In this world, we live in, there are many voices. And I seem to have a discernment, and understanding, to know my Fathers voice. Christ did say, we would know his voice, and another we would not follow.  John 10:27  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.

So because I know my Fathers voice, I seek him to guide me. And a counterfeit, I sometimes, can see through. Because I know my Fathers voice…..

And well….Again, because there are so many voices out there, I am careful, as to what I read, and quote. I don’t listen to everybody, just because they say they come in the name of the Lord. Because though some may some things that sound Christian, or even biblical, I look at the fruit. Questions I may ask myself is:

Do they walk in Love?

Is their comments, or expressions based on the Bible?  The King James Holy Bible?

Do they judge others?

Do they have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof?

Do they take one part of the scripture, though, and only justify what they want and exclude the rest?

So there are a lot of questions I ask myself, but I tell you in truth, everything, I write, and comment, about….I pray, comes from the heart of God. And I am learning to fine tune my thinking, to His thinking, because I want it to be based on the word of God.

But that means, I have to read his word, digest it, and meditate on it. Pray about it, as well. It means, I have to know, truth, within, so I am not deceived.

There are a lot of voices out there, but if they are wolves in sheeps clothing, their goal is to deceive. Beware. You do not want to fall in the traps of the enemy. Look at the fruit. And be original. God will speak to you…as to what is truth, and what is a counterfeit. The goal, is to seek his voice, above others.

Seeking God, to hear His voice, to know His will, and to guide you, He will do so. You don’t always, need another person, to find ideas, or to know truth. Gods truth, speaks for itself. God can direct you. And yes, protect you, from wolves, in sheeps clothing.

And I tell you this, so you can avoid, becoming a wolf yourself, in sheeps clothing, because their spirit of deception came upon you, and changed your heart from truth, to believe the lie.

Just my thoughts, with Love,

Elena Ramirez


F ather, I pray, to hear your voice, without distractions.  You tell us, your sheep will know your voice.  But, I want to make sure, I hear you, and only you.  I pray, even though, I may hear a prophetic word, or a word from one of your people, that the spirit, of you Lord is upon them, and I would not make a mistake about what I hear.  Help me, to hear your voice, more clearly, make it clear, and let me just know that you have spoken truth to me.  Without confusion.  Thank you Lord, for showing me, and my brothers and sisters, the difference from your voice, and that from the enemy.  So, I will not follow any sheep, in wolves, clothing.  Thank you Lord.  Amen 




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