I used to be so adamant about making my point, and trying to enforce it. No longer do I do that. I have a pretty strong willed personality as it is. But Christs love, teaches me, to be humble, to be sweet, and to express love, especially when someone does not agree with me.

And it just made me think, because we are called to love one another. But what better time, is love really needed? But when you do not agree with someone.

I wish I had that, growing up. To be able to agree, to disagree, even to negotiate, or to resolve issues. I did not have it. So, it did take its toll on some of my relationships….But not anymore.

For, I have learned, through Christ, because we are all on the vine, at different places, that love really has to be front and center of my heart, mind, and spirit. It keeps me balanced. It keeps me strong. It keeps bitterness out of my heart. Petty arguments, are not worth, losing my joy, or losing, the blessings, that love brings. I do realize, that I am not always right. I do realize, even with those, I converse with, as Christians, we do not always see eye to eye. People have different, experiences, different, views, and sometimes, we cannot always come to an agreement, even concerning Gods word. Which is sad.

Now I will be clear here, that I do not compromise, who I am in Christ. Or His word, or truth. But, I can do it, in love.

But, what should remain, evident, in the sight of God, and even that old ugly devil, who wants to steal your blessings, is love, that should be evident. As Christ taught us. And because of who He is. His sacrifice, and demonstration of love, was the greatest example.

No matter what. Hold onto that love, so you can shake off the insults, shake off, the hurt, shake off, what the enemy is trying to do, and that is get you out of love. Because he wants to steal the blessings God has for you.

Its hard, but with practice, and Christ it can be done. I know….Blessings, and much love, Let us walk in love, and not in the flesh, but in the spirit of Christ. In truth….And in everything we do, with believers and non-believers, so Christ can be seen in us. Let love show, especially, when someone does not agree with you.



Father, how I pray, you help me, and the reader to display love, in all situations.  To not be touchy, or moody, to express the love of Christ, in all situations.  Thank you, Lord, In Jesus name.  Amen 


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