Warning and some thoughts:  This post, is the hardest thing, I have had to write lately.  I have been in ministry for over 20 years.  On Gods good side.  Yet, I know, I have made mistakes.  I have sinned.  But I have repented.  I did what I saw others do in ministry.  Do I want to judge anybody? No.  For, I know, I will offend someone.  It will convict, or condemn, someone who is using the gospel, for their own monetary purposes.  For those who do have an anointing, in prosperity, and share ALL of the gospel, of Christ, it is not meant for them.  But for those, who are manipulators, Christ will overturn the tables.  You are warned.  But I thank God, for his grace, and forgiveness.  I pray, this will just help someone in ministry, for the right reason.  The reasons of God.  And why He sent His son, Jesus Christ for us.  


I think this is going to be, one of the most difficult messages, I have ever wrote.  More then ever, I know there is a God.  I also know, what His word says about, talking about, or putting down His people.  I know, that He corrects those He loves, to be obedient.  I know now, to be obedient.  So here goes….

Wow….I pray, I bring truth and love to this message, because I feel it stirring in my heart, so very, very much.  Its the Holy Spirit, just prompting me.  I can’t walk away, from this message.  Because it is needed.  The body of Christ needs to see this.  Leaders need to see this.  And, all I can say, before I write this, as a prayer, and even in love, I pray, not to judge anyone, because I am not naming any names.  Nor is it directed to anyone I know.  For I have, had to judge myself in this matter, as well.  But, I feel like God, wants to use me, to speak a word of truth…..

This is to the leaders of the church.  This is a message, to anyone who is in ministry, for the wrong reasons.  This is to awaken people, the body of Christ, and the lost, to know, the prosperity message, is not the true message of Jesus Christ, in part….

For the truth of the matter is, that there are some very smart, intelligent, knowledgeable, preachers, who may even have an anointing, to speak of prosperity, but they have taken that banner, and left the truth of Christ behind.  They know, Gods principles, and they have an understanding of Gods expectations, etc.  For prosperity, but they leave out the most important part, in acknowledging, and making mention, that Salvation, should be the first priority.

People, are turned off, with the prosperity message.  They are tired, of seeing you ask for money, all the time.  They are tired, of seeing you gloat, and bragging about the money you got.  They are tired, of knowing truth, themselves, and having an expectation, of you, to speak love, to speak of who Christ is, to speak, what Christ told us to do, and that is to love one another, and loving God first.  And instead, you ask for money.  And people leave their churches, getting a lecture, from their pastor, about giving.

And sadly, many do not go to church, for that very reason.  They do not hear a good word, of salvation or hope.  Or instruction, to live a godly life.  They hear, give your money, its biblical, and thats all they hear.  No wonder there is so many atheists.  No wonder, they even hate us.  Because, some have distorted the truth.  Something has to change.  Look at our world, see the lost, they need to know truth, and love, and no one is reaching out to them, because the prosperity pastors, only care about money.  Or they only care, about their agenda.  Whatever that may be.

For, some, pastors, leaders, have fashioned themselves, to put a slant on Gods word, to take part of the scripture, to use it, for prosperity, and like little lambs, the people, do give to their churches etc.   And I am NOT saying, don’t tithe, don’t give offerings either. You are called to!  It is Biblical to give.  Malachi three tells us to give.  God even tells us to be obedient in this.  So read it to know, God will bless you, as you give.

But there is a balance in this.  And that is, people, need to change, their souls, to know Christ first.  To receive Salvation.  Hell is a real place, and no one is warning them.  Its not a priority.  We are all going to die, if we don’t get it right now, many souls, will be lost.  That should be first on the agenda.  Not some feel good message.

And some ministries, use the prosperity message, to entice the people, but they are leaving them high and dry.  Because they may know scriptures about prosperity, but they have no idea, how to be a light, to others, or to share the truth, of Jesus Christ.  About healing, or love, or anything, that God wants us to know….

The power of God is missing.  Churches are dead, the spirit, does not flow.  The atmosphere, is stagnant.  Everyone is talking, sharing, and nothing wrong with that, but this is Gods house.  And Revival, and the Holy Spirit, are put off to the side.  No one is quiet, in prayer.  The altar is a place for the band, not for searching for God.  No one is praying at the altars.  Healings, and altar calls, are not prevalent.  Its all standard, religion.  Not relationship…..

And is this true about all churches?  No, in fact, I have been to quite a few, and a lot of this is not prevalent.  But I have seen the difference, in many churches.  You can see, you know.  This is not being judgmental, this is how it is. In a lot of churches.  Why? Whats missing?  What stops God from meeting us even at church?  Is it the prosperity message?  Greed. etc.

And even now, as I am listening to Christian, television, and writing, ironically, the timing of this brings truth. For, I just heard a pastor just say, “you can get what you want, by a dollar and a holler!  Excuse me, this is all so, perverted.  The truth, is just missing….Now another pastor, is bringing perspective, praise God, he is saying seek God first.

Folks, all I know, is that we have to change, if we want to see God working in our lives.  What is our motive?

Now I know, by now, I am  ticking some people off.  But, I tell you this, not to judge anyone, because I know, money is needed for ministry.  It is needed to run, a good ministry.  But how is the money used?  Does it help people?  Or is it just helping, the one who is collecting it?

Years ago, I was shocked by the realization, that many ministries do not help others.  I was a Christian leader, in a place, where I could help people.  And I would communicate with the public.  And could communicate with ministries.  There were many, times, when communicating, I would see a true need to help someone, financially.  So, I would use, the data base I had to communicate with churches, and leaders, to see, if I could get them to help these needy people.  And they would not.  These were high profile ministries, and no one would help.  That bothered me.

