and to my true friends, I will be loyal.  Help me, correct me, if I am off balance in this.  For your glory, in Jesus name.  Amen 

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