Iron, sharpens iron.  So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.  Proverbs 27:17.  

Not everyone, has true friends.  But when you do, you count them as a gift from God.  I feel blessed, that I have a few good friends.  They are gifts from God.  Some, I see, and talk to here and there, and some, I don’t even know, all of them, by their faces, in person, but they are friends.  They bless me, and I pray, I bless them.  Like iron, sharpening iron.

Everyone, has a gift, within.  Some may see it, more then others.  The wonderful thing, is that friends, can draw it out of you.  They know how to “push” the right buttons, to inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you.

I like to do that, with my friends, and even some enemies to be honest.  Because I want to be the kind of person, that speaks truth, and sees the best in everyone.  I want to encourage people.  In the love of Christ.  Thats, one of the reasons,why I write…

Anyway, I know some people, who do not like to compliment others, because they feel, it will give someone a big head, or if anything, because they are jealous.

They see, the potential, the ability, and instead, it makes them look at themselves, and think, they are not adequate, or they are not gifted.  Which is the furthest thing from the truth.  Because God blesses us all.  But one must see it.  I have learned, and I am not perfect at this, but I have quit trying to compare myself to anybody.  I see my potential in Christ.

For, you will find, less, and better people in this world, in all forms of life, gifts, and attributes.  I could get caught up on the thought, that there are better writers then me. Prettier, people, smarter people….and on and on, and on.

But, comparing yourself, to anyone, is just a waste of time, and really, a ploy from the devil, to get you off track, and get your mind on “me, me, me” so you will not be fulfilled by God.  We all know his track record, he had the mindset, that it was all about him.  Thats pride, thats ego, and that comes from the devil.  We want to be careful, not to fall into that trap.

Anyway, call it maturity, or old age, I refuse, to do that, with my self-esteem anymore.  I do not want to waste my time, on just thinking about me.  I want to keep my eyes on Jesus.  On his countenance.  On his glory.  If I don’t I will miss it.  So if I compare myself, I will lose my focus.  For,  I am a child of God, just as much as the other person is.  I do not want to be my own enemy.  So, I try to be positive.  But, I am human. I do make mistakes, but I do not want to be beating myself up.  Or others.

And sometimes, though, we do need to sharpen each other.  Especially, concerning who we are in Christ.  By example, by love, by Gods word.  Truth…We do need to draw out, the hidden gifts, and callings of one another.  We need to help each other.  Being patient with one another, compassionate, and appreciative, of others gifts, abilities, and attributes.

I have a friend, a very good friend, who I love dearly, but the one thing that appealed to me, about her immediately, was her generosity.  (To everyone, and including me.)  She always, gives from her heart.  And, to share, her blessings, totally blew me away. It was extravagant, and made one notice.  So I am totally, inspired by her, myself, to be a giver.  Well, thats how it works.

When we sharpen, the countenance of one another.  We come out being better, people, by doing things, that reflect Christ.  Christ was a giver, my friend is a giver.  That has sharpened, my sense, to be a giver.   I want to be the kind of person, that draws out the best, of someone.  Not the worst.

When I know something about someone, and they reveal their pet peeve to me, I consider it.  I don’t want to “push” that button, to make them angry, or hurt them. Or bring out the worst in them.  It would be evil, to have that kind of knowledge, and use something about them, to irk them.

Yet, there are people, who will take knowledge, or your history, and purposely, try to hurt you.  Or there are people, who may have knowledge, to help you, and instead, they withold it.  So you will not get the benefit.  I just want to say, that again is evil.  Do you know that,what you reap is what you sow?  In other words, “What goes around, comes around.”  You will get yours….whatever it is you give in life.  It is a principle, like what goes up, must come down.

Anyway, so when that happens, thats what they know, and thats what they have learned, and practiced.  Sadly, so, sometimes, it is hard to trust people.

But, I want to encourage you, to be someone, who sees the best in others.  To not hold back, a compliment, or an opportunity, to sharpen your friends, countenance, gifts and callings etc.  Encourage one another, in Christ, by the word, and be the kind of friend, that is loyal, true, and always a friend.  And so very, importantly, and I cannot let this pass.  PRAY FOR YOUR FRIENDS!

I have had friends, that just went away, the friendship was dissolved.  But in my heart, I will always love them, and pray for them, and pray, God bless them.  I just wont be able to encourage them, or sharpen their countenance, because they made the choice to leave.

I admit, myself, I have left friends, because they were not a good influence.  But I still love them, in my heart.  A friend loves at all times.  Proverbs 17:17.  Anyway, Be a friend, who is true, who will be there in any need.  And then see, the blessing, of that person in return, and see yourself changed.  See yourself, at the best of your ability.

If anything, be your own best friend, and sharpen yourself.  Never forget, God is your best friend.  Christ will, never leave you or forsake you.  Even if others do.  Christ won’t. Hold onto that, and let it make you the best, you can be.  The word of God, is sharper, then any two-edged sword.  Let it sharpen you to be the best.

I tell you this as a friend, and I do not even know you….

Just my thoughts, with Love, Elena Ramirez

A Prayer of Hope…

Father, I thank you, that you sent Christ, to be the greatest of friends.  A friend, that will never leave or forsake me.  A friend, who will counsel me, and guide me.  A friend, who protects me, and guards my heart.  By your truth, Father.  Lord, I want to be a good friend, one, that will sharpen, the countenance of my friend, to help my friends, be the best that they can be.  Lord, I want to be a friend, to your friends.  And an enemy to your enemy.  I want to please you, in this called “friendship.”  Lord, may everything, I do be a reflection of Christ.  In His love, His compassion, and in His truth.  I want to speak truth, like He did.  But always in Love.  So, love would be magnified.  For you are Love Father.  Thank you, in Jesus name.  Amen



God bless you, as you share this post, and share LOVE……

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