The answer to that is, yes….for no matter what we do, others will observe our behavior, our fruit, our testimonies, etc.  And will look to see who we are.  We all do that, we check one another out.

Now we are also called not to judge one another, especially, out of love….

But I want to talk about judging ourselves.  Or rather, I know the Lord, wants us to judge ourselves.  For in doing so, we learn.  We change, we repent…and if you love God, you will want to do things His way.

Now, according to scripture, we know, we fall short of that, we know, that His ways, are not always our ways….but if you love God, you keep trying.  You keep trying to reach the goal of holiness.

As we mature, in Christ, we begin looking at our ways.  Thats the Holy Spirit, convicting you….and it is so important to want to grow.

If we are judged, yes, it does hurt, but if the righteous, judge us, and in love, we can receive instruction.  And there is so much to consider, because, if we are judged, and their is condemnation, it can make someone stumble.  So, I don’t encourage judging others, but I do encourage love.  And yes, judging ourselves.  And this is such a deep subject.  But if you are in a position, to bring criticism to someone, do it in love.  If not….well, It can make a Christian, leave the faith.  Or wound….and we have to careful.  This is something, we all have to work out.  Our love walk, and with others…So, as Christians we do need to be careful about that.

But, when judging ourselves, we have to be conscious, to abstain, from the appearance of evil.  You may think it is innocent.  But what is it?  Will it lead to something evil?  Say, you have a flirtatious personality.  What does that married man think?  You may not have those intentions, but the “appearance” of it, can cause others to judge you, or the devil himself, will speak to that man, and suggest you are interested….and again this is so deep, but what are we expressing?

We have to judge ourselves.  Especially, if we come in the name of the Lord.

For the devil, is the accuser of the brethern.  Revelation 12:10, and he will take your fruit, and if it does not withstand the truth, it will be condemned.

We may think, we are doing something unto the Lord, but if the fruit of it, would cause someone to stumble, that is not of God, but the devil.  We do not want to make someone stumble, nor do we want to be condemned with the world.  For Christ, will return, and we will be judged.

It does hurt, sometimes, when we are judged, criticized, or our works are brought to the light.  But thats why it is so important, to remain humble, and pliable, in the sight of God.  Turning away, from our pride, which comes from the devil, and being humble in his sight.  The Bible says, let the righteous smite me, it shall be a kindness….(Read Psalm 141:5)

Dear ones, that smarts, when we are judged.  It hurts, but we have to grow, we have to want to see, the error of our ways.  We need to know what Gods word says.  We need to let God correct us.  For whom God loves, he does correct.

Abstain, from the appearance of evil.  Let our works glorify God, in holiness.  Let our fruit, that will judged be that of love, chastity, humbleness, holiness, and all that is pure and good.

For others are watching, following behind, we will be accountable, to God, and for others.  Yes, we must judge ourselves, and look within, daily, seeking God, and seeking His truth, so we can be changed, more like Christ.

And remember, no matter what you may have done.  The love of Christ, brings, conviction, not condemnation.  Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is NOW no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit.

If you find yourself condemning yourself.  Lighten up….go to God, and repent.  Change your ways…by the word of God.

And. if you find others condemning you, they are not your friends.  So, be careful who you seek guidance and counsel from.  Love, forgives, and love also, is honest.  Be honest with yourself, and judge yourself, so others will not judge you…



Just my thoughts, with Love….

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, I bless you, and come before you with a humble heart.  Lord, daily, I need to look at myself, and seek you, and judge myself, so I will not be judged.  So, I can avoid the wrath of you my Lord.  Lord, change me, give me a discerning heart, of love, so that if I do see wrong myself, I will speak it in love.  We so need to be careful, that we do not wound other Christians, who may not even know, they are doing something wrong.  We all sin, we all come short, of your glory….Lord, I just pray, that this will encourage us, to look within.  To want to grow, to want to change, to be more like you, we do have to judge ourselves.  We rebuke the accuser, the enemy, but in love, we know, your voice….In Jesus name.  Amen


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