Now, I have to be completely honest, here, because I could be judged in this, myself.  Years ago, when I first started my ministry, and I am talking about my history, as a writer, I would ask for donations.  I figured, I have to make a living too.  Here I was, writing my Poetry of Hope, my Messages of Hope, and I know, they ministered to many people.  People would tell me they ministered, to them. I also would pray for people.  I would write prayer cards for their need, based on scripture, so they could have prayers to pray.  With the word of God.  I would do the research. I would take the time, because I know, where to go to search for Gods word.

So, I thought, it was o.k. to ask for donations.  I turned off, so many, many, many people off.  That I would get, rude letters, insulting letters, and comments, that made me stop, and think what was I doing?

I finally went to the Lord, and just told him, I don’t want people to see me asking for money.  I want them to see you.  Not my will be done, but yours.  I let it go.  I repented. So I stopped.  Asking anyone for a donation, or money.

In fact, I would say its been many years, since, I asked for any money.  Check out my recent blogs, they have no, mention of money.  A couple of my older web pages may.  But, what I did, was I stopped, asking for money.

And now, I write, and I try to search for a job, but no one, is just handing them out right now.  For Christian writers.  But, I still write.  Because this is what I am called  to do, this is my gift and calling.  And no one is sending me any money.  I have to write, by the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  And I have even wrote on Prosperity, see my posts.  It is the link, on the top of my blog.  But no where, do I ask for money in this, nor do I contradict, what I write here.  Its about being obedient to God first.

How do I live?  Well, by the grace of God. God provides through my husband, and his retirement.  He served by working, and takes cares of my needs, and my ministry needs, because he sees the need, to help people, by what I write.  So, he supports me.  And it is not easy….

And so here, I am, trying to work honest, trying to present things, before the Lord, and people, honest, but I have to tell you, I am so glad, I quit asking for money!  That was the best thing, God could ever do, to correct me.  Because it changed me!

Something has changed in my spirit, concerning God, concerning His truth, concerning, even money.  I have a different perspective.  Its all about Christ!  Its all about saving souls.  Its about helping your fellow man, or brother or sister.  Its about love, forgiveness….

I try to use, what I have learned, what I have gone through, and always based on the Lords word, I try to help others.  By what I write.  I plant seeds of Gods truth, not financially, but if I could I would.  You see, if I got a job, writing, I would help others.  I would use that gift, to bring light.

I just again, do not want to judge others, because I know money is needed, to run ministries.  But, I pray, that pastors, even those hurting, take to heart, what others see.

Take to heart, what God really, wants you to share.  Its about God, it is about love, and what Christ did in that love, and it is about how great the sacrifice was, that Christ did for you, and for me. Its about his suffering, on that cross, and how He took our sins!  He took the penalty of the curse for us!  He died, and went and took the keys from the devil, so we can be made free, not only now, but for eternity!!!!!

Pastors, please, for the sake of your salvation, and the sake of others, quit putting a slant, on prosperity, and put the truth on the table.  Quit taking a word from God, and trying to make it a “gimmick”  like the righteousness of God, that turns into your own “self-righteousness”  Its about what Christ did for us!  Preach the gospel!!!

God is going to judge the leaders.  He is going to judge us all.  But, Pastors, you have a certain responsibility, that you will be accountable to God for.  You do not want to be ashamed, when you stand before him.  Please, change this, for your record, and for others.  Preach the gospel…of Jesus Christ.

And to whoever is reading this, share it with your leaders, your not judging them, your reminding them, what they are there for, to share the gospel.  Go to the top of this message, and copy and paste this link to your e-mails, and on your facebook pages.  Please and thank you….So others can see this.  To bring the lost, to be a beacon of light, that expresses, Christ, is the way, the only way, the truth, and life.  John 14:6.

I am so glad, God corrected, and changed me.  It truly gave me a “true” perspective, as to what He wants.  He wants us to put him first.  I pray, I always bring Him, honor, glory, and praise, in what I do.

And dear one, and I say this in love.  If you have done this, if you have made the “prosperity message” your main message, just see the error of your ways.  Like I did.  I wasn’t ever trying to put a slant on prosperity.  But, the devil uses our mistakes, even though, we think we have good intentions.  If it is not right in the sight of God, we can get off track. Just see, what a good God we have.

And know this, you will be tempted, you will always be tempted.  Thats what happens in our lives.  But, if you can get free from this, prosperity message, and see the error of your ways.  To change your main message, you will be a soul winner for Christ, that will do great and mighty things.  Thats what I believe for me too.  No matter what the devil throws at us, no weapon, will prosper.  But, we have to do it Gods way.  I know….

This is my Prayer of Hope…..Not to judge anyone, but to bring truth.  Be it, what it is.  God is love.  Seek ye first, the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all things will be added unto you.  Matthew 6:33

Blessings, and much love, Elena Ramirez

Father, I thank you, for your correction, I thank you for giving understanding.  I thank you, that you care for me, and my family, and our needs.  I thank you, that you changed my heart, concerning donations, and that by your spirit, I am now led.  I do not judge anyone here, but I do speak truth, and what you have required of me.  Lord, maybe thats why I can write this, to other pastors, and to plead with them, to be careful, not to get caught up in the prosperity message, but to put you first.  Lord, we all need help, we all need to live, in this world.  But when it comes to the gospel, the message of Christ, should, and needs to be front, and center, not the prosperity message.  So help our world, help pastors, help us all, because many do need, help in their finances.  You see that.  But knowing you.  As we seek you, first, and your righteousness, all things will be added unto us.  Thank you Lord, in Jesus name.  Amen



God bless you, as you share this post, and share LOVE……

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