Have you ever heard, you are what you eat?  That also applies, to what you eat, spiritually, and can be manifested, to the physical as well.  I feel a very strong message here, and I don’t want to gross you out.

But, you may need to see this, if you need to see, what you are doing, may very well be wrong for you, in the sight of God.  I am talking about, what you eat spiritually.  Are you eating the things of Jesus, and the word of God, or are you eating things of the devil, the world, that will decay your spirit, and your soul.  Even to the place, where it may also affect your physical health?  Your salvation?

Look very carefully, at this top photograph.  To the left, is a golden cup, filled with wine.  And a loaf, of bread.  It represents Christ and the blood He shed.  He told us to have communion with him, in remembrance of Him.

To the right, is a clear glass, that is half full,or half empty, depending on your own perception.   Containing wine, and the bread with it, is moldy.  It is decaying.  Which one do you want to eat?  Which one is healthy for you?

Both of these illustrations are symbolic, to what we eat, and who we are, with or without Christ.  The Lord, has been giving me this message, for a while, and now, I sensed, is the time to present it.  For the body of Christ, should understand the sacrifice Christ made.  And I can write a book on this, or at least a great chapter, in my book, if the right publisher came along….

But, we need to see, what are we putting in our bodies.  Spiritually.  What are we eating?  Are we sitting at the table of the Lord, and yet, are we sitting at the table ot the devil?

Are we claiming we are Christians, yet, we are into things, that are offensive to God? What are we reading?  Watching, on television?  Studying?  Are they satanic?  Are they evil?  Are they adulterous?  Do they mock God, and you accept it?  Are they vampire movies, or movies about witches?  Calling evil good? You know Halloween, is just a few months away, but I have seen Christians, who claim they are Christians embrace that Holiday.  What does God see?

All I know, is this, is that Christ, told us, he was the bread of Life.  And for us to in remembrance, take the bread, take the wine, that represented His blood and life, and to live life holy.  His body, broken for us, became the way, for redemption.  He took the curse for us, because He had no sin.  So with that comes, great responsibility on our parts, to be aware not to mix doctrine, not to hate, not to take vengeance, etc.

It also means, and this may sting, but are you giving the devil, alot of attention?  Are you taking your eyes off of Christ, and just seeing the devil do things?  Not aware God is the King of Kings, and has power, to heal you, bless you, change you?  He after all created the heavens and the earth.  Are you letting the devil deceive you?

It means, to the point, that you cannot say you are a Christian, but act like the devil. The sacrifice of Christ, was too great, for us to treat His death, and life, as shabby.

To the world, they have no true understanding of that. They do not understand, that God made a way through Christ.  But do we as Christians understand this as well?

Dear one, this stale moldy bread, represents what can happen, if we do not see the picture in this.  We cannot call ourselves Christians, if we partake in things that are unholy.  Or, offensive to God.  Are you claiming you are a Christian, yet you are going to psychic?  Are you reading your horoscope?  Are you receiving any ungodly counsel?  Are you celebrating evil holidays? (Halloween) Are you mocking, and putting down people of God?  Because you see something wrong.  The world does this kind of foolishness.  We are called to love one another.  When you speak against a prophet of God, that is not good.  This is some dangerous stuff, to mess with.  It is spiritual food, we are eating, and sometimes, sharing with others.  Our influence, affects others as well.  So we have to as Christians, know the difference.

For God warns us, to be careful, he commands us, to live life holy unto him.  As you can see in this scripture, of Hosea 9:4, (READ IT YOURSELF) God is saying those who do not eat right before him, and again talking spiritually.  They have no place in His Kingdom.

This subject has so many categories to comprehend, but the bottom line, is it can also affect your Salvation…..What if you lost your place of salvation, because you did not heed this?

The world, is greedy.  It cheats, it lies, it cuts corners, it steals, from its own.  The devil, has deceived so many people, in so many ways, and takes, he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  What gets me so angry, as Christians, if we continue to be so passive in this, many will fall.  Many will be lost to satan, because we as Christians, are not eating ourselves, bread, and wine, that is truly holy, and that of Christ.  How we be a good example, if we do not see it?  How can we tell people the difference?  And this is not to judge anyone, but to seek God, and judge ourselves.

I have not heard a message on this.  And if God used me, to bring it to the forefront, I would.  Its that important.  We cannot claim to be Christians, and sit at the devils table.  We must see it.  We must make the choice, and change, by repenting first, and withdrawing from the devil.  Giving him no place in our lives.  Doing everything, Christ came to fulfill, not to abolish, but to fulfill, in our lives.

I pray, my cup is worthy, for even as I began writing this, I sensed, how important it is to God.  How vital it is to our own Salvation, if we recognize this.  To not eat at the devils table.

To live and that which we eat, unto Christ, to the best of our ability, because of who He is in us, to live life, in remembrance of him.  Eating at the table of righteousness.

And with a closing thought, grateful, so very grateful to God.  For all of His blessings, for His love, that made a way through Christ.  Yes, giving thanks before a meal is shared, bringing Christ to the table.  Making mention of him, in remembrance of him.  Giving thanks….For that is a feast, that is not corrupted, by anything.  It will not be manifested into decay.  The devils fruit, will decay, and within, if you let it.

Just my thoughts, a very strong, but firm message, I do say, in His love.  What are you eating?  For you are what you eat spiritually, and physically.

Elena Ramirez

 I Corinthians 10:21


A Prayer of Hope and Honor

Father, Lord God Almighty, King of Kings, I adore you, and praise you.  Lord, I sense such an urgency in my heart, as I write this post, for “Just My Thoughts.” And I pray, we would take this to heart, to see, and recognize, that which we eat, is manifested to our physical, and spiritual being.  That we must eat unto holiness, and yes giving thanks to you.  Grateful.  Turning from the things of the devil.  Not looking at him, but at you.  `Walking in love, these are all things, of the fruit of the spirit, that require, our obedience.  Lord, I just pray, this may open someones eyes, and they would not eat from the devils table.  Obedient to you, in love, and for that someone who does not know you, I pray, they would see, and give their hearts to you.  No longer eating from the table of the devil.  But unto Christ.  For he gave his blood, and body for us.  By His stripes we truly are healed.  Physically, and spiritually.  Let us take this with great understanding and wisdom, because of your great love.  Thank you Father.  In Jesus name.  Amen​/Elena-RamirezJust-My-Thoughts​Christian-Author-Inspirational​-Speaker/114977635248622?ref=t​s

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