I want to build a foundation, as I write “Just My Thoughts.”  So, with that thought in mind…we know, Jesus Christ is the cornerstone, of our faith.

Everything, we are, in him, is built on the foundation of who He is.  And as we grow, we grow in all of His attributes, personality, authority, and beauty, of who He is.

First and foremost, Jesus is love.  And if we are truly, Christians, love, will be evident in who we are in him.

God is love, and so we need to be completely, submitted to that love. I John 4:7-8 Beloved let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God.  He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

We must be aware, of our actions, our fruit, the appearance, of what is seen by God, and others.  So we must constantly, be working on that love, and letting Christ rule, as the foundation.

Yesterday, I went to church, and there was a guest speaker there.  And this gentleman, gave basically a message, about being “consistent” in whatever you do for God.  To keep practicing, and doing whatever it is that you do.  He gave an example of Billy Graham.  And how Billy Grahams Sunday school teacher taught him, and inspired him.  And well, the rest is history, Billy Graham is one of the most beloved, well respected, and admirable, people of God, who has made an affect for the Kingdom of God.  He is a soul winner.

And this message so inspired me.  Because I want to be a soul winner.  I want to do great things for God.  And I want God to get glory in what I do, so I know, I need to be consistent, in many things.

But as I prayed, last night, I prayed, a small prayer, Lord, just help me to be “consistent.”  And the first thing, I felt the Lord speak to me this morning, is that I need to be consistent, in my love walk.  Walking in love with others.  Walking in love….

You see, this is a hard thing for me, on my own, in the natural.  Because I did not have love growing up.  Sure, I am sure my mom loved me.  But I did not have a “loving” family foundation.  Her and my father were divorced.  And when I grew up, I grew up fighting.  Fighting to survive, and sometimes just fighting.  Instigating, a fight.  A lot of times fighting with my mom.  So, for the most part, and maybe even some of my school friends remember this about me, I was in a lot of fights.  Not able to get along with people.  Sometimes, just defending myself, because of the environment, but it was so very prevalent.  Even in the business world.

So when I became a Christian, God became working on that with me.  I can successfully say, even after almost 25 years of marriage, and love, between me and my husband, and son, I walk the walk of love.  But God is the foundation of our marriage.  We married in holiness.  We made a covenant, that will not be broken, until death do us part.  God, our Lord, Jesus is the cornerstone, of our marriage.

So, I have learned, not to cast stones.  Not to bring up things, that hurt, or push peoples buttons, or to start a fight….If someone gets me angry, and I do get angry sometimes, but what I learned is, to let Christ be the spirit, that rules my heart.   I have learned to be consistent, in this love, no matter what…..

I just want to encourage you.  Being consistent, in love, should be in the forefront of our minds, souls, and spirit.  It does not come by osmosis.  But by Christ.  By letting Christ and his Holy spirit, guide us, to do and think all in love.  To learn, to walk away from an argument, or confrontation, and let love rule.  To let love, cover a multitude of sins.  For love never fails.  To agree, to even disagree in love.  To not argue, about doctrine, or the ways of the law, God, or whatever, because love, needs to be prevalent. To not pound anything anything in anybody, but to let love….Let God.

I know, this is something, I have to work at, but you know, what…?  I want to be consistent in this.  I want to be an expert, at love.  I want to do everything, that pleases my Lord, because of his great sacrifice.  The other day, I wrote, briefly, that when someone, displeases me, or angers me, or the devil is trying to get me to be resentful, I remember, what Christ did for me, and that he forgave me.  If he forgave me, I can forgive that person too.  Because he died for that person too.  And more then anything, He loves that person.

With a thought like that, I cannot throw stones.  I must continue on my walk with Christ in love.  I must be consistent, in love…

Just my thoughts, in love….

Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Honor and Hope

Father, I praise you, and ask for guidance, and wisdom, and more then anything love.  Love to walk in life, with you and with others.  Love, that will not cast stones.  But love, that will remind me, and others, that you my Christ, are my Lord, and savior.  To walk away from disagreements, to not stir up strife, to not be an instigator, to know the difference, between love, and the fiery darts, the enemy tries to throw at me, to get out of my love walk.  Father, pour your love in my spirit, by your word, your compassion, your mercy, and all that is holy, that reminds me, of how great your love is.  Thank you Lord, for your love, that surpasses all of my understanding, but that is prevalent in my heart.  For you love, me, with a love, I cannot put into words, but all I can say, is thank you, and I want to show and share this love, that you give.  In my own way, giving back what you have given me.  Love.  In Jesus name.  Amen


God bless you, as you share this, and share LOVE……

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